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Is a Webcam a Good Tool for Taking Private Guitar Lessons?

By Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Music > Guitar > Taking Guitar Lessons Online With Skype and Other Webcam Tools

You have been telling yourself for years: “I really should take guitar lessons…“, but the little free time you have available prevents you from doing so.

So be it. But what if a particular method allowed you to finally take private lessons, while not wasting time? That would be more practical, wouldn’t it? This method is individual online guitar lessons by webcam.

While this may surprise some, this type of lesson is developing more and more.

How is the webcam a good tool for learning how to play guitar?

What are the direct benefits of online guitar lessons, compared to going to a music school or having a private lesson at home?

Let’s study all of this together before taking a guitar class…

Take Your Private Guitar Lessons Anywhere You Go

When you go to a music school to learn how to play the guitar, you need to have the requirements in mind. Obviously, the pedagogical advantages are undeniable, since this allows you to work on your scales with recognized professors.

But this does include some constraints that shouldn’t be overlooked when it’s time to make your choice, to which you may not be ready and that will tire you in the medium or long term. Or that will simply make you abandon guitar lessons altogether.

Learn how to play guitar on skype Taking guitar lessons from home : learn about guitar techniques at your rhythm

We’re referring particularly to the constraints of appointments at fixed times and days or the transports that these lessons require from you.

While if you opt for individual guitar lessons via webcam, all this is completely unnecessary!

Moving from the in-person lesson to distance, online private lessons can sometimes put off. However they have many advantages. Like being able to take them wherever you want for example. Whether you’re on a trip, at home or on a holiday…

All you need in the end comes down to this:

  • A guitar obviously.
  • A computer with an integrated webcam or a webcam purchased separately.
  • A tablet if you do not have a computer.
  • A solid Wifi connection.
  • Download Skype and create an account.

From there on end, all boundaries fall and you can start taking individual guitar lessons by webcam. Wherever you want!

Forget About the Constant Trips Back and Forth: Organize Your Guitar Lessons at Your Leisure

As we recalled above, trusting a music school and its teachers for your guitar lessons, you are subject to several constraints. Starting with the slots imposed by the school! Especially since it’s easy to learn the guitar by webcam. The guitar is an instrument that fits into the field of the webcam and has a sound easily recorded by the microphone.

Are they compatible with your professional and personal obligations? Not always. When you leave the office around 6pm and you have a family life, that still leaves a bit of time to learn the guitar!

You are probably not alone in this case, which leaves few places also during these few niches.

The solution when one has a timely work and an active personal life is therefore to take individual guitar lessons by webcam. The websites and professors who propose this method put forward an argument that seems indefeasible: “send us your schedule!”

Hard to get more practical than that! Gone discouragements related to a surprise unavailability! Gone early retirements! Simply send your schedule to the guitar teacher, who, sometimes even late, will organize on his side to meet your requirements. He can even send you chord charts regularly, outside your planned video lessons.

No need to transport your instrument around when you take webcam guitar lessons.

Learn how to play guitar wherever you are! Playing and learning the guitar in complete freedom

You, who may have been studying music for several years or if you’re a musician, whatever the instrument, you must know this pain. Yes you do, you know, the one that consists of carrying around your guitar, violin, bass, saxophone or trumpet everywhere.

In the bus, subway, tram or taxi for the lucky ones!

It’s heavy, cumbersome, it bothers others and therefor you too. Often, you’ll need to tune your guitar again, and you take the risk of damaging your instrument. Because to go to music school to learn to play an instrument is also a tedious ritual. And that’s without counting of course on the performances and other contests you’ll need to attend.

But once again, with the individual guitar lessons by webcam, you totally go passed this inconvenience. By taking these lessons from your home, you no longer need to lug your heavy and bulky guitar, and sometimes even your amps, to every corners of the city.

Videos, Playbacks, Music Sheets: a Quick Exchange Via Webcam and Computer

When one decides to privilege guitar lessons by webcam, rather than going to school for lesson given by a teacher in flesh and blood, one deprives oneself of a direct contact which can be important. It’s a fact.

This could hamper a number of people who were used to receiving lessons in person during their whole life.

