The acronym ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages.

It implies that people looking for such lessons would have to be those whose native language is not English, which might seem very odd... but only if you think that everybody living in Greater Manchester must speak English by default.

Manchester is one of the biggest and greatest cities in Great Britain, a country whose principal language is English. It would, therefore, stand to reason that anyone native to that city must be an English speaker.

That statement is true but it does not consider that area’s demographics.

According to the latest census numbers, nearly 20% of Greater Manchester’s population hail from Asia alone; in fact, one third of this city’s population reported their origins as other than the UK.

Looking closer yet, there are other clues pointing to reasons why people would immigrate to Manchester:

  1. This city is the second-largest centre for digital and creative industries in the European Union
  2. Manchester is home to a younger population, the 21-35 age group being largest.
  3. Greater Manchester has shown steady economic growth of roughly 2% more than the national average for the last 10 years.

Having been made aware of these statistics, is it any wonder that young immigrants, possibly with families in tow, would seek their fortune in Manchester?

Now, let us factor in the thousands of international students who arrive each year for classes at the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan.

Wouldn’t those students look for ESOL lessons as well, if only to improve their English overall and get help with their academic writing?

Clearly, there is a need for ESL lessons in and around Manchester, and your Superprof is going to find the best ones for you.

ESOL Lessons with a Tutor

Not every migrant is devastatingly poor
Adult learners may find it easier to take lessons with a private tutor until they become more familiar with the city Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

While there is a substantial share of immigrants to Manchester who have fled terror and economic hardship, it would be a mistake to believe that every new arrival is in such dire straits.

Whereas it might be easy to imagine desperate people flooding into the area without a quid to their name, the numbers show that a substantial portion of new arrivals is financially prepared to make a life for themselves in our country.

International students would be an excellent case in point.

At the University of Manchester alone, school fees can run upwards of £20,000 for a degree programme and that doesn’t include textbooks and other study materials, living costs or housing.

And, as long as an international student has the means to earn a degree at one of our country’s finest universities, wouldn’t it stand to reason that s/he would also have a bit put by for language training?

Facilities like The ESOL Centre at 366B Dickinson Road cater to such individuals that might need a bit of help with their language acquisition.

121 Tutoring Solutions also stands ready to help with private lessons, planned around English learners’ needs and schedules. They are a bit closer to the centre of town, at 129 Deansgate, in Centurion House.

While these agencies are great – staffed with language teachers who have long experience in the classroom, they are not for everyone.

For those who would prefer to take language instruction in the comfort and safety of their home or those who would prefer to learn English online, private tutors would be the better option.

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Superprof Tutors: Language Teaching the Way You Need It

In a world where nothing is familiar – let alone the language, it might be difficult to find someone to teach you English language skills.

How will you know they are qualified to teach? How can you know how much experience they have?

Those are valid questions that Superprof can answer for you.

On every Superprof ESOL tutor’s page, you can see how much education and experience they have and whether they have CELTA or TEFL certification.

You can also see whether they would work with you online, in your home, and if they would be happy to teach English to a small group of people – that way, you can have your family or friends with you as you learn.

Superprof tutors are not very expensive; the average price for one hour is £18, and most Superprof ESOL tutors give you their first hour of lessons for free.

Maybe learning conversational English with a private Superprof tutor in your home would be the best way to start your new life. And then, after you feel a little more comfortable in your new city, you can take classes in a language school.

Superprof has ESL tutors everywhere in the UK!

You might be interested in taking ESL classes online
With a private tutor, you can take ESL classes online or in person... or both! Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Learn English in a Language School

For those who have just arrived in Manchester, it makes a lot of sense to feel completely lost; that is why hiring a private tutor for home lessons in English is a good idea.

However, once you start going out a little bit to see more of the city, it would then be sensible to look for language programs where you could meet other English language learners.

That is why taking classes in an ESOL school would be a great idea. After all, you didn’t plan to start life in a new country by hiding in your home, did you?

Of all the schools that offer English language training, Manchester CSE has the most inclusive learning programmes.

You might sign up for a Ladies Only course for cultural reasons or simply because you feel more comfortable there. Also, they are handicapped-accessible.

If you do not yet have a place to live when you arrive in Manchester, you might rent a room in their facilities or sign up for their homestay programme.

This school provides food, too! If you follow a special diet – vegetarian, Halal or Kosher, you only need to tell them; they will then prepare meals for you.

But what about learning?

What about learning English as a second language in Cardiff?

You may take classes in General English, Academic English, Business English or take classes to prepare for an exam such as IELTS or either of the Cambridge English exams.

Even better: you could choose to take classes part-time or full-time, during the day or in the evenings.

There is no need to worry about which English course you should take; when you enrol, you will meet with an advisor who will give you a test to see what level of English you have already reached.

You will then be assigned to the class and English teacher that best suits your needs. You might start in Basic English and learn reading and writing, and soon move on to higher levels.

Manchester CSE also has classes for young learners in the 16-18 age group.

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Language Courses at British Study

With summer holidays just around the corner, few school-aged students will be thinking of sitting in class but, if those students are immigrating to Manchester in the next month, in class is exactly where they belong!

British Study Centres hosts summer learning camps for those as young as 7 and up to 17 years of age.

If your young learner's interests lie in football, running or water sports, you can be sure that BSC has a learning program for him/her.

On the other hand, if long hours spent reading and drawing make your young learners happy, there are education programs meant for them, too.

British Study Centres is not only about teaching English as a second language to young students; they have plenty of adult education courses as well.

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Are you interested in going to university once you improve your English? If so, their University Pathways course is your best choice.

You can sign up for their International Foundation Year and, when you complete it, you will be guaranteed a place at one of the 16 Northern Consortium universities.

If you are looking for adult courses, you too are in luck!

BSC has classes in the morning and afternoon, and they also offer an intensive course learning if you need to learn English quickly.

You will have many choices and ways to study English as a foreign language with British Study Centres.

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You can sign your children up for summer programmes
Young learners' programmes provide a long list of learning activities Image by cherylt23 from Pixabay

Take ESOL Classes Through City of Sanctuary

City of Sanctuary defies definition. It is neither a charity nor a programme but a movement; an ethos that compels the best of humanity to extend a warm welcome and make resources available to those in need.

They work with all of the major refugee organisations to build a global network of sanctuary cities, towns, villages and regions.

It then stands to reason that they would have many resources at their disposal; they don’t simply say ‘welcome, feel safe!’ and leave people alone who are in need.

Unsurprisingly, their Manchester web page is full of helpful information – from where one can find English classes to getting the all-important SFA – the Skills Funding Agency eligibility.

If you need to find an ESL program to learn basic skills in English or whether you just need to become more proficient in English speaking, their long list of language learning outlets will surely have the English courses you need.

You might especially be interested in their Talk English language program. It is staffed by volunteer ESL teachers who are native speakers of English.

They work specifically with what is called ‘pre-entry’ level learners; this would be considered adult basic education.

By contrast, Edinburgh is not in this particular network of sanctuaries, but you can find many charities that teach English as a second language there.

Manchester is a city built by migrants.

It is perfectly reasonable – honourable, in fact, that Mancunians now reach their hands out to welcome newcomers and help them gain English proficiency.

With the wealth of language schools, online courses and native English speakers volunteering to teach English skills, ESL students are truly spoilt for choice in Manchester!

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