Let's say you are preparing to sit – or just have sat your A-Levels, or you have enrolled in an undergraduate program in Economics at university in anticipation of a fascinating and lucrative career.

Sadly, you will have to face the fact that Economics suffers from an image problem.

Besides the fact that most people think of economics as THE topic to tune out on, even postgraduate students of other academic subjects wonder what profession, barring anything in the finance sector, would benefit from an eager mind learned in economic concepts.

But you! You are in on the secret: Economics is a far-reaching, all-encompassing, riveting discipline, and you can't wait to get to it... if only you could make sense of all that math!

Could there be a math tutor in your future?

No, you're fine with the elegance of formulae, and calculus doesn't calcify your blood. What gets you is the endless writing required in your coursework! Outlining hypotheses concisely and drafting a persuasive essay that contains all the salient points...

Writing tutors are standing by for that express purpose!

As a student of Economics, you may only need an economics tutor near me who is knowledgeable in economic principles and applications if you cannot grasp the fundamental idea or philosophy behind them.

And there are tutors for those instances, too!

All across the UK and online, there are legions of tutors, of Economics and other relevant subjects, passionate about imparting their special brand of knowledge to those who need help.

Why don't we find a few for you?

Finding a Tutor in Obvious Places

It is harder to find a needle in a haystack than your ideal tutor!
Finding your ideal tutor need not be a needle in hay proposition! Source: Pixabay Credit: Pixel2013

If you are in fact an undergraduate student at any university in the UK, you may have already asked your professor for supplemental instruction, either from him/her directly, or for a referral to a tutor.

Perhaps s/he knows of a particularly gifted student at a higher level who might dedicate some time to tutoring you.

You may also check the student union to see if there are any study groups in the subject(s) you are struggling in – Maths, English, or any part of your curriculum. You may find a qualified mentor there.

Keep an eye on the bulletin boards around campus: in the library, your dormitory and the dining hall; even in the econ building and its administrative offices: you never know who might have posted an advert looking for students to tutor!

Online Tutoring

You may also find value in online tutoring, in its many forms: video tutorials, online classes and/or one to one tutoring online.

Several universities across the UK have partnered with Coursera and FutureLearn to present extracurricular learning materials to their students free of charge, in the form of online open courses, or MOOCs.

It might seem counterintuitive to sign up for more classes when you already feel overwhelmed by your course load and homework, but consider the benefits and strong points of taking part in these initiatives.

  • MOOCs generally only last for 5 to 8 weeks, depending on the subject being discussed
  • You may get a different perspective than in traditional lecture-based courses
  • MOOCs often feature guest lecturers, usually professionals active in the field
  • An integral part of the course is the student discussion panel, where you can bandy ideas about that might have no time or place in the standard classroom setting

That last is perhaps the most valuable aspect of such courses. Talking with others about Economics' rarefied subjects is an important way to develop and cement ideals.

By contrast, the Khan Academy, a U.S.-based learning site, gives you no interpersonal interaction.

Their admittedly excellent Economics programme provides instructional videos followed by a quiz to mark your progress.

If you'd like, you may take a placement quiz before watching any video, to see which principle you have a firm grasp on, and which ones you need clarification on.

This online classroom has one major disadvantage: it is a solo venture, meaning there will be no discussion with other students. Still, as online tutoring services go, and considering the instruction is free, it is worth a look.

As you may already know from Mankiw's 4th Principle of Economics, people respond to incentives.

The response may be positive or negative, and in the case of something supposedly valuable given for free, the response tends to be a derisive: 'You get what you paid for!'

We would argue that the education incentives listed so far do not fit that mould: MOOCs and video instruction may serve you very well; you won't know until you try!

Still, you may be conditioned to believe that one must pay for expenses such as one on one tutoring. Should that be the case, there is ample opportunity for you to do so.

Before we scour various cities around the country for the best tutors, allow us to propose one more avenue of academic support online.

Work anywhere there is an internet connection with your online tutor!
You can work with a tutor online anywhere there is an Internet connection! Source: Pixabay Credit: Shy_kurji

Working With an Online Tutor

Virtually anything can be had online – pun intended, included quality instruction from a tutor.

You may conduct a search for economics tutoring online and turn up any number of hits from any number of sites, including individual adverts from Gumtree to Freeads.

How can you be sure those tutors have the actual qualifications and experience in tutoring that you need?

Conversely, on a site such as Superprof, you would be assured of every tutor's qualifications because their profile is verified before launching.

Furthermore, you would have access to testimonials left by other students, to aid in assessing the right tutor for you.

Lastly, by accepting online tutoring with a Superprof tutor, you effectively remove geographical boundaries that might restrict your selection.

And who says there isn't a Superprof tutor just miles of you, and would rather conduct private tutoring face to face?

Find a Tutor in London

Whether you need help with complex mathematics or economic theory, London abounds with tutoring programs.

These are our picks:

Sam Povey made it to the top of the financial world by attaining his dream job at Goldman Sachs. Four years later, he discovered he preferred the one on one interaction with fertile minds longing to grasp fundamentals of economics.

He now devotes himself full time to his tutoring business, helping A-Level students with test prep as well as undergraduates already enroled at university.

Patrick Wilson believes the key to successful course completion is proper motivation and is prepared to do everything he can to keep his pupils' spirits up while instructing them on economics fundamentals.

