Although there is substantial cultural diversity in this city, unlike most other metropoli in the UK, Leeds is not well-known for being home to many immigrants. Nevertheless, there is evidence of the welcome Loiners project to newcomers.

The name ‘Loiner’, for those who do not know, what the people of Leeds call themselves.

It doesn’t take much effort to find various charitable ventures that teach English as a second language or free English lessons in colleges and language schools, throughout the city and in West Yorkshire.

With only pocket populations of Asian and Black – the last census reflected the overall population of native-born British to be just over 88%, one might wonder why people would choose to settle in Leeds.

Generally, the size of an ethnic community compels others to migrate because they are comforted to know that someone will speak their language, know their traditions and live their culture, at least, inasmuch as possible.

Here again, the numbers tell the story: immigration to the West Yorkshire area, especially Leeds, has nearly doubled from the 2001 census to the next.

Don't you wonder why?

Leeds’ private sector job growth has been the fastest and greatest in our country. Thus, it stands to reason that people looking for a chance to earn a decent living would head to where the jobs are.

And then, you have higher education.

For the international student seeking education in languages, cultural studies, architecture or design, Leeds Beckett University is a gateway to their future career aspirations.

On the other hand, for those wishing to study medicine or computer science, the University of Leeds provides everything from postgraduate and doctorate programs to housing in student dorms.

Are these reasons enough to expect an explosion of cultural and ethnic diversity in our region?

Obviously so, and now Superprof is going to do its part to outline resources that speakers of other languages might find useful in establishing themselves in Leeds.

Find an English course online with a private tutor.

ESOL Classes in a Language School

If you have young children, you might look for ESOL courses that provide a creche
Some ESOL courses in Leeds provide care for young children while their parent learn to speak English Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

Education House Leeds is not strictly a language school; rather, it is an international life training venture.

For those who wish to conduct business in the UK as well as those who hope to make a life here for themselves and their family, Education House stands at the ready.

Anyone hoping to gain residency in the UK must pass an intermediate level English language exam as well as one of two examinations: Life Skills, for those who will seek work, and Citizenship – a test for those who will eventually become British.

For migrants who already have a measure of English language skills, perhaps none of these might be much of a challenge.

However, for asylum seekers and refugees, people who have little knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary, these steps might seem like an insurmountable challenge.

That is why the ESL teachers at Education House focus especially on helping them acquire language skills and pass their immigration test.

To anyone for whom English is a foreign language, this school’s language teachers just may be their first link to their integrating into British society.

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Liberty English Language School

Most UK employers require that you provide proof of your ability as an English speaker. The best way to do so is by earning a high score on you IELTS exam.

There are two types of IELTS exams to choose from; IELTS Academic or General Training.

If indeed you are a non-native English speaker who speaks the language relatively well; so well, in fact, that you aim to sit IELTS so you can enrol in the University of Leeds or to find work, you might be interested in Liberty English courses.

They offer two tracks: a foundation IELTS masterclass and the masterclass itself.

The foundation course welcomes students whose band score measures in the 5-6 range, in groups of no more than 10.

Naturally, you don’t have to have a group of 10 people going to class with you; that is the maximum number of students allowed in each class.

Each term lasts eight weeks and you will spend 12 hours per week sharpening everything from your reading skills to your speaking skills.

Each term for this course costs £150; the total cost is £600. You will also have to buy your book separately; it costs around £45.

Once you have completed the foundation course, it is time to move up to the masterclass. You should have a band score of between 6 and 7.5 to keep up with this course.

It costs the same as the foundation course and the student group size will be the same but your term will only be seven weeks. After you have completed all of the terms, you will be ready to sit your life-changing IELTS exam.

What if you don’t have a band score or don’t speak English well enough to take this course?

This school also offers standard ESOL classes, free but for a £10 administration fee!

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Leeds ESOL courses focus more on adult education
Most of the ESOL courses in the Leeds area focus on adult learning Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Free ESOL Classes Throughout Leeds

For a region and city not considered a top destination for immigrants, Leeds sure offers a lot of free ESOL classes and events meant to develop conversational skills in English.

English 4 All

This venture is exclusively dedicated to teaching English as a second language through a variety of courses intended to make life easier for those whose native language is other than English.

Their courses and lesson plans reflect the breadth of knowledge one must have in order to function in British society:

  • Money Matters is a course for beginner English speakers; it details our currency and how to use it
  • Job Hunting Skills is for intermediate speakers; it drills on the English vocabulary as well as reading and writing skills necessary to find work
  • General English – intermediate and advanced: expand your knowledge of the English language through various learning activities
  • IELTS English: the English skills needed to score satisfactorily on this International English Language Exam

In addition to those, they host a 2-hour ESOL class every Saturday.

