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Do you want to learn Italian?

Our Italian tutors have loads of tips & tricks to help you learn Italian. Whether you are a beginner, a refresher or looking to prepare for professional exams, you will find the help you need here.

Superprof is the go to place for Italian teachers. Check out their profiles if you want to find Italian lessons near you or online.

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Private Italian Lessons

Have you always been interested in the Italian language and culture? Have your Italian language apps reached their learning limit?

Getting ready for a trip to Italy? Would you like to learn to speak Italian fluently?

You don’t need to join an Italian language school to speak Italian! You can learn at home thanks to Superprof.

Italian can be a difficult language to pronounce. This is why Italian classes are useful for learning to read and write Italian as well as learning to speak Italian with a perfect Italian accent.

There are tutors for all ages and levels; from beginners to advanced Italian lessons, tutorials for those in primary school, secondary school, or even university. Also lessons for those needing to brush up on their Italian or preparing for an official Italian exam.

Be it homework help, academic support, intensive classes, Italian work experience, or training, Italian lessons can focus on various topics: Italian grammar, conversation, culture and literature, exam preparation, reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Your tutor will be there to correct every spelling or grammar mistake (tense, vocabulary, verb conjugations etc.).

Our tutors will provide you with the right teaching materials, too!

Choosing Your Italian Tutor on Superprof

Our Italian tutors often have either studied Italian or are Italian natives and capable of effectively teaching you how to speak Italian.

Whether native Italians or bilinguals, there are plenty of tutors who have university degrees.

Lessons at home are an opportunity for you to learn more about Italian pronunciation and make regular progress.

Webcam tutorials are another interesting way to learn Italian with Superprof. With online tutors, you can work with a tutor from another town or even country if there are no Italian tutors near you.

You can choose a tutor based on their experience, their qualifications, the level they teach, their methodology, or their hourly rate.

Learn Italian, an International Language

Italian is an official language of the European Union, Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, the Vatican, Istria (Croatia), and is spoken by 61.7 million people.

There are a lot of Italian speakers in Malta, Albania, the US, Quebec, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya, Somalie, Japan, and Australia.

After Chinese, Italian is the second most lucrative language to speak when it comes to the highest-paid jobs in Britian.

With Italian being spoken in so many places around the world, learning to speak the language could be extremely beneficial to your career.