London is truly one city that stands up to any accolade you could choose to hang on it.

Global city? Check! Financial capital? Indeed! A centre for diversity, culture and learning? Yes, yes and yes again!

Seeing London in that light, is it a wonder that you would also find any number of German language courses, to suit every language learning need?

It almost goes without saying that London abounds with opportunities to learn German as well as to practise your newly-learned vocabulary and grammar.

Almost... otherwise we would not need to present an article on the topic.

From German clubs to university courses, from the obscure to the well-publicised, your Superprof now tours London with you to find the very best German courses and, perhaps, present you with ways to learn that you might not have thought of.

Ready? Steady? Go!

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German Language Lessons at Colleges and Universities

Regent street campus that offers open courses in German
The University of Westminster's Regent Street campus has open courses in German language study Image by Chemical Engineer on Wikimedia

Unlike at renowned universities in many other UK cities, in London, you may choose to take German classes at one of two top-tier schools.

In case you were wondering, Glasgow is one of only a handful of UK cities whose illustrious schools teach open courses a foreign language.

Learn German at the University of Westminster

When you think of Westminster, do stern, mortarboard-wearing academics come to mind? Or do you instead picture a vibrant student body, keen for their next engaging lesson?

Would you like to be such a student?

With their programme of short courses, it is entirely possible for you to learn German in one of the many offerings to be had at their Regent Street Campus.

You need not have any prior knowledge of German to take such a course and, if you have mastered even a little bit of the language of Goethe, you may learn more in their elementary or intermediate German classes.

These classes are taught using the communicative approach, meaning that the teacher will use only German for instruction and direction, even in the Basic German class.

Rather than focussing heavily on grammar, as many language courses do, these lessons focus on speaking and listening – in other words, the practical skills you will need while on holiday in a German-speaking country.

How will you understand your teacher if s/he speaks in a language you don’t yet understand?

That should not be a worry; it will be surprisingly easy for you to grasp simple directions, such as ‘stand up’ (for roleplaying) or ‘open your books’.

Naturally, you will also learn reading and writing in German – there is a textbook you will have to purchase, after all. However, you should be aware that those language skills are not the primary objective of the course.

To give you an added incentive to learn, the bursar has made it easy for you to reserve your place in all three learning sessions!

If you sign up for all three parts – in other words, the complete course, you will receive a substantial discount over those who pay for each part individually.

Just to let you know, you could also find open German courses at the University of Birmingham...

Learn German at City Lit

If the name ‘Westminster’ calls to mind musty halls, the City Literary Institute conjures images of open, airy spaces with lots of natural light and progressive learning.

That image is not too far off, come to think of it!

As with the Westminster learning program, City Lit classes actively practise language immersion, meaning that you will hear nothing but German spoken by your teacher. Remember, that’s good for you!

However, they go much further in breaking their curriculum down:

  • German Beginners: if you don’t know Guten Morgen from Guten Nacht, this is the course for you
  • German Beginners/2 Lower: what you sign up for after you complete your first class

And so the standard progression through the intermediate level and on to advanced German. If you are already there, you have so many intriguing course titles to choose from! Here are just a few:

  • Kultur & Mehr: for those who are capable of using German to discuss higher concepts
  • Literatur & Konversation: this course is so advanced, even the syllabus is written in German!
  • Praktisches Deutsch: practical German for everyday situations
  • Vorsprung Durch Deutsch: a course based on mixed media and current events

These are all great – especially for advanced speakers of German, but the offering we really like is their short refresher course.

If you have studied German in the past but have not made use of your language skills in a while or you think you might be a bit rusty, this class will soon get you sorted.

If you do need a method of German retrieval before taking on a full language program, as one of the least expensive courses in their catalogue, this might be your best bet!

Take German lessons with an international organisation
You may certify your German language skills and take classes at London's Goethe Institut Image by Martin Polo from Pixabay

Take Language Classes at an International Institute

German is the official language of Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, a segment of Belgium and, of course, Germany.

It is also a co-official language in Luxembourg and a part of Poland and a recognised minority language in a further 11 countries.

