4 Reasons You Should Learn The Drums

  1. It’s a great workout:  There’s a reason that drum classes are dedicated to the motions used while drumming. Using your upper body and your lower body to create drum beats scorches calories and a lot of energy. An hour-long drumming session can consume over 200 calories! It’s no wonder rock players are in such good shape.
  2. Helps your focus and coordination skills: If you’re playing as part of an ensemble, it is important that you do not disrupt the tempo of the song. The more practice you put into drumming the more you can hold your concentration for long periods of time. If you practice more your coordination abilities will improve at change over’s and drumming models. All of this will most definitly benefit you in everyday movements as well.
  3. Drumming can intensify your concentration: You have to truly concentrate in order to play the drums or at least play the drums well. Your arms are doing numerous things at once while your feet do something different and your entire body requires to keep the beat. Not a simple task. Getting to drum will help you prepare your mind to focus intensely on several tasks at once while also exercising your body. And if you can use that attention for almost anything.
  4. Boost Brain Power: When you perform the drums, you have to organise all four limbs to work unitedly at the same time. If you’re right-handed, odds are you don’t use much your left hand at all. Your brain has to work his non-dominant side to increase and coordinate your non-dominant limbs.In a recent study, researchers found that performing the drums can heighten brain power in a measured way, specifically when it comes to IQ. “Playing the drums makes the mind process information in a way that very few other activities can,” said Pat Brown, International Drum Month chairman and Percussion Marketing Council CED. “Being able to read musical notes and dissect how beats work and go together is a very complex thinking process. Some of the most recent study on percussion music shows that being constantly exposed to this type of brain activity can actually increase one’s IQ level.”

Become as Good As Ted McKenna

One of the best drum players of all times, Ted McKenna was also a Scotsman.

McKenna was born in Lennoxtown, in Scotland, in 1950, and played on all seven albums of rock band The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s studio , also participating in Fourplay, the album they made without Alex Harvey under the name SAHB.

The rock band, whose iconic ‘Faith Healer’ song was first played at the Reading Festival in 1973 – where it was a transformative highlight – were a big impact on a young Joe Elliott.

In a 2016 interview with the Classic Rock magazine, McKenna said “Alex had a habit of coming up to me on stage and hammering my cymbals during the solos,”  adding “Joe Elliott came to see us one night at Sheffield City Hall, right at the front. Alex hit a cymbal, it fell off the riser and rolled towards the edge of the stage.

“Joe told me years later that it actually cut the edge of his hand. It was lucky it didn’t take the bloody thing off. But SAHB was a big inspiration to Joe. There was really no one else around like us.”

The rock band shattered after Rock Drill was released in 1978, and McKenna was asked to succeed Rod de’Ath in Rory Gallagher’s band as it reverted to a dynamism trio line-up.

McKenna performed on Gallagher’s excellent run of albums for Chrysalis Records, Photo-Finish in 1978, on Top Priority the next year, and on 1980’s live album Stage Struck.

Getting feedback and instruction from other players is always a good idea
Once you get a bit more advanced in your drumming, you may seek out other players to learn with Source: Pixabay Credit: Skeeze

Dave Major Drum School

Dave Major is a busy professor, studio drummer and gigging performer who is sought after for his groove, flawless musicianship and inspirational education. He is dedicated to educating and helping drummers improve their technique and confidence through training and mastery.

Above all else, Major urges his students to approach music with the mindset of investigation and fun. He teaches all students to have a deep perception of the styles they play so that they can better perform them. And he explains technique so that they can express themselves musically anywhere and for whatever they play.

He has played extensively in the UK and Europe and taught thousands of hours of lessons, masterclasses and workshops. Each year you can find him in music stores and colleges all over the UK, spreading his teaching words and concepts.

He has an insatiable hunger for his own training and bring a unique approach to his playing, gained through education with some of the best drummers in the world including – Jojo Mayer, Chris Coleman, Jost Nickel, Thomas Lang and many more.

In 2014 Major began writing for world-renowned drumming magazine Drummer Magazine. At the same time, Major began to offer free online instruction through the hugely acclaimed Drum Central YouTube series Lick of the Week.

