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Alot of students around the world do a courty project sometime during the course of the years, I am curious on which country to mine on. I would really appriate the help how to choose the best one to do. As a student myself I would like something very neat, but that is not a very hard to study.

You have not said which subject this is - could it be geography?
29 May 2012
I am very sorry , but Yes it is Geography.
29 May 2012
I hope that you can help me find a country that i will enjoy working on and studying.
29 May 2012
I think it depends on you ..... I think that once you start looking at ANY country in depth, then you would find fascinating facts about it, and would enjoy studying it! But maybe to help choose, you could think if you are interested particularly in industry / cities, or maybe in natural things like mountain ranges, volcanoes etc, or maybe in history ..... then you could choose a country that has got quite a lot of the thing you are keen on ! Let me know if I can help further....
05 June 2012
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