German is the 12th most spoken language in the world, with its estimated number of speakers totalling over 130 million.

When thought of in those terms, it makes sense that international entities offer courses teaching the language and culture of Germany!

And if you really wanted to get official about things...

Learn New Language at the International House

For 66 years, International House has focused on language training.

Initially certifying English teachers to teach abroad – they were the pioneers of the CELTA programme, today they teach a host of modern languages, including German.

With them, you may follow a standard course progression, from absolute beginner to fluency.

However, if you need to learn quickly – say, because you’re being transferred to your company’s overseas office or you have a multinational project coming up, you can sign up for their intensive language training programme.

While this language training hits all of the bases and makes it very easy to learn German, there is only one way to formalise your studies.

Discover how Loiners learn the German language and culture...

Take a Language Course at the Goethe Institut

You may earn a certificate of achievement or completion from any of the German course offerings we’ve mentioned so far but there is the only way to gain official recognition of your German skills.

For students, it is called the TestDaF; for professionals, only the TestPro will suffice.

We are talking about measuring your second language skills against the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, or CEFRL.

If you are a student who hopes to attend university in a German-speaking country, only this exam will certify that you know how to speak German well enough to keep up with your classes.

If you hope to start a business in Germany, you too will have to prove you are adept at speaking German, and to what degree.

The one accepted body outside of Germany that can administer this exam is the Goethe Institut.

There is no need to approach them with fear or trepidation; they are very friendly people who want nothing more than to disseminate German language and culture as widely as possible.

To them, your success is a testament to their fulfilling their mission, which includes teaching German courses and preparing you for your German test.

You must remember, though: they are also about promoting German culture so, if you need a break from studying, check out their events calendar to see what they’ve got cooking...

Edinburgh is also a very international city; find out if they also have a Goethe Institut that teaches German lessons...

Would you consider taking German lessons with a tutor online?
Taking German lessons via webcam is both convenient and affordable Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Learn German with a Native Speaker

So far, we have covered multiple venues for adults to learn German; now it is time to find German lessons for students as well as adults.

Our first suggestion would be to check out Oleson Tuition, founded by native speaker Jens.

He has an excellent track record in helping GCSE and A-Level students earn better-than-passing marks; he can also help your learner prepare for the DaF.

That doesn’t mean that his repertoire consists of only teaching youths. He is equally capable of teaching adults one-to-one or in small groups, or online.

Have you thought of learning German online? If so, Superprof has many native German speakers who deliver lessons via webcam.

However, if you’d rather have a tutor come to your home, Superprof has you covered there, too.

In London, there are no fewer than 108 Superprofs for you to choose from, most of whom give their first hour of lessons at no charge.

Listen and Learn is a franchise language school active throughout the UK. You can even find an outlet in Cardiff!

Theirs is a bespoke teaching plan; they promote learning by ones and twos; occasionally in a group or in open session – but only if you are on the same level as the rest of the class.

How would you know you’re on the same level?

Their web page features a free placement test that will help you course advisor to assign you to the right tutor and the right class.

Language Trainers operates in much the same way; they too offer one-on-one tuition and small group lessons. They also offer online lessons.

Cactus Language Training offers a bit different a course lineup by segregating their evening courses from their business courses.

They work with many international corporations to ensure employees have the necessary language skills to manage global transactions.

As such, they put special effort into the General German courses, in case you wanted to make the jump to include technical or corporate jargon into your German learning.

If you really wanted to get to the elite end of the spectrum in business German, Jürgen Zöllner and Associates is the resource you need.

Their focus is Business German exclusively, taught either in intensive sessions or over a set period.

Could you find such a high-end German tuition service anywhere in the UK?

Fact is, there are so many outlets, teachers and venues to learn German in London, it would take a herculean effort to assess them all.

What are your language learning needs?

Do you want to polish up your conversational German before catching the Oktoberfest in Munich? Or would you rather learn for life, for health and for the sheer joy of learning?

Is your business going international?

For any of these reasons and more, there is a German language class in London that is meant for you.

Now discover the surprising wealth of German language studies in Belfast.

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