The impression among Londoners is that anything is possible within its ever-expanding boundaries. And it’s quite easy to see why this impression exists: with some of the most incredible cultural treasures in the world – from the art galleries to the museums to the sports teams – to the nightlife, restaurant culture, and architecture, anyone would agree that it’s really not too shabby.

Yet, over the years, one of its major assets is its wealth of musical culture, heritage, and output. Almost anywhere you look in central London – from the Royal Opera House to Ronnie Scott’s to the Roundhouse – you will see venues, not to mention musicians, that are known all over the world.

Honestly, though, this would all mean little if there were not the opportunity to learn and play music yourself. Luckily, London offers such opportunities in bucketloads. From private guitar lessons to music classes – and in every style from funk, folk, and fingerstyle to pop, jazz, and rock – you will find everything you could possibly need to get the training to play in one of these venues yourself.

As we’re here to talk about guitar lessons, rest assured: whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate player, or a proper musician looking to take a different genre to the next level, in London every style of guitar teaching is possible.

Study the Guitar at the City Academy London

The City Academy is a wonderful institution based in north London – but operating in different locations across the city – that offers arts, dance, and music lessons to adults. From singing lessons to piano lessons, the Academy provides courses that are taught by professionals in the field, and they are designed to fit around your schedule – at the weekend, evenings, or during the day.

The Academy offers guitar lessons – classical and acoustic – to beginners and those at a higher level, and you will combine basic techniques, with basic chords and training on how to read music.

Nail Your Guitar Technique with Guitar Lessons London

Guitar Lessons London is run by Hawi Gondwe, a professional guitarist who has played and performed with the likes of Amy Winehouse. His team of tutors covers the extent of England’s capital, and they have online guitar lessons too.

The team of guitar instructors cover every genre of music you could imagine, from indie to blues to jazz guitar. They can all cover grades or just recreational guitar playing, and they are a very experienced bunch.

Take Lessons with Professionals at The London Guitar Institute

The London Guitar Institute has two schools, in the City of London and in Mayfair, and they aim their varieties of guitar course at adult learners. There are three types of course available – either one-on-one, in a group, or with the famous Stefan Joubert – and all of these courses are available in different styles – from classical guitar to blues guitar lessons.

Go Folk with Guitar Tuition at Cecil Sharp House

The Cecil Sharp House is the only centre in England dedicated to folk art and culture. Whilst it runs plenty of events, lectures, and even weddings, it has a number of educational courses and classes. The guitar instructor there, David Delarre, takes two courses – beginner and intermediate – and he will help you explore the repertoire, chord progressions, and guitar techniques of folk music.

Guitar fingerstyle
Learn guitar like a folk artist.

Join a Class at the London Guitar Academy

Based in Queen’s Park, the London Guitar Academy runs one-to-one sessions, group classes, and studio recording opportunities. It has an absolutely massive selection of different courses ranging from beginner, through lead guitar playing, songwriting, fingerstyle guitar, and ukulele.

It also has social guitar ensembles – for kids and adults – and, like most guitar tuition organisations, it offers home tuition too.

Aim for a Degree in Guitar at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance

If you want to play guitar at the highest level, you might want to seek instruction at one of London’s newer higher education music centres, the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

Options for playing guitar at degree level come in the BMus in Popular Music Performance or the BA in Creative Musicianship – both of which will give you a serious grounding in music theory and a comprehensive training in everything to do with professional guitar method.

An option for the serious guitarists out there.

Find a Private Guitar Teacher at Superprof

Whether you are a serious guitar player, or you just want to be able to strum along to songs or jam with your mates, you’ll find someone to show you how to play better with Superprof.

This is an online platform that links up tutors with students seeking private lessons. So far there are over five million tutors on the platform worldwide, and, in London alone, there are 191 guitar teachers waiting to help you learn to play your axe.

Explore Spanish Guitar with Flamenco Express

You might want to learn to play the guitar in a slightly different way, however. Maybe you ain’t so keen on nailing the licks and riffs of the electric and want something a little more romantic.

Luckily, Chris Clavo at Flamenco Express offers flamenco guitar lessons, and this guy has worked with some very serious musicians and institutions. He’ll teach you flamenco improvisation and how to solo Spanish style.

Sound-hole of a classical guitar
Accompany flamenco dancers with your classical guitar!

Learn at the London Guitar School

The London Guitar School operates all over the capital and is run by Eilidh McKellar, a Scottish guitarist who has played on stage with the blues legend, Joe Bonamassa, and who has recorded with artists signed with major labels.

The School’s courses are comprehensive, covering everything from music production to the blues. Online, meanwhile, you’ll find a load of free guitar lessons, which might give you an insight on how the classes are going to go!

Take a Summer Course at London Music School

Alongside BTECs in musical performance, diplomas in guitar, and evening classes, the London Music School offers a well-regarded guitar summer school. Over two weeks, you will learn everything from scales and modes to recording and performance technique.

You’ll be expected to do two performances a week as well as songwriting classes and ensemble practice. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from some visiting famous musicians.

Join the Best Musicians in the World at the Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music is one of the most famous conservatoires in the country. So, if you like your musical education to be world-class, prestigious, and surrounded by famous musicians, this might be the place for you.

You’ll receive a degree or a postgraduate qualification in music if you can get your guitar playing through this challenging and intensely rewarding course.

Check Out Guitar Classes at Greenwich Music School

The Greenwich Music School, based in Greenwich and Charlton, is a music charity that has been praised for its work with young children. It excels in its diverse courses for those under the age of six, but runs courses for ages six to nine and for seven to nineteen. Grown-ups of Greenwich fear not, as there are plenty of adult opportunities to learn instruments or music theory at Greenwich Music School too.

Learn Guitar from Those who Know at Tech Music School

The Tech Music School is very proud of its alumni. And so they should be, as past students at this school have gone on to play with some of the greatest artists in contemporary music.

Now owned by BIMM (the British and Irish Modern Music institute), they offer diplomas, vocational certificates, and full-time three-year degrees, in drums, vocals, guitar, or music business.

Moving buttons in recording studio.
Play guitar in a recording studio - and learn the behind the scenes of music tech.

Find a Guitar Specialist at the London Music Factory

Established in 2014, the London Music Factory is yet another school offering home tuition to music students across Greater London. Depending on your area, you will be provided with a different tutor – however, rest assured that they are all proper musicians guaranteed to improve your playing.

They’ll offer you a free trial lesson, so take advantage of this so you know what you are getting.

Practise and Improve at the London School of Arts

The London School of Arts is a music school in Enfield teaching over seven hundred students how to excel at the instrument. You can take drum lessons, lessons for the violin or cello, for the clarinet and, of course, for the guitar.

They offer classes in thirty, forty-five, or sixty-minute slots, with one of seven expert guitar tutors.


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