His specialities include Economics, Business and Management; his focus is on test prep and academic success, of course.

Either of these educators will come to you, meet you in a mutually satisfying location, or invite you to their facility.

Find an Economics tutor in London.

Find a Personal Tutor in Manchester

Outside of London, it gets substantially more difficult to find a tutor of economics. However, maths and writing tutors abound!

Among all of this region's tutoring centres, Manchester Tutors have earned distinction.

They hire only qualified tutors – DBS check, proper credentials, etc. In their stable of tutors are those dedicated exclusively to Economics; writing and math tutoring is also available.

They help the learner at every level, from exam preparation through university and postgraduate classes.

If you need to sharpen your study skills while at Manchester University, you may give them a ring!

Where can you find an Economics tutor in Manchester?

Your tutor search should result in a mentor with all of these skills
Your ideal tutor should embody all of these qualities and more! Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Find a Private Tutor in Birmingham

Although the University of Birmingham has an outstanding Economics programme, we were hard-pressed to find a tutoring centre that caters to students above A-Level, let alone any who are studying economics.

Still, Birmingham Tutors has an extensive maths tutoring programme, and they offer English tutoring and learning strategies as well.

Economics students may also benefit from their Sociology programs, for which they also have qualified tutors.

Find your private tutor in Economics in Birmingham.

Individualized Tutoring in Glasgow

By our survey, it would appear that Glasgow Economics students would have about as much choice in finding a tutoring agency as London students do!

One standout agency, Glasgow Tutors, recruits under- and postgraduate students to conduct lessons in a variety of subjects, including Business and Economics.

If you find yourself in need of guidance in your Econ 101 curriculum, you may appeal to this agency to find homework help or academic support; anything to help build your confidence!

Read more about finding an Economics tutor in Glasgow.

Home Tutoring in Leeds

Calling all Econ students, from GCSE to university undergraduates: the Tutor Doctor makes house calls, and he's coming for you!

Well, that sounds a bit ominous, doesn't it?

Let us just say that this academic tutoring agency can help you to succeed in maths, writing and exam preparation.

They even have a support programme for university degree courses!

They offer a free initial consultation (like most Superprof tutors do!) and will arrange their scheduling to meet your availability, in your home rather than you having to rush out to their office!

Peer tutoring, online tutoring, one to one or small group learning, all the way to massive classes available for free: students of economics have a wide range of choices when it comes to tutoring, any of which would certainly advance your studies.

Find out more about where to find an Economics tutor in Leeds.

For contact information at a glance, we've fashioned a table with all of these tutors' contact details!

NameCityPhone numberWebsite
Sam PoveyLondonnot indicatedwww.economicstutor.london
Patrick WilsonLondon07796 272523www.economicstutorlondon.com
Manchester TutorsManchester7545 010444www.manchester-tutors.co.uk
Birmingham TutorsBirminghamnot indicatedhttp://birminghamtutors.org.uk
The Tutor DoctorLeeds/Roundhay0113 320 8098www.tutordoctor.co.uk/roundhay/?L=true
Glasgow TutorsGlasgow0141 319 4546www.glasgowtutors.co.uk

Find an Economics Tutor in Belfast

A fascinating place to study economics, Belfast has traditionally relied on its great shipbuilding industry (Titanic might ring a bell), but now faces a variety of economic challenges in the face of Brexit and globalisation.

As a student of the subject, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some fantastic options in the city for deepening your knowledge and boosting your career prospects!

In Belfast you can study at the prestigious - and majestic, might I add - Queens university, and the alternative Ulster university (which offers some interesting courses). Both universities have plenty to offer a prospective economics student, including on-campus facilities which can help you dive even deeper into the specific areas of economics which interest you.

In terms of Economics tutors, Belfast has somewhat of a shortage, however there are plenty of other means to get a great economics education in the Northern Irish capital.

With the increasing popularity of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) and other online resources, you can get a high-quality education from the comfort of your own home!

Alternatively, you can make the most of our qualified tutors who are on hand to help you whatever your study goals might be.

Find out more about where you can find an Economics tutor in Belfast.

Find an Economics Tutor in Cardiff

Economics is a field which covers a broad range of subjects, not just the financial side of things that may be the first thing that springs to mind.

While the financial market forms a large part of what you’ll be looking at in economics, you can also explore the structure of big corporations and businesses, or assessing the effect of globalisation on societies around the world.

With such a broad scope for study, economics is a fascinating field to get involved with.

In Cardiff one of your best bets for further study in the field of economics is through the university in the city.

At Cardiff university, you’ll not only be able to have a number of lecturers on hand to help you with your studies, but also the fantastic facilities at their Business school.

If you’re an aspiring postgraduate student, then you’ll be able to take advantage of everything from their Trading room, to their Finance Lab Professional program in order to really make the most of your education.

These extra resources help you apply the theory of economics, and understand its real-life application, which will help round out your knowledge and give you a greater chance of success with a career in a related subject.

With few private economics tutors around, your other main option is to enroll in an online course - either paid or free - and see if you have the self-discipline and initiative to reap the academic rewards.

Find out more about where you can find an Economics tutor in Cardiff.

Hopefully, we've helped you along with this summary. Let us know, won't you?

Need an Economics teacher?

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