As with all of their other courses, you only need to turn up to be included in the lesson. Afterwards, you can stick around for coffee and conversation, and to make new friends.

All of English 4 All’s teachers are volunteers who have undergone a CELTA certification program and have long experience in language teaching.

No need to worry about missing out on any of these learning opportunities; in a moment you will see how to contact them and where to find them.

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English in the Community

This relatively new centre for English language learners holds classes every weekday except Thursday, from 10 in the morning until noon. You may also attend classes on Monday afternoons.

These is an entry-level English course that focuses on English pronunciation and communication skills.

As they are just starting out in the field of adult education, they do not have the reputation that other such courses have but they do have teachers of English who are patient and willing to help you learn the language of your new home.

In this table, we include their contact information, along with language instruction providers, to give you the most choice possible in selecting English classes.

Venture NameAddressPhone NumberWhat they teach
Leeds Refugee Forum Oatland Ln, Leeds LS7 1SP, UK0113 244 9600Conversational English
Leeds City College at Little London Community Centre Oatland Ln, Leeds LS7 1SP, UK0113 284 6290Beginner English
Leeds City College at South Gipton Children's CentreColdcotes Grove, Leeds LS9 6QJ0113 284 6290Adult English courses
children under 6 allowed
Flourishing Families LeedsRoom CL310, Calverley Building, Leeds Beckett University City Campus, Leeds LS2 3AX,0784 555 3010English for all levels; British culture
Woodhouse Community Centre197 Woodhouse Street, Leeds, LS6 2NY0113 245 9610Beginners and Intermediate English; conversational English
Harehills English Language Project St Aidan's Church, Roundhay Road,
Leeds LS8 5QD
0793 329 1416Beginner and intermediate English
Holborn Church62 Holborn Approach, Leeds, LS6 2PD0799 064 9149
0113 281 8608
Entry, Beginner's and Intermediate English
Liberty English Language School5, Bridge Street, Leeds, LS2 7QZ 0113 281 8608
0799 064 9149
IELTS foundation and masterclass (£600 each)
Free ESOL for different levels
English 4 All20 New Market St, Leeds LS1 6DG0785 030 7706ESOL + money
ESOL + job hunting
General ESOL courses; different levels
English in the Community Scargill Cl, Leeds LS9 7ES0790 863 1612Entry level English to Level 2/3

Would you believe that you could find a number of ESOL classes in Belfast?

ESOL Lessons Online with a Tutor

Many private tutors offer lessons via webcam
You might be more comfortable learning English with a private tutor online Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Far be it for us to suggest that every migrant is economically distressed and poorly educated. Quite the contrary!

The majority of people who make our Britain better are tech-savvy and often hold degrees from universities in their countries of origin.

It is this demographic, we intuit, that would most likely seek out online courses or, at least, resources to learn English online.

On the other hand, there could be people who have just landed in Leeds and, overwhelmed by the difference between their land and ours or, per their cultural mandate, keep themselves segregated.

How do migrants in Cardiff manage to find ESOL courses?

These English learners especially would benefit from an English tutor who has experience working with vulnerable groups.

Nobody knows that better than the folks at Leeds Asylum Support Network who, besides providing food and shelter to refugees, also visit them once in their own flat and teach them how to speak English.

Indeed, these one-to-one lessons may be just the lifeline that those whose lives are in turmoil need.

With gentle encouragement and professional instruction, they provide displaced persons the support and language skills they need to transition into their new life.

Others who have a fantastic track record of support and teaching language skills: Superprof ESOL tutors.

Superprof has over 60 such tutors in and around Leeds; some, like Joel, have years of experience teaching English as a second language.

Discover how many Superprof tutors give ESOL lessons in Manchester!

Others, like Evie, shares your experiences in coming to a new country and she knows all about second language acquisition; her native language is Polish.

As a substantial portion of immigrants to the UK come from Poland, you can imagine she would be pretty busy... but not too busy to have English lessons with you, if you too are from that country!

With all of the teaching talent and experience Superprof ESOL tutors have, you might wonder if it would cost dearly to have private lessons in English.

You might wonder what it costs to take English classes in Edinburgh...

No need to worry! The average rate for one hour is £17, and the best part is that you get to choose your teacher and he or she will teach you exactly as you need. They probably have all of the materials you need to learn, too.

Whether you would rather learn English online or with a personal tutor in your home, in a school or through the many free lessons on offer in Leeds, it is nice to know that you have choices... isn’t it?

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