Glasgow, one of Scotland’s most culturally vibrant cities, is a fantastic place to enjoy music. It is the city with the second highest number of live music concerts per capita in the UK. It is home to iconic venues like the Barrowlands and the Hydro. And it is the place that brought to the world bands like Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, and Belle & Sebastian.

With its array of musical talent, it is also a great place to learn music – whatever level you may be at. And along with all the other instruments you can imagine, guitar lessons are available in droves. Whether you just received your first electric for Christmas, or you have been playing the classical for decades, in Glasgow you will find a guitar teacher to help you keep growing.

So, take a look through this page to find the best way for you to learn to play the guitar. Once you’ve finished, get your instrument out, tune up, and get practising!

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Group Guitar Lessons at the Glasgow Music Studios

The award-winning Glasgow Music Studios is an organisation based in central Glasgow that encourages people of all ages to make music. It runs community jam projects for disadvantaged people of all ages – just as an example – in a recording studio kitted out with the best music technology going.

The Studios also run studio workshops and music lessons – including on the guitar. They take place every weekend, they are primarily group lessons, and – the best thing about them – they are only five pounds an hour. This is the cheapest guitar lesson you’ll find anywhere, so check them out!

Dedicated Guitar Tuition at Your Guitar Academy

If you’d rather receive solo instruction on the best ways to play those chords or licks, maybe Your Guitar Academy can offer what you are after. Whilst YGA offer guitar teaching right across the country, in Glasgow they are based in Pollokshields.

YGA knows that everyone is always at a different level when learning an instrument and that different students need different styles of teaching – so, whether you are interested in jazz guitar or folk, they will offer you a trial session for only a tenner!

Guitar and notebook
Find Glasgow's best guitar teachers right here.

The Perfect Guitar Tutor with Superprof

Superprof is a website that connects students to talented tutors across the world. The website currently has over five million private tutors, in over one thousand different subjects. In Glasgow alone, there are twenty-eight guitar tutors, charging an average of twenty pounds an hour. The majority offers the possibility of private lessons in your home!

So, if you are a beginner musician who wants to learn how to play the guitar, or an experienced guitarist seeking progression in different styles of music, you’ll find the guitar instructor you need to keep you learning.

Learn the Guitar at the Glasgow School of Guitar

Based in the city’s West End, the Glasgow School of Guitar provides guitar tuition to everyone from the novice right up to the advanced student. All the staff are professional musicians and they cover the whole range of styles – from folk to funk to fingerstyle.

The School encourages students to take part in group sessions, as, they say, it’s more fun, social, and comprehensive. They are sort of right, honestly, as you won’t be much of a musician if you can’t play in an ensemble or a band.

Courses run for £12 per class over eleven weeks.

Let Fraser Murray Develop your Guitar Skills

The guitar teacher, Fraser Murray, is based in Hillhead in Glasgow’s West End, but he also teaches over Skype too. He generally asks a rate of £25 an hour – which is pretty standard for guitar teachers – but offers discounts for bulk bookings.

Focusing on chords and scales – as well technique and rhythm – Murray’s teaching style is based around the songs that you the student want to learn. With a bit of music theory thrown in there too (although he insists that you don’t need to know the theory to know the guitar!), you won’t be disappointed if you take lessons with Murray!

Learn Traditional Guitar at GFW

GFW is Glasgow’s leading centre for teaching traditional music. Offering lessons in instruments such as the fiddle, the guitar, and the harmonica – and slightly more unorthodox ones such as the bodhran, the whistle, and the ukulele – GFW is doing a brilliant job keeping knowledge of traditional Scottish music alive in Glasgow.

A truly amazing thing about GWF is that it doesn’t bother with sheet music or musical notation. Rather, it specialises in learning by ear. This ear training will allow you, if anything, to better understand music – without the necessity of loads of bits of paper – and will help you to play in concerts and ceilidhs.

A man plays the banjo
GFW teach the banjo alongside the guitar!

Get to Grips with Guitar at the Riverside Music College

Claiming to be one of the best musical colleges in the UK, Glasgow’s Riverside Music College prepares budding musicians to enter the music industry or to pursue other avenues of academic or professional musicianship.

However, this music school also offers piano lessons, bass guitar classes, and singing lessons – as well as a guitar course or two. The guitar teachers have played professionally alongside Jerry Lee Lewis and Glasgow’s own Belle & Sebastian and they teach everything from rock guitar to blues and acoustic.

(Note that the Riverside Music College offers classes in mandolin and banjo too!)

Join a Guitar Class with the Glasgow Guitar Studio

The Glasgow Guitar Studio is run by Wendy Leckerman, a guitar teacher with over thirty years’ experience. Her credentials are quite impressive, having taught at Edinburgh Napier University and the London College of Music – as well as having assessed guitar examinations and being a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians.

Based in the Glasgow’s Southside, Leckerman runs her guitar school alongside a music shop – and she can give you advice on the best guitar to suit you. She works primarily with beginners, however – of nylon and steel-strung acoustics – so not the best option for you professionals!

A Flying V
Learn heavy metal in Glasgow on the most iconic rock guitar, the Flying V.

Learning Rock Guitar with Frets on Fire

Since 2010, Frets on Fire have been teaching rock, blues, and metal to music students in Glasgow. They are incredibly proud of their instrument and of the louder varieties of music! Focusing on skills like improvisation and guitar solos – and on techniques including sweep picking and bending – Frets on Fire are dedicated to the electric guitar.

If that’s your jam though, Frets on Fire are an incredibly experienced organisation offering some of the best guitar tuition in town!

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