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Exclusive Guitar lessons for Beginners in the UK

Are you willing to learn how to play the guitar? Or have you ever desired to make music using the guitar? Everyone loves music no matter where they come from. American singer Billy Joel once said, "music is healing, an explosive expression of humanity." You can agree wholeheartedly that music is good and not just music- but guitar music.

Guitar music can make you laugh or cry! It can rile you up or calm you down! Some people say it is good for the soul; others say it is better for the heart.  Guitar music can clean your arteries, if not fixing your faulty heart valve! The guitar music can ease your recovery from a cardiac procedure! Perhaps help you get back to normal after a stroke or a heart attack. It can relieve your stress and lower your blood pressure. But the big question is, do you know how to play the guitar and make music?

We offer guitar lessons with professional private tutors at cost-friendly prices.  You will develop from a newbie to becoming a coveted guitar player in a short time.

Subjects and Lessons You Will Learn With Us

We offer a wide range of topics and lessons. Our list items include Guitar, music theory, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass guitar, Rock guitar, Jazz guitar, music reading, classical guitar, singing, vocal coaching, and ukulele, among other relevant subjects. Once you enroll for the personal tutorials you will be able to:

  • Learn how to tune a guitar single-handedly
  • Learn neck notes and staff notes.
  • Learn how to read the notes on the staff
  • Learn the basics of rhythm w/tab
  • Learn how to strum and read rhythms from beginner to intermediate levels w/tab
  • Learn how to strum chord progressions w/tab
  • Learn how to play a power chord
  • Learn how to play a twelve-bar blues in E accurately
  • Learn how to drop D tune
  • Learn how to play a barre chord
  • Learn different parts of a guitar
  • Learn how to play the open chords
  • Learn how to read the natural notes on all the six strings
  • Learn how to read and understand guitar tablature w/tab
  • Learn an effortless way to start soloing in major or minor keys
  • Learn how to play a blues scale
  • Practice power chords with amazing rhythm examples w/tab
  • Learn to find specific note all over the neck
  • Learn to play rhythm in a Drop D w/tab
  • Learn some cool basic lead guitar techniques

8 Benefits of Learning to Play the Guitar

When learning how to play the guitar, you may consciously be thinking about music and how to enjoy the music and perhaps playing your favorite songs. However, in the process, you also train your brain to function in a certain way. These pieces of training have lots of beneficial effects on the functioning of your mind.

  1. Improves your Memory- Many studies and research have found out that learning to play the guitar improves behavior, memory, and intelligence. The research found that it enlarges the left side of the brain, which helps students to remember the fifth more information when compared with non-musical students. This learning leads to growth and positive change in brain architecture.
  2. Enhances and Promotes Creativity- Guitar playing will often lead you to song composition. Creating your music through improvisation or songwriting will make great use of your creativity. Can you imagine singing your melodies? Learning to play the guitar is the way to go.
  3. Makes you disciplined- Regular training can take discipline, especially with areas that students find difficult. With patience and persistence come success and the development of the subject. This virtue can then be applied in other areas of life. Through discipline comes freedom.
  4. Playing guitar is fun- Integrating all these crucial benefits into something you want to do because its fun and makes you feel great, give your life that something special that can't be found anywhere else.
  5. Music Therapy and self-expression- Learning to play the guitar can help you relax and release the stresses of the day. As you continue learning, you will develop an ability to accurately express and release your emotions through playing, which can be very therapeutic.
  6. Sharpens Your Concentration- Playing the Guitar requires you to focus a lot on many aspects simultaneously i.e., pitch, timing, rhythm, fingering, among other things. The more you engage and practice your mental muscle of concentration, the easier it becomes.
  7. Boosts your Confidence and Self-esteem- You can set small goals while learning to play the guitar. For example, you are planning to finish a particular piece within a set time. If/when you achieve this target, you will be empowered by a great sense of achievement. Once you can perform before an audience, which needs a certain level of confidence, you will reap the rewards that can help you in other areas of life.
  8. Enhances Coordination- Playing an instrument like a guitar requires a certain level of hand-eye coordination, which is developed with training. Reading guitar tablature and music involves your brain, converting that information into specific motor patterns.

Reasons To Choose Us For Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginner guitar lessons are among the most famous music classes that we offer! We offer both group and private lessons every day of the week. There we get a lot of questions and inquiries about various subjects in music. The good news is that our tutors are always on standby to attend to you.  Whether at your home, at his/her home, or through the webcam- any way that seems comfortable to you. 97% of our first lessons are free, unlike other institutions offering guitar lessons. We give you a firsthand opportunity to taste what we offer before taking other lessons. Our teaching methodologies are student-centered. Our tutors will ascertain your objectives and needs and then will attend design a blueprint to navigate you through the lessons. Therefore get in touch with the tutor or your choice. Receive a response in less than two hours, and you are set to book your first guitar lesson. When you learn with us, great things happen!

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