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The average price of Arabic  lessons is £14.

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Learn Arabic with the help of native speakers

Are you looking to learn Arabic?

It’s an exciting linguistic goal that’s intriguing more and more people in the UK and all over the world. Arabic language is pretty much everywhere on the planet today, with several Arab countries experiencing a real economic boom. It’s a great ambition for future Arabic students, but how easy is it to become bilingual in Arabic? Of course, it’s possible to learn Arabic at your mosque, at university or at a specialised language school. But to learn to speak Arabic more quickly, you’ll need to turn to the unique environment of private lessons with an Arabic teacher at home!

Language learning: the importance of Arabic in our world

In national education, Arabic teaching is relatively rare and hard to come by compared to the more common language courses, such as French, Spanish, German and Italian, which play a larger part in school curriculum. Yet there are well over 2.5 million Arabic speakers within the UK itself, be they citizens or foreigners. So how do you go about learning Arabic or improving upon your existing skills? Naturally, we think that hiring an Arabic teacher is by far the best solution, as it’s ideal for learning literary or dialectical Arabic quickly and to a high level. Learning this ancient language will also help you discover the significance and cultural effect of Arabic language in the wider world.

Arabic: the sacred language of the Koran

Whether it’s through foreign travel, a language school or a private teacher, you can undoubtedly give yourself the chance to learn literary Arabic. This differs from Arabic dialects, which are a set of local derivatives of literary Arabic (Moroccan, Andalusian, Egyptian, Algerian, Tunisian etc.). Literary Arabic is characterised above all by its universality: it is a modern standard version of Arabic that brings together all the Arabic speakers in the world. We find that the earliest traces of literary Arabic date back to the 4th century BCE. As legend has it, the Prophet Muhammad used this language to collect the messages of God, transmitted by the Angel Gabriel. It is because of this narrative that the Arabic language, and by extension literary Arabic, is considered the sacred language of all Muslims, as well as the Koran. And Arabic is still an unbelievable influence today, which highlights the importance of learning the Arabic alphabet with the help of a qualified tutor adapted to your personal profile. Your tutor can also teach you to speak Arabic in private lessons, help you study Islam and the Koran, teach you specific regional dialects, as well as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing, and memorising vocabulary in order to interact with Arabic speakers.

Arabic is one of the most used languages in the world

It’s estimated that there are now nearly 300 million people worldwide whose mother tongue is Arabic. On the other hand, if we also count those who read Koranic Arabic, we reach the figure of 1 billion language users all over the world! With over 2.5 million UK speakers, it provides a planet-load of people to speak and practice Arabic with! This is partly why there’s a push to encourage the teaching of Arabic language and culture at school. But until this push comes to shove, finding an Arabic teacher at home or online is the best option. This will enable you to learn Arabic conjugation (verbs and tenses), written and oral communication, all levels of conversation, pronunciation, Arabic grammar and vocabulary, how to study the Koran, and a wealth of civilization and culture, too.

Learn Arabic to work with the Arab world

By finding a good professional language trainer when you’re at school, university, or even as a professional already, you could set your sights on working internationally in the future. With all these Arabic speakers spread all over the planet, it has never been easier or more important to set professional goals. There are many links between the UK and the Middle East…could you imagine yourself working with international leaders in the energy sector, for example? Why not focus your studies and private lessons to get yourself a degree in Arabic? Universities across the country offer outstanding Arabic language courses and additional classes, so why not start advanced studies with the help of a home or online tutor, and graduate with a prestigious qualification?

Private Arabic lessons for as little as £8 an hour!

Speaking Arabic is no easy task. For starters, the alphabet is totally different from ours, with 28 letters and a range of unfamiliar sounds. Each of these Arabic letters has three variations, depending on where the letter is in a word…and the pronunciation is pretty tough too! This is why we so strongly recommend private tutors – and with this type of teacher, you can also study religion if you wish. Ramadan, prayer, Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, the importance of Mecca, and the Koran are all key areas of knowledge that your Arabic teacher will be able to teach you. What’s more, you can get all this with a qualified, expert Arabic tutor for an average price of around £15 an hour across the UK. That’s an incredibly low price compared to other language courses and private lessons on the market!

Choose from nearly 700 Arabic teachers

Rather than going on a fully immersive language trip to study Arabic, we invite you to trust one of the 700 or so Arabic teachers who are now available on the Superprof platform. It’s important to at first acquire the basics in Arabic at home or online, such as understanding the differences between literary Arabic and Arabic dialect, using an Arabic dictionary and even acquiring an Arabic keyboard for your computer. You can start working on your pronunciation and accent and learning Arabic vocabulary. The goal? Becoming bilingual in Arabic as quickly as possible, of course! For this, it’s true that the unique dynamic of home classes is very effective for learning quickly. With tailor-made, personal classes, students can quickly progress in Arabic and achieve things that might have felt impossible at first.

Go the extra mile!

Superprof puts you in contact with competent and attentive Arabic language teachers, who will provide you with Arabic lessons adapted to your particular level. These Arabic tutors have the ambition to help you progress in a language that’s widely used in the Middle East and North Africa, and they can even introduce you to translation from Arabic into your native language. They are on hand to answer all your teaching requests, from the first steps of language learning to helping you with revision for an exam, and improving upon your pronunciation, syntax and grammar. This beautiful, ancient language is spoken today by more than 200 million people…and the best part? You can start learning today! Or, if you already speak some Arabic and want to improve your accent or advanced ability, have a look at our selection of tutors and see what might work for you.
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