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3 Reasons You Should Learn The Drums

  1. Reduce Your Stress: Playing the drums can relieve disappointment, distress, and anxiety. Whether you’re behind a drum set, hitting a djembe in a drum group, or hitting a marching band bass drum, actively playing the drums is a stress reducer. Playing the drums, even for just a few minutes, can boost your mood. Similar to a “runner’s high,” drummers’ minds release feel-good endorphins quickly after playing music. In the online journal of Evolutionary Psychology, researchers gathered, “it is the performance of music that generates the endorphin high, not the music itself.”
  2. Develop Creative Skills: If you learn to play the drums, it helps you to be creative with notes, rhythm and movement. You have the autonomy to see where the beat takes you when you move your body in a different way. And you can inspire creativity with kids as well but helping demonstrate different drumbeats and observing how they mimic you and then experiment on their own.
  3. Improve Your Reflexes: Drumming needs extremely quick gestures of the hands, fingers and feet in order to sustain the beat and work on several different tasks at one time. By teaching your body to excel at drumming you will concurrently improve your reflexes, as your body will be more accustomed to fast, recurrent movements.
How long does it take to learn the drums?
In addition to practising, you also need to play for fun. (Source: 889520)

Become as Good As John Wilson

John Wilson was born in 1947 in Belfast.

John Wilson has had a very prolix career, playing the drums with bands such as Them, Taste and Stud. Before with 'The Misfits', Wilson became a member of one of the numerous line-ups of Them from the end of 1965 to March 1966.

Alongside Alan Henderson, Jim Armstrong, Morrison and Ray Elliott, Wilson played on studio recording sessions for Them's second album Them Again (released January 1966).

Visa regulations meant that he had to be replaced by stand-in drummers for initial live dates abroad, due to his youth. He was substituted by Dave Harvey upon leaving Them, and went on to work with Belfast groups 'Derek & The Sounds' and 'Cheese'.

In May 1968, he and bass professional Richard McCracken associated with guitarist Rory Gallagher in Taste, after the band's previous line-up had disbanded. The newly formed Taste moved permanently to London where they made a deal with the record label Polydor.

In 1968, the band, along with Yes, opened for Cream at Cream's goodbye concerts, and consequently toured the US and Canada with the supergroup Blind Faith.

In April 1969, Taste issued the first of their 2 studio albums, the self-titled Taste, with On the Boards following in 1970, the latter displaying the band's jazz influences. In 1970 they played as part of the Isle of Wight Festival, alongside Jimi Hendrix and The Who.

Later the same year Taste travelled Europe but were disbanded by Gallagher, who decided to attempt a solo career, playing their last show on New Year's Eve in Belfast. Wilson and McCracken directly formed 'Stud' in early 1971, with Jim Cregan and John Weider.

They delivered the Stud album in 1971 and September in 1972, maintaining the jazz-rock roots of On the Boards but failing to make a commercial and profitable impact. They separated in 1972, though a live-in-the-studio album was released posthumously - Goodbye: Live At Command (1973).

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Kasey’s Drum Lessons

Kasey Peters teaches drum kit lessons in Belfast.

She specialises in putting students through graded examinations and also teaches for a hobby, leisure, fun using acoustic drum kits.

Catering for all ages, styles, strengths and needs. Friendly and encouraging lessons!

Professional, muffled volume acoustic drums and cymbals are used to ensuring total hearing protection. No electronic drum kits.

At their studio, the drums sit side by side, facing the same direction. This promotes better interaction and enables presentations to be easily imitated.

You will not face a wall, but rather play out to the room as in a gig or performance. Slow down apps can be employed to learn songs at a comfortable tempo.

How do you teach yourself the drums?
There are plenty of good ways to teach yourself the drums. (Source: StockSnap)

Belfast Drum Academy

At the Belfast Drum Acadamy, the private drum lessons are a comprehensive platform to help study, develop and understand in detail your playing level by employing techniques, tips and tricks used by leading drummers of the most eminent standard for many musical circumstances.

Learn under individualised guidance in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to target your main goal with an approach to hand technique, self-confidence, reading, ear instruction, improvisation, time feels, genre knowledge, rudiments, and exercise habits.

All of our lessons are composed and planned, to teach all, from novices and intermediates, through to high-level drumming.

For those of you who are curious about reading music and seating exams, the Belfast Drum Acadamy uses the Rockschool syllabus. The instructors have used this syllabus as both a tutor and pupil for nearly ten years and gained a distinction in their grade 8 exams.

With the Belfast Drum Acadamy, students not only get to play in a number of classic and modern styles such as Rock'n'roll, Funk or Country, as well as Jazz and Latino music but can also consider Drum n Bass, Metal and Afro-Cuban to name a few.

As well as this, learners will have the opportunity to develop other important artistic skills such as improvising, view reading and listening.

Learners are given an occasion to put all their laborious work and practice to the test twice a year when the Belfast Drum Acadamy exams are held here in Belfast. Not only is this a concrete step in building a pupils confidence, but can also provide vital expertise for future exams or tryouts etc.

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Students are under no obligation to sit exams if they do not desire to, and will not be listed for an exam until fully settled. The Belfast Drum Acadamy helps lay an excellent framework for anyone who either wants to play music for fun or to attempt music as a career.

Nevertheless, if you don’t fancy to read music or sit exams then do not panic, there are still amounts of things we can do. You will be required to practice, source music and rhythm ideas to work on at lessons, learn elementary counting skills and learn manageable rudiments like flams, drags and ruffs.

You will be able to work on tunes you know and love as well jamming over backing tracks they have compiled, or they can help improve your sense of timing by working along with a click track or metronome.

Drumschool Belfast

Drumschool Belfast started in 1995 when drummer and percussionist Alan Sykes began receiving requests asking for tuition from several drummers who had heard of his own training, expertise and skill.

From a few students, this has grown to over 70 per week in neighbourhood schools and confidentially covering all ages and stages of experience.

The Drumschool Belfast way of learning is divided into 4 different stages, each of them designed to help you learn different elements of the drums and to build your skills to a higher degree.

Foundation Zone

This stage incorporates the fundamental elements of the Foundation Grades up to a level of Grade 2 plus much, much more! You gain an understanding of basic music theory and how to apply this to your playing at the drumset.

Classic Rock Zone

This stage builds on your basic skills and incorporates most of the elements of the level of Grade 3 with an emphasis on developing great rock rhythms and various other styles.

At this stage, the exams are still optional.

Drum and let your creativity grow
How to improve your inventiveness as a drummer? Creativity works just like technique (source: Groove3).

Performer Zone

This stage will consist of building onto all the skills you already acquired and it will incorporate the level Grade 3 to 5 with an emphasis on drum score interpretation, styles studies, greater independence and creativity

Session ProZone

This final stage of the Drumschool Belfast program will summon all the elements you previously learned and will get you to the final level of Grades 6-8 with a stress on the variety of styles that you will meet in your drumming career!

Alan Sykes has been using his classical training and 30 years of wide playing experience, is an honoured and experienced tutor offering professionally structured drum-kit education, including graded exam candidates from his home studio, neighbourhood recording studio and in local schools.

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With lessons ranging from £10 to £30 an hour you will surely be able to find a tutor that suits your needs and matches your goals.

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