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Our drawing tutors are here to help you to develop your artistic skills.
Whether you are totally beginner, or in search of perfection you will find a wide variety of workshops and drawing classes.

Superprof is the go to place for private tuition and boasts nearly 10,000 artists and enthusiasts across our website. Whether you want to learn the basics, draw a portrait, prepare the fine arts or simply amaze your friends, check out our drawing tutor profiles if you want to learn how to draw.

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Getting Started with Drawing and Painting

Did you think drawing was an innate skill? You’ll soon realise that despite the difficulties encountered when you first try to draw somebody’s face, you can learn to draw. In fact, there are lots of different techniques to help you learn how to draw.

Cartoons, caricatures, realistic drawing, or technical drawings, etc. There are tonnes of different ways to express yourself when you pick up a pencil.

How can you learn to draw?

Take drawing classes with an experienced and talented private tutor and Superprof is here to help!

Why Should You Learn to Draw?

Drawing is an activity that a lot of children start at a young age. They love drawing characters in their schools Art lessons and it's a great extracurricular activity, too.

Adults don’t tend to pick up a pencil once they have left school.

Whether that's due to a lack of practice or a lack of knowledge in Art and Design, we tend to get demotivated more quickly than children. Without knowing the basics, it can be difficult to make any progress on your own.

However, once you’ve got the basics covered, you can start expressing yourself, relaxing, disconnecting, and having fun when you draw. You might even want to move on to painting once you’ve learned the basic skills.

Working with new materials and colours will open new career opportunities.

With Superprof, it’s easy to get started with drawing and painting. You can get advice from a private drawing tutor or on our We Love Prof  blog where we share tips, tricks, and secrets for those who want to learn how to draw well.

It's hard to find a reason not to take up drawing or painting classes with a private tutor if you want to learn. You might discover a wonderful, hidden talent for drawing and painting.

The Basic Drawing Techniques You Should Learn

Before you become an accomplished artist and make a career out of drawing, you’ll need to learn how to draw faces, hands, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and animals, etc. There are plenty of exercises you can do to learn how to draw proportions, shadows, textures, and perspective using vanishing points and the horizon.

You can learn all this in an art workshop with an art tutor or on a drawing course.

In an art workshop, you’ll start off by doing sketches which will inevitably get better and better. You’ll also learn about composition and how to put together everything you’ve learnt to start making real progress.

The Materials You’ll Need for Art Lessons

Don’t show up to class empty-handed. You’ll need to have the right equipment if you want to learn how to draw: coloured pencils, pencils, charcoal, rubbers, pastels, Indian ink, paper, sketchbooks, etc. Your private art tutor will tell you exactly what you need and show you exactly how to use them.

Artists who’ve already started learning how to draw should also consider attending life drawing classes so that they can effectively learn how to draw the human body.

For those that want to learn more about art history, art classes will be really useful: there’s more to art than just Rembrandt and Picasso, after all.

You’ll also learn to be more creative.

You can  learn about 3D design and creating art using graphics tablets. Digital art can be just as enjoyable. There are many practical tools that can help you learn to draw, too.