"The ideal intern is committed, creative, organized, ambitious, independent, and able to crack a smile, whether meeting a celebrity or folding socks." -Emily Weiss 

According to a recent statistic from the Sutton Trust social mobility charity, 70,000 unpaid or paid internships are offered every year in the United Kingdom. Therefore, university students and recent graduates possessing a degree are greatly encouraged to take part in an internship programme to gain relevant experience.

Nevertheless, although the amount of internships available is quite vast, there is much competition, which makes it stressful and exhausting to find the internship of your dreams. 

Finding a company, creating your application, applying, and signing or agreeing to the internship agreements all need to be done before an internship is even started; I'm tired just thinking about all that work!

Without further ado, whether paid or not and in whatever specific field, in today's article, we will identify the ways to find an internship at a business that suits your needs.

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Seek the Advice of the Experts at Your Higher Education Centre

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Experienced professors are experts in helping students find the internship that best suits them. (Source: pixabay)

In the UK, many further education courses require students to do an internship at a company or business to gain relevant experience. From one week to six months, the duration of the internship dramatically varies, but the goal is the same; to introduce students to the world of their potential career.

Students often take advantage of internships to discover new career options. At universities and other qualified further education institutes, a compulsory course that the programme requires is an opportunity for apprentices to put their knowledge into practice and create a little networking before embarking on the job market.

Whatever the overall purpose is for, an internship can be as exciting as nervewracking. Even if students or recent grads have the opportunity to choose their training place, it can add pressure and end up being quite strenuous.

Before deciding upon the internship of your dreams, seeking the guidance of academic advisors is of the utmost importance. 

Guidance counsellors and experienced members of faculty have years of wisdom under their belts and offer the best advice about future professional development. However, it is essential to state that in some schools where student autonomy is encouraged, professors may be reluctant to guide first, but in the end, they might cave since they genuinely want the best for you.

Also, the advice from former students and past members of alumni is indispensable. They have gone through the same steps of searching for an appropriate internship programme and may have some new business connections or leads that will guide you in your search. If you have no contact with past students, the alumni directory is available on certain training websites or by asking the administration directly. Try contacting alumni until one accepts to share their wisdom with you!

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Send Unsolicited Internship Applications to Companies

To complete a successful internship at a company is an unforgettable experience. However, it is essential to state that an internship at a company you enjoy is all the better!

Throughout your course of study, you have certainly evolved professionally and discovered the type of job you wish to possess in the future, basically the career of your dreams. While learning about your profession, I'm sure that there were private businesses caught your eye and you thought you could work for them after graduation; it's these companies that you must apply at first before the rest.

As soon as you know the duration, start date, and other details, do not hesitate to send your CV and cover letter to apply for an internship at the companies you desire to work for in the future. 

At worst, they will never answer you, and at best, you may be able to convince the company to hire you for an internship after a successful interview. Many working professionals underwent their first internship using spontaneous candidatures. The advantages of applying for an unsolicited course include the fact that there is no competition since no ads have been published.

Many companies may take it as a compliment that you are seeking an internship with them instead of the various other options available. 

In the absence of an answer, continue soliciting the company until you hear from someone; without harassing anyone! You may ask if your application has been received to know the possibilities of success or not with the company.

It is essential to state that once the application has been accepted, all that needs to be settled are the administrative details such as the internship agreement.

Responding to an Internship Ad

To find a highly recommended internship programme in the UK or abroad, it is also possible to find internship offers in newspapers, on websites, or through social media but beware the competition can be fierce, and you have to be extremely responsive. When officially announcing a search for trainees, companies attract many profiles from all over the world.

Posting alerts or frequently checking on internship placements sites may be necessary to have a chance of getting the internship of your dreams. 

Internship advertisements often specify the profiles they are looking for, such as academic qualifications, professional experience, and specific aspects of the school curriculum you are majoring.

The best way to stand out from the rest is by highlighting your strengths and skills since the rest of the CVs and cover letters will be similar to yours. Fluency in several languages, experience learning or working abroad, and additional extracurricular activities should be mentioned.

The most significant advantage of responding to an internship offer is that you already know the tasks you will perform and what to expect since it will most likely be written on the application.

Network: Advise Those in Your Entourage About What You Want

Internship information can be attained through word of mouth from family members and friends. Of course, this does not mean that your loved one has to get you into the business at any cost, but a reference to contact could go a long way and help you professionally.

After a possibility for an internship has been established through networking, it is up to the trainee to show interest in the company and explain your strengths to recruiters; you're one step closer to that dream internship!

To acquire helpful contacts, explain to your loved ones what you are looking for and in what area you wish to do your internship. Never underestimate word of mouth, through networking, some of the best internships opportunities have been discovered by many.

Word of mouth goes far when you are looking to go abroad to complete an internship. 

Effectively Utilise Social Networks

networking from the start
Effectively using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn could result in finding the internship of your dreams. (Source: pixabay)

To find employment that will kickstart your career, a student job, a volunteering opportunity, possibilities to study abroad, or find an internship, social networks have become as effective, if not more than, as conventional means.

With Facebook groups, Twitter ads, and Instagram posts, companies have found ingenious ways to recruit new trainees at their business. But how can one find a reputable internship on these networks?

Students can start by asking to integrate into groups that are related to your sector and field of study; actively searching is hugely useful! 

The most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, possess a feature that allows you to search by keywords. The keyword "internship" with two or three additional keywords related to your domain should be sufficient to display consistent answers to your search.

Another highly recommended and brilliant social network that should never be taken for granted is LinkedIn; this professional site allows everyone to create a detailed resume online and to contact companies to respond to an advertisement they posted directly. The LinkedIn network is particularly useful since it also allows businesses to directly contact student profiles that interest them and match the necessary qualifications for the internship in question.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to make your CV online as attractive and irresistible as possible with many details that will impress recruiters and give them an idea of your career and experience.

Finding the Ideal Company to Complete Your Internship

a list of desires
Having a list of the things you expect from an internship helps narrow down the search. (Source: Unsplash)

It is essential to state that student internships are not always successful for everyone. Businesses are sometimes unfair and do not always stick to what they promised on the internship agreement. On the other hand, many students often pick the wrong internship programme and become more set back than launched ahead professionally.

Nevertheless, as imperfect humans, we are bound to make mistakes regularly, and internship failures should be viewed as an experience that allows the student to identify their needs better. 

However, to avoid mistakes from the beginning and ensure a positive internship experience, it is necessary to take time to analyse each professional project properly. Don't rush into things because it could set the pattern for bad decisions when it comes to finding a job and starting your professional integration.

Take the time to think about the internship of your dreams and write a list of your desires and aspects you wish to learn professionally. 

Also, to avoid an internship that could waste you a lot of time, it is necessary to correctly identify internship ads that could lead you down the wrong path; remember to ask the recruiter what the trainee's tasks will be daily.

Find the best internship.

The Best Sites to Find Internships in the UK

Some of the recommended sites that are worthy of visiting are more geared towards student jobs, while others specialise in first jobs for recent graduates, and others focus on internship programmes.

Therefore, without further ado, the following is a non-exhaustive list of sites that can help you find the best internship in your field of expertise:

  • Indeed,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Employment 4 students,
  • Milkround,
  • TARGET Jobs,
  • Prospects.

Visiting any of the previously mentioned sites will significantly help in finding an internship. Now all you have to do is remain vigilant and find your ideal internship! May you find the success you deserve!

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