“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” - Albert Einstein

A lot of employees regular think about quitting their jobs or finding a new career. Everyone has different dreams and aspirations and this could include changing where they work. However, it’s often harder than it sounds.

If you need help with this, why not get help from a career coach?

Whether you need help leading a project, making decisions, finding work, planning for retirement, image consulting, etc., you can find a career coach that specialises in exactly that.

Whether it’s through self-confidence, stress management, supervising, personal development, leadership, academic orientation, personal coaching, managing relationships, rational supervision, or systemic approaches, a career coach can use a variety of different approaches. No matter what your profession is, here’s how you can get help from them and the career services they offer.

In this article, we're going to have a look at who can benefit from career coaching, at which point in your career you should consider it, how career coaching agencies can help, and how you can benefit from private career coaching.

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Who Is Career Coaching For?

Career coaching isn’t a common vocation and a lot of employees may think that it’s not for them.

Where can you find career coaches for businesses?
Career coaches can help employees in businesses, too. (Source: StartupStockPhotos)

However, career coaching can help everyone, regardless of who they are or where they are in their careers.

So who is career coaching really for?

Find out more about career coaching in the UK.


Some businesses hire either individual career coaches or enlist the help of a career coaching agency.

A career coach can play an important role in improving staff cohesion, learn to listen, work in a group, or developing each employee’s skills. In this case, the business pays for the service.

Career coaches can help business owners themselves. The boss can learn how to manage a team, manage stress, learn leadership skills, listening, and any other skills to make them a better manager.


As an employee, you’re not obliged to wait until your boss calls in a career coach to help you. You can get a career coach to help you throughout your professional life. This could help you work your way up the ladder or change jobs altogether.

Whatever your goals are, this could help you. You’re under no obligation, in this case, to tell your boss that you’re getting career coaching. Similarly, coaches shouldn’t talk about it either. You could even get them to help you with applying to other jobs if you want.


Setting up your own business isn’t always the easiest thing in the world and getting help could be a great way to get your business off the ground. A career coach can highlight your skills and help you create your own business.

They can also put together a plan on how to get started.

Additionally, a career coach could teach you management skills for when you're running your own team of employees.


If you’re looking for work, a career coach could help you get going. Whether it’s creating a CV, an appraisal of your skills, promoting yourself as a potential employee, you don’t need to be employed to get the help of a career coach.

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When Should You Get Career Coaching in Leeds?

Whether it’s career development, self-confidence, getting a degree, evaluating your career, professional development, communication skills, time management, avoiding burnout, getting a qualification, academic orientation, there are plenty of worthwhile reasons for getting a career coach in Leeds.

How do you manage stress in the workplace?
Career coaches can help you manage stress. (Source: caio_triana)


Living in big cities isn’t always great. The lifestyle is often more stressful than it is in the country. In addition to your work, you need to deal with traffic, commuting, timetables, etc. Sometimes it can all get too much.

If you’re burnt out, a career coach can help you get back into the rhythm of things.

Before an Interview

Career coaching can also be useful if you want to attend an interview. Your coach can go through exercises to help you. This means that you’ll be ready for the big day.

Nobody want to show up to an interview unprepared, after all. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

When You’re Unemployed

If you have the means, getting in touch with a career coach could really help you restart your career. If you've just lost your job or left a job, now might be the best time to get in touch with a career coach.

At Secondary School

Choosing what to do at school isn’t easy, either. You may know exactly what you want to do but not have a clue of how to do it. A career coach could help you make the right choices to make your career dreams a reality.

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Career Coaching Agencies in Leeds

If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, you can get in touch with an agency. Most of these offer a number of services: individual coaching, business coaching, life coaching, etc.

What can a career coach teach you?
You can learn new skills with a career coach? (Source: Pexels)

Most career agencies will offer the following coaching services:

  • Help with a job search
  • Networking workshops
  • Career assessment and guidance
  • Career exploration
  • Career transition or a career change
  • Job search strategies
  • Executive coaching sessions
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile
  • Making career choices and achieving your professional goals
  • Creating a CV and writing a cover letter
  • Interview skills and interview preparation for a new job
  • Finding an internship
  • Interviewing techniques for an employer or recruiter hiring new staff
  • Mentoring you on your chosen career path

The rates for career coaching agencies aren’t often displayed on their sites. This is because each job is different and will often require a personalised quote. To find out the price or get a quote, you’ll need to get in touch with them.

You don’t have to go with an agency if you want career coaching. There are plenty of great career coaches who work independently. Just because they don’t work for a big company, it doesn’t mean they’re not as good.

They might do this alongside another job or full time. You can search for them online or through platforms such as Superprof.

The advantage of working with an independent career coach is that you’ll know that you’re getting a tailored service right from the start. You can choose the career coach that works for you. Some coaches are better suited for interview prep whereas others may specialise in leadership skills, for example.

In terms of rates, the average cost of career coaching in Leeds is £33 per hour.

You could even get a career coach to train you in becoming one yourself. You’ll be able to get loads of information from your coach on how to become a coach, the training you’ll need, what the job’s like, how you can find work for agencies, or how to become a career coach who works for themselves.

You can also find online career coaches. Some sites offer virtual coaching for those that don’t want to travel. You can get career coaching lessons to help you see things more clearly.

Generally, these online courses are taught via PowerPoint or other online documents. That said, you can also get support over the phone or via emails.

Career coaching can be really useful for time management, organising work, improving your self-confidence, getting a degree, professional development, honing communication skills, etc.

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Why Get Career Coaching in Leeds?

Leeds is a big city with a lot of employment opportunities. However, you might feel a bit lost or not know where to go in your career.


How much does career coaching cost?
You can get career coaching in a lot of different places. (Source: 12019)

Whatever the situation, getting in touch with a career coach is a good idea. It could give your career a boost or motivate you once your motivation starts to dwindle.

You can also call a career coach to help you learn some new skills. This can help you to grow as an employee and get promoted.

Career coaching can be used to help you get organised, learn to speak in public, prepare an application, etc. The sessions will help you set and achieve various career goals.

You need to start by choosing the right coach or you may even think about becoming a coach yourself.

Whether it’s breathing exercises for managing stress, public speaking, conducting meetings, retraining, personality tests, building self-confidence, supervising projects, personal development, or leadership, take your time and work towards your career goals.

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