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Learn Italian in the United Kingdom

By Brentyn, published on 09/04/2019 Blog > Languages > Italian > Mastering the Italian Language in the UK’s Major Cities

“Italy will never be a normal country. Because Italy is Italy. If we were a normal country, we wouldn’t have Rome. We wouldn’t have Florence. We wouldn’t have the marvel that is Venice.” -Matteo Renzi

The glory of Italy cannot be described in mere words; the enduring ruins of Rome, the beautiful art in Florence, and the romantic gondola rides in Venice need to be experienced to be believed.

Citizens from all over the world have found inspiration in Italy, and UK residents are no different. While it is important to note that the UK has many enchanting sites, Italy is unique; a place that cannot be replaced or compared.

Therefore, without further ado, Superprof has identified the best language schools to learn Italian effectively in the UK’s major cities and researched the most highly recommended sites used to discover professional Italian tutors near you. 

Get ready for an Italian language learning ride citizens of London, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, and Birmingham!

Italian Lessons in London

making food in Tuscany A day spent cooking and eating lunch at a Tuscan farmhouse was ranked on Trip Advisor by international travellers in 2018 as the #1 experience in the world. (Source: pixabay)

London has been referred to as the most exciting, posh, trendy, innovative, touristic, economically-stable, historical, and photogenic city in the UK and the world. Therefore, it has attracted expats, travellers, and immigrants for decades.

The Italian influence in London can be thoroughly observed in the number of Italian eateries available, Italian products found in the markets, and the various Italian language courses taught by native speakers in the Greater London area. 

Therefore, without further ado, we will highlight the best language school offering Italian courses, and the most highly recommended website to find Italian tutors providing online or in person lessons in London.

Best Language School in London to Learn Italian

While there are many language institutes to choose from offering Italian language learning programmes, the following is the best London has to offer in terms of the courses provided, professionalism, and experience:

  • International House London: many Londoners recognise the International House as being one of the best language schools in the city. And with 50 years of experience and, according to recent estimates, over 8,000 students enrolled per year from over 150 countries, the International House is hugely experienced and qualified in offering language classes. Italian lessons are taught by qualified teachers to learners of all levels from beginners to advanced. New students can choose between group classes, one-to-one lessons, or in-company training. Check out their website to acquire more necessary information before enrolment.

Most Highly Recommended Online Resource to Find Italian Tutors in London

Homebodies rejoice!

The following is the best online resource to find professional Italian tutors in London who offer online classes or are willing to travel to your house to conduct lessons:

  • Tutorfair: having received a 4.58 out of 5-star rating from reviews and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy that offers students the chance to change tutors free of charge if they were unhappy with their first lesson, Tutorfair is a highly recommended site that connects tutors with interested students in a wide variety of academic disciplines. According to their website, 48 qualified Italian tutors are working in the London area that charge rates of £15-40 per hour depending on their expertise.

Italian Lessons in Glasgow

Glaswegians have been positively affected by the Italian influence like many other UK citizens, and some have considered the possibility of learning Italian to enjoy La Dolce Vita every day of the year.

Therefore, to meet the needs of curious Glaswegians, Superprof has spotted the most excellent language schools to study Italian and the best website to search for a qualified Italian instructor in the city of Glasgow.

The Ultimate Language Institute to Study Italian in Glasgow

Since Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland, there are many language schools where Italian can be acquired; however, the following is the best and most highly recommended:

  • Live Language: probably Glasgow’s most renowned language school offering courses to interested students in 17 foreign tongues such as Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, and Italian to name a few. The Italian language programme lasts 12 weeks with two hours of class per week. Courses are conducted in small groups with a maximum of 14 students. Check out the informative website to register online and learn more about course dates, prices and further course details.

Best Website to Find an Italian Instructor in Glasgow and its Surroundings

Mainly due to technological developments, how academic disciplines and foreign languages are taught has changed for the better. Studying to become fluent in Italian can now be done online via Skype with a tutor residing in another UK-based city.

To avoid discouragement from the overwhelming options available online, the following is the best online resource for Londoners seeking a private Italian tutor:

  • Tutorful: widely recognised by UK citizens as being the best tutoring site connect personal educators with interested learners. According to their website, there are currently 27 Italian tutors working in the Glasgow area. Many have repeat students and years of experience teaching Italian. Hourly rates range from £15-30. Take a glance at their website to find the best Italian for you!

Italian Lessons in Leeds

travelling through Italy Venice is the most romantic city in the world. (Source: pixabay)

Studying a foreign language means simultaneously learning more about the culture where the language is spoken. Learning Italian means loving food, art, architecture, and family; these aspects of Italian culture have inspired Loiners to acquire proficiency in Italian.

To encourage the aspirations of curious Loiners, Superprof has found a highly recommended language institute and an excellent website to hire Italian tutors both specialising in teaching students more about the Italian language and culture in Leeds.