But, beyond the advantages that we have already described, we feel that taking individual guitar lessons online with interposed webcams can be a fantastic pedagogical tool!

Book your guitar lesson, find a teacher!

Music can indeed be enriched by this virtual contact. How?

Can I learn how to play guitar from home? An online exchange to take your beginner guitar lessons or to go to the next level!

See it like this. When one decides to trust a teacher from a distance to learn the guitar, one also decides to trust Skype. Everything goes through the videoconference software.

Skype, the microphone and the webcam then become fantastic educational tools. If only for your teacher to send you links to the scores. You can find them all on the internet, for all types of instruments. So, instead of going to your music store every time, a simple copied-paste with your guitar teacher will be enough. The money and time gains are obvious. Your teacher can easily show you how to read music sheets (or tabs, as you often find them) and even show you how the riff goes and the strumming pattern so as to guide in the first steps. All this instantly! You can then go back to the downloaded tablatures whenever you need to work on your chords or harmonics for that song.

Whether it’s for learning with your teacher or for practicing, having your computer around will be helpful.

Moreover, it is also necessary to know that to work with a private guitar teacher is also to go towards a certain musical freedom. The latter will not impose you anything, it is you who will propose to him the style that you wish to develop.

From there on end, Skype, the microphone and the webcam take a great dimension, since teacher and students can then, in a few clicks, exchange many videos of songs. Would you like to own a cover of one of your favorite hits on the guitar? Send the video and performance you’d like to reproduce to your guitar teacher via Skype. The latter will show you the chords on the guitar.

Giving guitar lessons through Webcam encourages interactions between the teacher and the student.

Idem. You may not be singing when you play the guitar. Not everyone can do it! This being said, you can completely entrust your teacher to find you playbacks in videos to play over. A simple exchange of links via Skype, and you’re done!

A Less Rigid Method Than in Music School or a Conservatory

Let us not generalize without reason nor meaning. All music teachers and guitar teachers in music school are not rigid or stuck on a particular style. But this can unfortunately happen. Just like the fact of finding a private professor with little tastes in the modern styles.

On the other hand, if you want to learn the guitar via webcam, be aware that you will not only regularly deal with young professors (from Millennials) but also with a method advocating freedom!

Learn how to play guitar differently Leave conservatism (and conservatory) behind for good! Become the guitar player you desire.

Indeed, the individual guitar lessons by webcam are accompanied nearly all the time with a desire to let the apprentice decide what he wants to learn. Whether acoustic guitar or electric guitar. Blues, rock or folk. From Elvis to Avril Lavigne…

Choosing to learn the guitar means adopting a methodology that is less rigid and more tailored to your own tastes.

Further follow-ups with your private guitar teacher will allow you to make the most of the guitar lessons and use them at best.

Another unstoppable argument in favor of individual guitar lessons by webcam: the follow-up. Set for yourself the goals of each guitar lesson you take.

But how does Skype allow the apprentice guitarist have better follow-up from his or her private teacher?

Simply because he can “annoy him” as much as he wants! As far as reason allows, obviously. But after your private guitar lessons, your teacher will give you tracks to work on your game until the next lesson. And whereas a teacher in music school is not available from one lesson to another, the private guitar teacher will be able to answer all your questions thanks to the webcam and Skype.

A forgotten chord. Another, newly found. A new song to work on…

A Cheaper Method

You’ve got it, the webcam is a good tool to take individual guitar lessons. The benefits are numerous (including the price of the guitar lesson), despite the distance.

Guitar lessons online are the most economical guitar lessons.

Let us leave and finish the pedagogical aspect of such a method, and let us start now to question of the financial aspect. You may already know this, but taking classes in music schools is a real investment.
And then, the choice of teachers is wide. It’s up to you to choose a good guitar teacher. And especially the one that suits you best.

Schools have expensive rents to pay, many instruments and charges. Guitar lessons are not always very affordable for everyone.

On the other hand, by avoiding the physical and material investment that requires a music school, physical place, using only your computers, microphones and webcams, the costs are much less obvious. That’s why learning guitar by webcam can also represent a real gain of money!

If you want a more hands-on approach, consider a private tutor. Searching for guitar lessons London produces the most results on Superprof but there is a lot more choice if you’re willing to learn online.


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