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Taught subjects
  • Support for Students with dyslexia
  • Support for Students with special needs
  • Support for Students with Autism
  • Support for students with ADHD
  • All Levels

William - Central Westminster - Support for Students with Autism


I am one of a small number of the UK's elite "career" tutors. I do not do tutoring on the side of another profession nor fit it in around other studies - it is my sole occupation and my passion.

- Which subject(s) do you teach?

Subjects and Levels taught (listed in order of experience)
-­ GCSE/iGCSE for Edexcel/OCR/AQA/CIE exam boards in maths, further maths, biology, chemistry, physics & science (dual award).
- 13+ ISEB Common Entrance in Maths, Science, Geography (learning assistance also given in History, Latin, English, Religious Studies and French).
-­ 11+ ISEB Common Entrance in Maths and Science (learning assistance also given in English).
-­ A-level maths: Core (1, 2, 3, 4), Statistics (1), Mechanics (1) Decision (1) and Further Pure (1) modules from Edexcel and OCR exam boards.
-­ Key Stage 2 Maths, Science, Verbal & Non-­‐Verbal Reasoning.
-­ School specific entrance exams at 7+/8+/10+/11+/13+ and scholarship in Maths, Science and Reasoning including Eton, King's College Wimbledon, Radley, Dulwich, City of London, Oundle and the North London Consortium schools.
-­ Key Stage 1 numeracy, literacy, verbal and non-­‐verbal reasoning,
-­ Common Academic Scholarship ISEB in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography.
-­ School specific entrance exams at 16+ for maths including King's Canterbury, Dulwich, Hailebury and Canford.
-­ Specialist mathematical assessment course preparation including GMAT, QTS and the Olympiad.

- Tell me about your qualifications.

MSci (Institute of Education, UCL) – Psychology (Child Development)
BSc (University College London) – Astronomy (Astrophysics)
CASI Level 1 Ski-instructor
LSCE Adobe Packages Training Certificate

- How much do you charge?

My rates vary depending on location, level and time of day. My base rate of £70/hour is available during the school hours for term-time either at my house or online. Prices increase for outside school hours, the further I have to travel and a variety of other factors. Please contact me direct for a quote.

- Where do you teach?

I am happy for students to come to me or to travel to them or an agreed third party location (such as a library or coffee shop). The further I have to travel the higher the fee charged. For locations nearby London such as in Kent, Essex, Surry, Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire I tend to offer day visits or longer where I stay with the family (or in a nearby hotel/B&B) with day rates starting at £350. I am also happy to travel abroad with families with day rates starting at £400.

- When are you available?

Due to high demand my availability is currently restricted to a few slots in the week outside school hours. Inside school hours I have a lot more availability to offer. Also due to a high volume of long-term students I cannot offer any long term residentials at this time. Please contact me to find out if I have availability that could work for you.

- Which ages and levels do you teach?

Please refer to the subjects taught section for a breakdown of the levels and ages I generally teach. This is not an exhaustive list so please feel free to contact me as I am always open to broadening the range of qualifications I teach.

- Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

see above

- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

I ask students to sign up for a piece of software called Webex which allows for a shared screen and uploaded resources to be used. As my pc does not have a webcam we generally use a separate skype call to communicate. As online meeting platforms are notoriously prone to losing connections the skype call allows for the lesson to continue even if the Webex lesson disconnects.

- Do you have a personal message for students?

I am not like a teacher. I am not like a parent. My only goals are to help you get better at the things you struggle with or to help you flourish in the subjects you have a talent for. When we work together we go at your pace so you never get left behind and we speed up when you are finding it easy so you never get bored. You can always ask any question you like without fear of embarrassment or worrying the teacher will have a go at you for not paying attention. I am patient, encouraging and sometimes even make students laugh (Well, sometimes they are just taking the mickey out of me!). Even if I can't make the subject you need to learn fun I will at least make it easier.


- What kind of experience do you have?

The majority of my experience centres upon exam preparation for 11+, 13+, GCSE and A Level, though I also home-­‐school students outside mainstream education and deliver academic assessments. I also train other tutors. I have more than 6000 hours of experience, working with a huge range of students, and even trainee teachers. As well as exam preparation I also enjoy engaging students with fun, hands-on science experiments and practicals that help to nurture genuine interest in the STEM subjects.

- Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?

I have an up-to-date DBS (less than 12 months old)

- Do you belong to any professional organisations?

I am a member of the Tutor's Association

- Tell me about some of your current students.

I currently work with 13 term time students and around half a dozen more in the holidays. The currently consist of:

one 8-year-old with whom I do fun science.
one 9-year old who succesfully placed at Colet Court 8+, we now do maths olympiad preparation
three 10 years- one being prepared for Westminster pre-tests, one for St. Paul's Girls 11+, and one for general maths and reasoning boosting.
one 11 year old for Key Stage 3 maths and science assistance,
three 13 year olds for science and maths assistance with one of them preparing to take GCSE maths 18 months early!
three 14 year olds doing yr 10 maths and science and one of them taking Additional GCSE maths.
four 15 year olds preparing for maths and science GCSE's next summer.
two 17 year olds - one doing Pre-U maths the other doing A-level and Further Maths,
one 18 year old - preparing for her maths A-levels next summer.


Rate for online lessons : £75/h
Lessons offered by William
In group
The lessons will be held
At the tutor's house
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Support for Students with dyslexia
  • Support for Students with special needs
  • Support for Students with Autism
  • Support for students with ADHD
  • All Levels

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