Top Language School to Learn Italian in Leeds

There are many potential language schools to choose from in the city of Leeds that have highly recommended Italian programmes; however, the following is Superprof’s superior choice:

  • Leeds Beckett University: the part-time language courses at the Leeds Beckett University are located at the City Campus and the Headingley Campus and are open to all: undergraduates, postgraduates, staff members, and the general public. There are part-time courses available in ten foreign languages: Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. The Italian courses are offered to students of all learning levels, and learners studying at Leeds Beckett University have the possibility of using the award-winning library 24 hours a day! Check out their informative brochure to learn more about the course dates.

The Leading Website to Find an Italian Tutor in the City of Leeds

Attending evening language courses at a language institute is not for everyone. Many individuals, Loiners included, prefer the convenience of staying at home and hiring an online private tutor to acquire fluency in a foreign tongue.

The following is the best online resource to find an Italian tutor offering online or in-person classes in Leeds:

  • The Language Machine: boasting a 4.76 out of 5-star rating from the reviews of past students, The Language Machine is located near the city centre and specialises in connecting interested students with private language tutors online or in-person. Italian tutors conduct lessons at a time and place most convenient for the learner. Advantages of choosing The Language Machine include a free introductory lesson, pay as you go learning, tourist tuition, intensive training, and the ability to learn online. Check out their website to find out more about prices and contact information.

Italian Lessons in Manchester

Since the late 1800s, Mancunians have experienced Italian influence since Italians from the North and South of Italy immigrated to the area of Ancoats near the city centre of Manchester.

Therefore, for decades, citizens of Manchester have been inspired by the music, the food, the culture, and the language of Italy. 

For Mancunians wishing to acquire fluency in the beautiful Italian language, Superprof has found the best language school teaching Italian and the most helpful site connecting students with private Italian instructors in Manchester.

Best Academic Institute for Mancunians to Learn Italian

With many options to choose from, it’s sometimes tough to determine the best language school offering Italian programmes in the Manchester area. Nevertheless, we believe that Mancunians will be content studying Italian at the following academic institute:

  • Cactus Language School: the ten-week Italian course offered at the Manchester Cactus Language School is located in a well-equipped and spacious classroom on Newton Street near the Manchester Picadilly Train Station. The Italian programme comes highly recommended since all teachers are native speakers or have many years of experience conducting classes. Italian classes are held in small groups with other motivated students that make the learning experience enjoyable. Take a peek at their site to learn more about prices and enrolment dates.

The Most Noteworthy Website to Find Italian Tutors in Manchester

The benefits of hiring an Italian tutor to complete private classes are many: individualised classes, one-to-one attention, and personalised choice of location.

However, where does one find a private Italian tutor in Manchester? 

Since Italian tutors do not grow on trees it takes an effort to find one that suits your specific learning style; nevertheless, the experts at Superprof are confident that you will find the perfect Italian tutor on the following website:

  • Superprof: we know, we know, it’s our site but why would we recommend it if we didn’t think it was brilliant? There are currently 28 Italian tutors offering their services in the Greater Manchester area with prices starting at £9 per hour. Superprof’s Italian tutors are experienced instructors who conduct engaging and informative lessons. And, want to know the best part? The 1st lesson is entirely FREE!

Italian Lessons in Birmingham

a passion for Italy Italy is not just known for its stunning architecture; the beautiful beaches in the South take travellers breath away. (Source: pixabay)

After trips to Italy, many Brummies were captivated by everything Italian: the cars, the shoes, the leather bags, the gelato, the coffee, the pasta, the art, stop me, I could go on all day!

Cultured Brummies will be happy to find out that learning more about the Italian language and culture can be done without leaving the city of Birmingham.

But, where? 

There is no need to fret because Superprof has found the best language school to study Italian and the most highly recommended online resource to locate qualified Italian tutors in the city of Birmingham and its surroundings.

The Most Highly Recommended Language School in Birmingham to Learn Italian

Since we do not want to keep curious Brummies waiting, the following is the best language school in Birmingham offering Italian courses to students of all levels:

  • Brasshouse Languages: located at the library of Birmingham, Brasshouse Languages has been widely regarded as the largest adult education centre in the UK specialising in language courses and services. Classes are offered in over 30 modern languages by professionally trained or native speaking teachers. Their latest brochure highlights 16 different Italian programmes such as Beginners, Beginners Plus, Improvers, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Post Intermediate, and Advanced Conversation & Culture. The price for full classes ranges from £72-132. Take a glance at their website to learn essential information such as class times and enrolment dates.

The Top Website for Brummies to Find Italian Tutors

Brummies, are you ready to say Ciao to your new Italian tutor? Superprof has done their research to find the following website that features a great variety of qualified Italian instructors based in Birmingham:

  • Tutorful: this highly recommended website allows students to choose if they want to learn Italian with a tutor online or in-person. According to Tutorful’s website, there are currently five professional Italian tutors offering their services to students of all learning levels. Hourly rates range from £15-25 depending on the experience and previous training of the tutor. Remember that Tutorful has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy which means that you do not have to stick with the first tutor you choose if you are unhappy with classes; a learner can pick a new tutor free of charge! Check out their website to take a glance at the tutors’ profiles to find one that suits your learning needs.

Now you all know that mastering the art of the Italian language can be done in any major UK city at a language school or through the guidance of a professional Italian tutor. Get ready to say Ciao to La Dolce Vita UK-citizens!


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