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The rate of drawing lessons in London is around £22.


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Learning to draw is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Did you know that learning to draw aids brain development and improves hand-eye coordination?


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There are currently 710 private drawing tutors available to teach drawing lessons in London and the suburban areas.


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From a sample of 132 ratings, students rated their drawing teachers an average of 5.0 out of 5.


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Finding the Best Drawing Tutors in London

London is one of Europe’s cultural capitals. It’s a city of art and culture that draws in tonnes of tourists to its many museums. Breathe in the history.

London is home to some impressive Neo-Gothic architecture that was built during the 1800s. The Palace of Westminster and “Big Ben” are some of the most visited buildings in the city. These are some of the most popular buildings in the world.

There are also plenty of examples of Neoclassical architecture in the capital city.

The architecture in London reflects the city’s history. There are so many buildings that represent the popular architectural styles of the times.

By the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century, new artistic styles like impressionism, romanticism, cubism, dadaism, fauvism, surrealism, and pop-art had all made their marks on the city.

Throughout history, London has raised many famous artists.

Nowadays, London is famous as one of the world’s cultural capitals. Millions of tourists visit to see the streets and buildings like they were part of an open-air museum.

There are also plenty of art museums in the city, too. With the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Tate, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery, etc., you’re spoilt for choice in London.

Art and culture get along famously in London.

Why Learn to Draw in London?

Learning to draw is an enriching activity that can help you develop new skills. Children, for example, can use it to develop motor skills and nurture their creativity. That said, adults can also enjoy the same benefits.

Adults should also work on developing their imagination. This can allow you to escape to another world and the stress of everyday life. Imagination can give your brain an opportunity to relax.

Imagination can also help you get the most out of your creativity, think of new ways of working, etc., a quality that a lot of employers are looking for.

Learning to draw can also help you with your concentration. Drawing with charcoal, graphite, or ink can take some time. If you decide to draw something as complex as an eye, you’ll need to really focus on the details. This means you’ll need to be focused for a long period of time.

There are techniques that can improve your dexterity so that you can draw better straight lines, details, etc.

Learning to draw is a great way to improve different skills. Getting drawing lessons in London is a rewarding experience as there are many inspiration places you can draw.

Whether it’s Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, or the Tower of London, there are plenty of great places to draw or paint with charcoal, pencil, watercolours, aquarelle, acrylics, inks, or pastels. Be inspired by the city. You could become an illustrator, portrait artist, art teacher, or graphic designer.

Where Can You Learn to Draw in London?

In the capital, there are plenty of places where you can learn how to draw animals, faces, or landscapes. Whether it’s weekly lessons, group classes, private tutorials, etc., there are plenty of ways to learn how to draw.

In primary school and nursery, children will learn the fundamentals of art. Still life, painting, sketching, and the basics of drawing are taught as they progress.

However, by the time they get to the end of their time at secondary school, they’ll need to choose to study art as it’ll no longer be obligatory. Art and design has to be offered, though.

Once they've got their A-Level in art, students can move onto an art degree if they want.

There are plenty of good schools and colleges in the capital where students can do this.

You’ll learn more about perspective, sketching, colour theory, art history, and develop a professional approach to drawing.

If you don’t want art to be part of your career, you can always learn to draw as an adult thanks to drawing and painting workshops around the city. Whether you’re interested in acrylics, pastels, or charcoal, you can learn more about art and drawing for fun.

If group lessons aren’t your thing, consider trying private tutorials. There are plenty of artists offering drawing and painting private tutorials. This means that you can learn how to draw like a pro without having a strict schedule.

How to Learn to Draw in London

Some people prefer to teach themselves to draw rather than attending classes or private tutorials. Of course, when you teach yourself to draw, you won’t learn in exactly the same way.

How can you teach yourself the basics of drawing?

The streets of London are full of beautiful details you can use to improve your drawing.

Have a look at the finest examples of British architecture. Try drawing the lines and geometry you find in the streets. You can draw Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, the London Eye, or the Houses of Parliament.

You could also just sketch an interesting part of town. Have a sit down in a café or bar and sketch out what you can see. Clothes, expressions, movements, anything can be used to help you get better at drawing.

Nature lovers will be able to settle into some of the city’s nicest parks. With Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St. James’s Park, Greenwich Park, etc., there are plenty of green spaces where you can draw.

If you want to learn to draw more quickly, you need to focus and practise regularly. Whether you use pastels, pencils, pens, or paint, there’s something for everyone.

There’s nothing stopping you from doing an art course and learning about different drawing techniques.

Where Can You Find Private Drawing Tutorials in London

It’s not always easy finding the right type of drawing class. Some prefer to attend group classes while others prefer the freedom of private tutorials.

However, you need to find the right private tutor; the one that meets all your requirements. So grab your art supplies and start looking for the right tutor.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to find private tutors. Have a look at notice boards in local businesses, for example. Private tutors put up flyers and posters on noticeboards in small businesses.

In the digital age, you can also find classified ads online. There are sites like Craigslist and Facebook, for example.

Then there are platforms like Superprof.

There are tonnes of private tutors offering drawing tutorials in London. However, every tutor is different. You need to find the one that works for you. Some have years of experience whereas others may be fresh out of university.

Tutors can teach adults, teens, or children a variety of techniques including drawing with pencils, pastels, chalk, etc. Some will also teach you about art history.

Whether you’re doing life drawing, still life, landscapes, or portraits, you should find a tutor who’s specialised in a given technique.

What do you want to learn?