Today, there are a lot of different ways to learn Arabic, such as at one of the many universities or private language institutes around the world that offer Arabic courses and Arabic lessons for all levels.

Yet, traditional lessons can be quite heavy for language learners who are not big fans of learning things by heart!

In order to learn basic Arabic, an official language in 26 countries, Anglophones can choose to play educational games that allow them to regularly review the Arabic language while being entertained.

Becoming an English-Arabic bilingual is indeed particularly useful for traveling to North Africa to study abroad or trade with Arab countries. Why not find an approach that works for you?

Preparation for learning Arabic is necessary, and in this article you will find the best educational games that will teach you this rich language!

Board Games to Learn Arabic

Scrabble in Arabic

Here is a game you won't necessarily get to play during your Arabic tutoring lessons, but which will be fun to play with family and friends!

The game can be played to boost your Arabic vocabulary, and according to the players' Arabic level and age, the Ismaël language learners can find easy or difficult words.

Because this is an already popular game that in many English speaking households, it could get kids excited to learn the Arabic language. However, they would of course have to know the Arabic alphabet.

In addition to allowing children to revise their Arabic vocabulary, Scrabble will bring out their healthy competitive streak and have them strive to do better and learn faster. This is why it is so great for learning Arabic words!

educational learning arabic
Why not bring this classic household game into your homem, but in Arabic?

The game is simple and can be played anywhere. Scrabble can be used in family reunions, for example!

And although there is a difference between word and language learning, developing your vocabulary will give you one of the essential building blocks with which you can construct your Arabic learning.

5 Pillars Board Game - The Ultimate Islamic Board Game (Boxed Set)

With this game, young Arabic language students can play a game with an educational emphasis.

The objective of the game?

Memorize all of the pillars of Islam. Along the way, cite references from the Quran and Hadith for extra Merit Points so you learn more about Islam with every flip of the card. Play for a couple minutes or all night long, but for the best learning experience don't stop until you have conquered all the pillars of Islam!

Students who are learning Arabic to study the Quran can revise their verses, and also simultaneously work on their pronunciation in Arabic. Phonetics is useful in order to memorize Arabic characters from a very young age.

Arabic Alphabets Puzzle

Abjadiyya is a playful jigsaw puzzle that allows young students to progress in their learning of the Arabic alphabet. Teaching young children Arabic is very important and this activity is aimed at kids aged 5 and older, and can be played with between 2 and 10 players.

The goal of the game is to find the letter that follows or precedes a letter of the Arabic alphabet, but also to learn the different forms of the letters.

There are some great games to help you learn Arabic
Had you ever though of using games to help you learn the Quran?

Putting together the average puzzle takes about 4 hours. This is a jigsaw puzzle, which means it is a bit bigger and it will take you a bit longer. Eventually, you will be able to memorize the Arabic language. What's more, a puzzle is easily transportable: young students can therefore continue to revise the Arabic alphabet even during the school holidays!

Learn Arabic Online: Some Fun Websites


You can use the Speak website in English so don't be worried about not being able to understand anything from the outset.

By using your Facebook account you can log in to this language learning platform which will help you learn the Arabic alphabet in an enjoyable way.

An added bonus of this website is the ability to meet native Arabic speakers with whom you can practice and build your Arabic vocabulary.

It is designed for users of all ages and contains games and other fun activities to keep the learning process fun and engaging.


This website was one of the first to offer online learning tools for Arabic and focuses on learning and speaking the classical Arabic of the Quran, as well as Standard Egyptian Arabic.

Discover the wonderfully diverse Arabic culture
Learn Arabic online before you visit a souk

The classes on the platform are for students of all ages and abilities, from children to adults, beginners to advanced levels.

The quality of teaching is good given that all of the teachers are experts in the Egyptian dialect who hold qualifications in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

They offer personalized one-on-one classes and group classes, with the teaching being able to adapt their methods depending on the requirements of the class. aims to provide interactive classes with a native Arabic speaker. Classes focus on Arabic vocabulary, Arabic writing exercises, and conversational Arabic practice.

There are also listening activities and tests at the end of each lesson.

To access the wesbite, you need to create an account which you can do with the one that you have on Facebook. In a similar way to Facebook, you can add friends to a contact list and you can interact with other users.

Point are offered to show your progress and to push you on to keep learning.

Let your fears go when you are speaking Arabic
Little children will need to get over any shyness and let their voice be heard in order to learn the Arabic language!


This is a great linguistic exchange website which give you ample opportunity to speak to native Arabic speakers from across the Arab world.

You can search through the numerous users of the platform to find the one who suits your language needs, and with whom you want to talk to and practice.

Once again you will need a profile to use this website, and an email address for communication purposes.

Take advantage of this great website to speak to people whose mother tongue is Arabic. They can help you with everything from vocabulary to pronunciation, as well as answer any specific questions that the learner might have, whether it is regarding grammar, sentence structure, or even colloquial vocabulary.

There are even conversational chatrooms available which allow for group discussion.

Polyglot Club

Polyglot Club works by connecting users who want to learn a foreign language in a sort of language exchange arrangement.

It offers you the chance to communicate with users from across the world who are native speakers. They could be Lebanese, or from Egypt or any other country in North Africa or the Middle East.

It provides a great opportunity to practice with Arabic speakers, who share the same interest in learning languages as you do.

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What Are the Best Apps to Learn Arabic?


Mondly is available on Android and iOs, and is a very popular app which offers a variety of different languages.

This is an inclusive app for absolute everyone: "Beginners, children, or intermediate Arabic learners--whether you are in 5th, 6th, or 7th grade, a traveler, a man, a woman, the application can meet your needs."

You have to work hard to master Arabic pronunciation
Speaking exercises are always a very important part of learning Arabic!

There are many services offered by Mondy:

  • Speech recognition system in order to learn how to speak Arabic correctly,
  • Excellent audio quality,
  • Dubbing done by professionals,
  • Arabic expressions,
  • Arabic verb exercises,
  • Evolution statistics etc.
  • Courses around you

The creators have done a good job to tailor this app to  everybody's needs, regardless of age or level. If you want to learn Arabic fast, and if you want to use an app to do it, this is the one that allows the quickest progression.

Learn Arabic Language Guide

This app is one of the most highly rated around. It is praised for its usability and its effectiveness for learning Arabic autonomously.

It focuses on the fundamentals of Arabic and has an English to Arabic translation of some words and phrases. This has the benefit of making students acquainted with the Arabic alphabet and the Arabic script.

This is a great resource for any beginner who wants to learn Arabic.

50 Languages - Arabic Language

50 Languages is an app that you will find all over websites and blogs promoting the best apps to learn Arabic. Available on both Android and iOS, it introduces you to new words and phrases across a number of different subject areas, such as music, sports, every day life etc.

There are also audio files which you can download and listen to on the go without an internet connection.

It also contains help on improving your Arabic pronunciation, and by using it for only a couple of minutes each day, you will see a difference as you start learning Arabic.

So instead of a traditional language course, why not play educational games with the whole family, or delve into the modern technological world to find fun ways to learn Arabic. The days of boring language courses in a dark classroom are over!

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