Listening to radio is, and has always been, a major activity in many countries around the world. Live radio, online radio, podcast, all radio stations offer different content, from BBC Radio to Planet Rock, Magic or Jazz FM. Thanks to Rajar, the official radio research body, owned by the BBC and commercial stations, we know that a record 47.3 million people in the UK are now tuning in each week

This figure, if it is any indication, extends mainly to other European countries, such as Italy, which, although it doesn't share a common border with the UK, has a totally different programming schedule for radio stations. Listening to music, having fun, listening to the news live, you can listen to pretty much everything you want given that you know what station to plug in.

So here is our ranking of the best Italian radio stations, to create the best radio culture!

Radio Kiss Kiss Kiss, the Italian Radio Station From Naples

Radio Kiss Kiss Kiss is a radio station based in Naples and is one of the most listened to Italian radio stations (the seventh, to be exact). Created in September 1976 by Ciro Niespolo, the free Neapolitan radio station has its origins in disco and also has offices in Rome and Milan. A true image of Italy that we love, but with a touch of originality that is not to be underestimated!

It is, moreover, with funk, or soul, the musical style used by the station, with artists as diverse as the audience it brings together. With the motto "Play everywhere", Radio Kiss Kiss Kiss is one of the most popular radio stations in Italy.

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Radio 105 Network, Italian Radio In Milan

Based in Milan, and owned by RadioMediaset, 105 Network was founded on 16 February 1976 by Alberto Hazan and Edoardo Hazan in a studio in Via Tito Vignoli. While the group to which the station belongs also owns Virgin Radio or Radio Monte Carlo, Radio 105 Network has not always been called that.

Originally called Radio Studio 105, this was a reference to the early days of the private station. This is the most listened to radio station in Italy, whose programmes, appreciated for their richness, include the programme "Lo Zoo di 105", very popular with Italians. Its slogan "Proud to be different" perfectly illustrates the state of mind of this radio station, which is on display at the Milan Museum of Science and Technology.

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Radio Italia, A National Station

The third most watched radio in the country and created thanks to composer Mario Volanti, Radio Italia (whose motto is "Solo Musica Italiana", or All Italian Music) is a private channel, whose label organizes events and concerts related to Italian music. The Italian tubes that the latter has been distributing since 1982 are renewed every week.

Indeed, on a weekly basis, an innovative single best hits is launched on the station, in order to promote the work of Italian artists. For one to two weeks, the titles are rotated and then promoted over the radio air time. In short, an FM radio and a web radio, of which the 3,776,000 listeners can be proud, promoting their connection to their beautiful country!

Radio DeeJay, Private Italian Radio

Founded on February 1, 1982, Radio DeeJay has been part of the Editorial l'Espresso group since 1989. The main private Italian radio station, it broadcasts all kinds of varieties, has a DeeJay Television television programme and television since 2009.

Very popular among young Italians, it is the symbol and embodiment of certain modernity, which perfectly represents the radio medium, but also the hits of the moment, as well as Italian classical music. In short, a real melting pot, which founds and builds the popularity of this station.

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Radio Capital and M2O

In the same Editorial group, Espresso, M2O and Radio Campus are included. The latter is a popular and private radio frequency, whose leader is Massimo Giannini since September 2018. Since then, the channel's editorial line has evolved considerably, leading to more information and analysis of Italian social facts.

M2O, for its part, is an Italian radio station whose programming is more focused on modern, contemporary, electronic, or house music, making it the first radio station. Created in 2002, this radio station, based in Rome, has also released CD compilations, so as to best transcribe the station's musical line. If we had to make a list of radios in Italy, listen to your radio, you'll probably find M2O!

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Radio Dimensione Suono, Italian Pop Music

In both digital and FM radio, Radio Dimensione Suono is one of the most popular radio stations in Italy. Created in 1976 by and directed by Eduardo Montefusco, the latter still runs the station. At its creation, it was the most listened frequency in Rome, the city where it was developed. It was renamed the Dimensione Suono Network and began to be broadcast nationally in the 1980s.

A private radio whose motto is 100% grandi successi ("100% great hits"), Radio Dimensione Suono is a private radio station that also supports humanitarian projects such as Save the Children and Exodus di Don Mazzi, and continues to be in the hearts of Italians, ranking again and again in the top 3 of citizens' favourite radios.

Its musical programming is mainly in the world of pop music, popular music itself, but also major Italian hits. It should also be noted that road network news is broadcast every 20 minutes, with horoscope and weather reports. Sports news is also present on the grid, which makes this radio frequency very accessible and resolutely complete.

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The History of radio in Italy is almost a hundred years old and is rich and diverse.

Founded on March 10, 1975 in the city of Milan by two couples of two younger brothers (Angelo and Rino Borra and Piero and Nino Cozzi), R101 is the eleventh favourite radio station of the Italians, which places it in a good position in terms of influence, information and music. This Italian radio station mainly broadcasts music, although some news and current affairs are also at the heart of the editorial line.

With retro and contemporary music, R101 satisfies the greatest number of people, with always quality programmes that keep the audience as loyal as possible. Among them, we could mention La Carica di 101, La ricarica di 101, Molto personale and Musicology as well as the Domenica degli Sportivi.

RAI Radio 1, The First Radio Station In Italy

Rai Radio 1 is the successor to Italy's first radio station, which began programming on 6 October 1924 in Rome. Still based in the Italian capital, Rai Radio 1 quickly became the first Italian general public radio station belonging to the RAI group (RAdiotélévision Italienne), its motto is "In diretta con l'informazione", or, in English: "Live with info".

Broadcast nationwide, by web radio or satellite, it is also available abroad and offers a very rich and varied programme. Indeed, Radio Rai 1 offers information, debates, culture, sports information, but also a dense and popular musical programme, which is particularly popular with Italian citizens today.

There are also Radio Rai 2 and Radio Rai 3, both belonging to the same group, and both are very popular as well. While Radio Rai 2, created in 1938, is a generalist and musical radio station whose motto is Tutta un'altra musica ("All other music"), Radio Rai 3 is a more classical frequency, developed in 1950, and whose motto Più di quanto immagini ("More than you can imagine") is telling!

Italy is a country rich in culture, popular and musical references. Radio, therefore, seems to be the type of media that brings all these values together in the most beautiful way possible and gives a picture of this beautiful country as complete as possible. Listening to the radio in Italy is like feeling the heartbeat of warm people, whose identity will never cease to amaze us! Ah, the radios of the world, the best trip ever!

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