A fascinating place to dive into the study of economics, Belfast and Northern Ireland have been caught up in the whirlwind of Brexit and will almost certainly go through societal change in the not-to-distant future.

What better place could there be to study society and economics than somewhere which is about to experience huge change and re-define itself in the face of Europe and the global market?

If you are looking to get into the field of economics, or you are already studying it at some level, then you’ll be in a great place to seek further tuition in Belfast.

With an economy built upon the shipping trade industry, which was made famous with the monumental passenger liner, the Titanic, Belfast offers plenty of opportunity for analysis for the keen student of economics.

These days the economy of Belfast is going fairly strong, with relatively low unemployment figures compared to other regions in the UK, however this isn’t necessarily true of Northern Ireland.

The ever fractured United Kingdom presents interesting issues at both a national, and international level, which means more interesting material for you to get your teeth stuck into!

While economics tuition in the city might seem hard to find at times, there are a variety of great options for those interested, which we’ll explore in detail in this article.

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Exploring Economics at University (courses and extra help)

With 2 big universities in Queen’s University Belfast, and Ulster University, the city of Belfast offers some great opportunities to deepen your knowledge of economics through further study.

Queen’s University Belfast

A building on the campus of Queens university, Belfast.
Queens university is home to some stunning architecture.

Queen’s University Belfast, or QUB for short, ranks highly globally, sitting in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide in fact.

As a result, studying economics here is a fantastic option regarding career prospects, if what you’re seeking is to find employment in a related field.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available for economics studies and related subjects, and what you can expect to learn in each, at the university:

  • BSc Economics. This degree explores both macroeconomics and microeconomics, discussing individual influence on the market, and how the economy functions as a whole.
  • BSc Economics with Finance. As you might imagine, this course is centred around financial institutions and the part they play in the economics of a society.
  • BSc Business Economics. This degree is concerned with both the public and private sector, and how organisations are run and function within the economy.

That’s not all you’ll find at QUB though, as the university is host to world class facilities and an Economics Society, which will both help you reach your potential and practise everything you’ve learnt through the course lectures.

The facilities at the university, according to their website, include ‘access to specialist mathematical and statistical training and software’, all of which will help prepare the students for a potential career in the field of economics and set them up with the best chance of future success.

The Economics Society at QUB is by the students, and for the students. The great thing about it is it will expand and build upon your knowledge of the field beyond what you learn in your lectures, through the likes of guest speakers, educational seminars, and international trips.

All of this contributes to a stellar, well-rounded education which will give you the tools to make it with a career in this fascinating field.

Ulster University

The alternative to QUB in Belfast, Ulster University offers some interesting approaches to the field of economics through its varied degrees.

Economics as a field comprises of many disciplines, such as mathematics and statistics, and as such can be approached from many different angles. This is reflected in the postgraduate and Masters courses available at Ulster University.

  • Energy Policy, Markets, and Economics (postgraduate). This interesting course gives you the flexibility of studying online should you so wish, and focuses on the current state and future trends of the energy market, with a view to creating sustainable solutions.
  • Global Marketing (postgraduate). It’s becoming more and more important to consider economics on a global scale, and this course investigates the variables which affect decision-making on this level.
  • MSc Global Investment Management. An intensive programme designed for graduates of economics and other related fields, this course will specialise in finance and fastrack you towards a career in that sector.

Economics Teachers in Belfast and Online Tuition Options

As for your options of one-to-one tuition in the city of Belfast and surrounding areas, unfortunately, there isn’t an abundance of Economics teachers.

According to FirstTutors, there is just a single Economics tutor offering one-on-one tuition in Belfast. Don’t be discouraged though, as there are other options available to you.

At Superprof, we have 5 economics tutors on our books in Belfast, and 3 in the surrounding areas. Our tutors are all verified and qualified and teach at various levels, so you can be sure you’ll get the tuition you need to take your economics knowledge to the next level!

One great thing about our tutors, aside from their impressive, combined experience in the field of economics, is that all of them offer the first hour of tuition absolutely free!

At SuperProf we have a tutor for you at all levels of study, whether you’re looking for an A level economics teacher, or a tutor to guide you through more advanced university-level study, we’ve got you covered.

Make sure to use the ‘economics tutor near me’ search function on the website to find tutors wherever you are in the UK.

You can even opt for one of our private tutors if you are just looking for help with assignments and general coursework.

Scope out Online Economics Courses and Programmes

A man working at his computer.
Online courses give you the freedom to study from home.

Online and in-person tutors aside, how else can you get to grips with and better understand the economics material you’re studying at school or university?

Well, as you might have already guessed, there are several effective online options which could help supplement your current understanding of economics, and give you even more material to grapple with.

Dive into a MOOC

What’s an MOOC I hear you ask? Well, an MOOC is a massive open online course, which allows participants to access a whole host of materials on a subject, from video lectures, to reading material, and even interactive courses including community-based forum support.

Some MOOCs also include teaching assistants, who are on hand to give you feedback on assignments you take on, and help you achieve your goals.

One such website which facilitates this style of learning, is Coursera. Through their website, you’ll be able to find a variety of courses focussed on economics and related fields. Some courses titles are: Macroeconomic Variables and Markets, Country Level Economics, and Microeconomics: When Markets Fail.

Enrolling in such a course will grant you a fantastic opportunity to further develop your understanding of a specific element of economics, and thus enhance your career prospects and expertise in the field.

Some of these courses will require a fee, while others will offer free enrolment. The main difference between the two types of course, is that the paid courses will typically offer a verified certificate upon completion, which will look great on the CV going forward.

The courses usually take 5 weeks or so to complete, which makes them perfect for breaks in the university schedule. It also means you could do several throughout the year if you’re really keen to buckle down and bulk out your CV before finishing your studies at university.

Give Khan Academy a Go

Another online option at your disposal is the well-rated website Khanacademy. Khanacademy is a non-profit educational platform which teaches through video, and practical exercises.

It has been claimed to be a great resource for subjects involving numbers, such as statistics, which is a really useful subject to know about if you’re interested in economics.

Their Economics and Finance course zeroes in on both macroeconomics and microeconomics, giving you a solid overview of the two perspectives, and helping you to get to grips with the basics.

Another solid option, is their Statistics and Probability course. This one will cover everything related to data, and give you a solid foundation for interpreting and analysing it.

The best part about Khanacademy? It’s free to sign up for courses. The education platform runs on the generosity of its users, meaning donations are welcome, but not obligatory. This makes it an ideal option for students on a budget, since it will supplement university studies nicely.

All of the course content is provided by experts in the respective fields, so if you were wondering about the legitimacy of the courses, you’ll be in safe hands. One of the best times to take on a course through the Khan Academy website is when you have to study for an exam, and you need a refresher on the basic concepts through video.

Video is an appealing medium for learning, and for some, it helps solidify learned knowledge through visual images. For that reason, it’s the perfect accompaniment to university-style lectures.

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