The internet these days is marvellous. And if you can resist the temptation to just watch cat videos, scroll through social media, or play games, it’s a marvellous place for revision too. Whatever subjects you are studying, you’ll be able to find everything you need to know online, for whichever syllabus or exam board you are taught.

In the history world, it seems at first glance like the possibilities for online revision are endless. And first impressions here are not so deceiving. Whether it’s for the A Level in history or the GCSE, or for the International Baccalaureate or the iGCSE, you’ll find what you need on the web to make sure you’re achieving the qualification you need.

As we know, however, there are lots of different history curricula and some are more effectively covered than others – and some can be a little hard to find. Luckily, we’re here to help, so whether you are looking for information on nationalism in the nineteenth century or on colonization, the industrial revolution, or the Holocaust, you’ll find it below.

So, without further ado, let’s get talking about some of the best history resources on the internet.

Preparing for Your History Exams with BBC Bitesize

The BBC’s revision website is used around the world by people pursuing secondary education – and its engaging articles cover both the compulsory subjects such as mathematics and English Literature and optional secondary subjects like business studies, politics, and economics.

For those studying or wanting to study history, BBC Bitesize can provide guidance at all stages of your school career, no matter whether you are taught Edexcel or AQA. It provides instructional articles, quizzes, and homework tasks, and all the information is from the perspective of the requirements of your curriculum.

As it is the BBC, an organisation funded by the taxpayer, the whole thing is completely free. It’s a wonderful resource.

Brick cellar
Finding the right resources for history revision can be a bit of maze. We're here to help.

A Level and GCSE History Preparation with RevisionWorld

RevisionWorld is a website which, as the name might suggest, provides a whole world of revision resources for those in secondary school. From geography to chemistry to psychology – and, of course, history! – RevisionWorld offers comprehensive and quality materials for those who are stoked to nail their examinations.

The site’s revision notes cover everything from British politics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to the Russian Empire and the two World Wars. They are set out clearly and simply and are perfect to learn by heart – and they are hugely comprehensive.

In the history section there are also helpful documents on exam strategies, past papers, and revision tips. And it’s worth knowing that there is a tool that helps you create your own revision timetable and another that helps you apply to higher education and impressive any potential employer.

Revise History with Studywise

In providing revision notes for students of GCSEs and A Levels, Studywise work in a similar way to RevisionWorld. However, it also provides handy links to forums to discuss the things you have learned and links to the sites of exam boards so that you can download past papers, mark schemes, and exam specifications.

Whilst it is an incredibly user-friendly site, with easy navigation, it does not cover all the subjects that students might want. It is rather limited to topics including ‘Conflict in the Modern World’ and relations between Russia and Germany. Regardless, it will provide you with some super-handy general resources whilst you are there, so check it out.

Tes History: Designed for Teachers, but Perfect for Students

Tes is really a website for teachers, providing jobs listings, forums, and education news. However, its Teaching Resources section is really a gift for anyone grappling with exams on the Cold War, the history of slavery, or the rise of Nazism.

The resources are prepared and uploaded by real teachers – and they are rated by them too. These might be practise questions and answers, slideshows, or activities that you can do at home with your friends. But the review scheme means that the materials of the highest quality are incredibly easy to find and are probably taught in schools across Britain.

Unfortunately, there is one downside, and that is that not all the resources are free. Many are, but some can be a couple of quid. Take a look and see what you can find!

Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Elizabeth Tudor is one of the most interesting characters in British history - get revising and learn more about her!

Getting Beyond the History Textbook with SenecaLearning

Whilst the site is still in beta-mode – meaning that it isn’t quite finished just yet – Seneca aims to take the learner away from their textbooks. Instead, it provides interactive guides to historical topics that are very pleasing on the eye.

You have to sign up – although it is free, so don’t worry! – and select the courses for which you are studying. Each course that you select will open into a step-by-step presentation that offers in-depth insights into the topic – and they are all organized around the themes and specification of the exams.

So, with options to study early modern Britain or the history of the country in the ancient world, you’ll find detailed and engaging notes that will have you smashing those history exams.

Online History Revision with Tuition Experts, Superprof

Not only does Superprof offer first-class tuition to students in over a thousand subjects across the world, but it also boasts a huge selection of revision resources for students at any level – Key Stage 4 and 3 to GCSE, A Level, and beyond.

Our Magazine is geared towards providing the best and most essential guides and info on the things you will need to study to excel at school. In history, we have pieces on everything from the Mongol Empire to Nazi Germany – written by tutors and experts in the field.

GCSE History with Revise GCSE History

As the name suggests, Revise GCSE History focuses its attention on history. But if its perspective is limited, the resources it provides are truly excellent, and you won’t go amiss if you pay attention to this site.

The main draw is the complete summary notes of the two GCSE courses, Medicine Through Time and The American West 1840-1895. Comprehensive and free, these guides will walk you through every detail you will need for the exam.

However, Revise GCSE History also has an array of complimentary videos that make learning much more fun. Each of these comes with a set of written notes too – just in case you need to go back and look at it again.

Whilst all this is free, there is a members’ area and a marking service – both of which you will need to pay for. But with the quality of the free resources, it’s not certain that you will need to!

Help with History via Tutor2U

Tutor2U is an education company that is famous for its revision events. Yet, it also has a number of guides and blog series on exam preparation for A Level and GCSE history.

Written by history students and tutors, the blogs provide detailed notes on every single history syllabus there is. (This is the benefit of those sites that take contributions – as usually, every little niche subject gets a look in.) But there are also quizzes, helpful focuses on key terms, and summaries of available resources.

History Learning Site and History Revision

These two sites – History Learning Site and History Revision – offer very similar resources, and both have been endorsed by the University of Birmingham. They are great – particularly the History Learning Site – offering exhaustive information on every history topic under the sun.

Whilst History Revision is more focused on the content for the A Level and GCSE exams, History Learning Site provides insights that are nonetheless indispensable for the courses you will be studying – from Spain under the Philip II (the contemporary of Elizabeth I) to profiles on Peter the Great, Adolf Hitler, and Frederick William.

You won’t be disappointed!

History book on a study table.
Studying history can be easy with the right resources.

Take History out of the Classroom with S-cool

S-cool has always tried to be hip, happening, and down with the kids – but it has an incredible reputation for preparing students to do brilliantly at school. Seven million students now use the site, and sixty percent of them achieve an A*-B.

If that’s not enough to convince you of their quality, try it out for yourself. You’ll find audio-guides, collections of questions, and revision guides. You have to register, but registration is free – so there is no reason not to.


Well, there you have it – the key to getting prepared for studies. If you have any doubts about any part of your history course, you should now find yourself reassured. All you have to do now is study!

Check out our articles on the best history revision books and the best apps and podcasts in our series on history revision resources too!

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