His YouTube videos have been seen over 1 million times and the number of subscribers to my new Dave Major Lessons YouTube channel is increasing everyday.

To build on the achievements of the last 5 years, in 2019 he’ll be starting his own online lesson website – allowing drummers from all over the world to study with him and access his instruction ideas and concepts.

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Diego Zanelli Drum Lessons

Diego Zanelli is a professional drum teacher based in Edinburgh.

He studied drums for more than 8 years, attending drum clinics with the greatest masters such as Dave Weckl, Benny Greb, Gregg Bissonette and Thomas Lang. He's been using his experience as a drums instructor for over 5 years, covering all ages, from 8 to 78 years old (it’s never too late to begin), and all levels, from complete novices to advanced for drummers who want to improve their level.

He has joined several bands in the last 10 years, playing different styles, but mainly rock, pop, metal and funk.

His first music projects were cover bands in which I could improve my drumming through different styles. After that he felt it was time for a change towards his own musical ideas, then he found with other musicians the Masterforce, a band which is a combination of prog-rock/metal/folk styles with a very melodic voice.

His other passion is teaching drums, since he believes this is the instrument that requires a proper technique to be played perfectly, at least this is what happened to him when, as self-taught, he started to take lessons and his way of drumming changed completely. He likes to share his knowledge and enthusiasm also with his pupils.

You can find many books to help you learn the drums
Even professional drummers, at one time, sought out drum notation books to learn the drums! Source: Pixabay Credit: Nadfrank

Morningside School of Music

Their fully qualified teachers can take your child through the basics and advise on how to best practice the drums. They are able to teach graded syllabi such as the Rockschool syllabus or the Trinity ‘Rock and Pop’ drumming syllabus.

If you prefer to keep it strictly fun, your child can work on songs they choose. The best thing you can do is book a drumming lesson with one of their drum instructors and let your child try it to see if they enjoy it.

It’s also great fun for parents and young children to have a lesson side by side.

Drum Lessons for Adults

They currently have a substantial number of adults coming for drum lessons at Morningside School of Music. They can design your drum lesson with any style you choose: rock, pop, jazz, salsa, Latin, punk, heavy metal…it’s Your choice.

They can tailor their drum lessons in a way that suits your style of learning. Lessons can be relaxed and, they can move at your desired pace. They are also able to tailor a more dedicated plan for the more advanced player.

The main thing that some adult learners tell the instructors at Morningside is that they ‘thought lessons were only for kids’. They are surprised when they realise that they are more adults taking lessons at Morningside School of Music than there are children.

Some adults have drum lessons as a past time; some do it for stress release, others are in bands or want to join a band. Age is just a number, and instructors at the Morningside School of Music simply don’t recognise it when they teach you, for them, it is only about helping you to be a great drummer in the most fun way possible.

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Drum Lessons For Teenagers

Their fully certified drumming teachers offer support to every teenager’s musical exams in school. Most colleges in Edinburgh follow the SQA recommended drumming syllabus, Rockschool.

These graded Rockschool exams can be used in exams to obtain qualifications such as National 5. UCAS also recognised the Rockschool syllabus and awards points depending on the level of musical achievement obtained by a student.

Therefore, Rockschool awards can be advantageous in university applications, and we can help you with these awards.

All of their teachers are fully qualified and experts in their field because they only employ the most exceptional educators, so their clients get exactly what they need in their school exams.

Their staff have been teaching high school pupils from the Edinburgh area for over ten years and helping them through their music curriculum. They are proud of their high exam pass rate, as well as most of their students gain merits and distinctions.

Learn to play the drums with modern songs.
Learning how to use your drum kit can be approached from several different angles. Photo credit: nikolaymarushchak on VisualHunt.com

Hire A Private Drum Teacher

If you prefer you can always hire a private drum teacher. And on Superprof, there are hundreds of them registered and ready to help you learn the basics of the drums and who will certainly also help you to seat all the music exams you may wish. From total beginner to a grade 8 drummer, all you need is patience and hard work.

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