"It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself." -Johann Sebastian Bach

The sound of scales and chords playing in harmony in an orchestra is music to our ears. Classical music is pleasing t0 listen to, but, as humans, we love variety in all shapes and forms, which most definitely includes distinct music genres. For instance, rap, R&B, pop, jazz, opera, country, and folk are just some of the music styles that we deeply appreciate listening to regularly.

It is no surprise that musical sounds bring people together and break down boundaries when words cannot be spoken. It is important to state that some individuals are so taken by the sounds of their favourite songs that they may decide to learn a musical instrument at school or on their own time.

While countless musical instruments can be learned, some are easier to acquire than others. Therefore, in today's article, we shall examine the most relatively simple musical instruments for practitioners of all ages without further delay.

Since the popularity of specific musical instruments differs from one region to the next, it is quite complex to state that one instrument is more popular than all the others combined.

For instance, musical instrument popularity depends a lot on the culture and the means of a nation's citizens. For instance, developing continents such as South America, Africa, and Asia, there are folk instruments frequently played by millions of inhabitants in those countries and are more than standard instruments in developed lands. Why is that? In poorer countries, a lot of folklore instruments are made with domestic materials and can be fabricated for a low price.

the beauty of music
The captivating sounds of the violin make it an international favourite. (Source: Unsplash)

On the other hand, instruments such as a good quality acoustic guitar, a baby grand piano, or a cello are popular in developed countries for various reasons. Still, some of them are more available in wealthy lands and are much more expensive to purchase.

No matter where a person is from or their financial situation, music has a way to transcend all barriers and make us believe that the unexpected is possible.

While it is worth mentioning that the previously mentioned factors are true, some mainstay instruments receive acclaim and attention no matter which continent you live on. Such as? The following are the most popular instruments to play:

  • Piano: with millions of people learning how to play the piano around the world, it has been ranked by many serious and trustworthy outlets as the most popular musical instrument,
  • Keyboard: when it is impossible to purchase a grand or baby grand piano, that doesn't stop aspiring musicians from learning piano keys and making melodies on the keyboard. Keyboards are much more affordable, diverse, and space-saving than a "real" piano,
  • Acoustic Guitar: although played by bohos on the beach to make girls swoon for decades, the guitar is a dynamic instrument that has a very diverse following that may include rock stars, mothers, children, and even grandparents. While not necessarily true if you purchase a Fender or a Gibson, standard guitars are very affordable in developing countries,
  • Drums: probably one of the loudest and least portable instruments on the planet, the drums are fun and perfect for those who want to get a squeeze in a workout and learn an instrument simultaneously. In recent years, electric drum sets have gained in popularity because they are quieter and more portable,
  • Violin is recognized as one of the most important instruments in existence by various musical sources; the violin is essential through many different genres. It's a great instrument for kids to learn and has many different shapes and sizes,
  • Electric Guitar: quite different from acoustic, the electric guitar is very popular amongst young adults and teenagers who want to play some groovy tunes. Electric guitars are relatively affordable and can easily be transported around.

Of all the previously mentioned instruments that are most popular, which one interests you the most? Guitar? Piano? Violin? Whichever musical instrument you decide to learn how to play, we salute your decision! But, which instrument is the easiest to master? Keep on reading to find out more!

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The Most Straightforward Instruments to Learn for Beginners

jamming along
The bongos are relatively simple to master and help springboard players to successfully play other percussion instruments. (Source: Unsplash)

While a musical instrument may be popular and boast many international players, that does not necessarily mean that it is simple and straightforward to learn.

For instance, in the previously subheading, we mentioned that the violin and drums are quite well-liked. Nonetheless, it is worth stating that these two instruments are by no means easy to grasp. Years of practice and acquisition from a young age is suggested to play the violin masterfully. As for the drums? While it may look like drum players bang away without any practice, successfully playing the drums requires many rhythms and intricate precision.

So, what are the most straightforward instruments to learn for a child, adolescent, or adult beginner? Without delaying the matter any further, the following are the easiest instruments to master:

  • Ukulele: having become extremely popular in recent years amongst hipsters, the ukulele boasts a charming sound. It has been proven to be one of the easiest instruments to learn for adults and senior citizens. There are several different sizes of ukuleles, such as the soprano, tenor, and concert ukulele. Having four strings and looking very similar to the guitar, the ukulele is different in size from the guitar, making it more practical to carry around and doesn't hurt the fingertips as much when playing. Practitioners of the ukulele can easily learn and play a new song within a matter of weeks, or days if you're really committed.
  • Recorder: of all instruments to learn, the recorder is a standout. Taught by music teachers in the early years of primary school to children, the recorder is a simple instrument to grasp. The recorder is often taught to beginners to instil a musical foundation to help them learn future instruments such as the trumpet, the clarinet, or the flute since the finger placement is nearly identical. Recorders can be made either or plastic or wood, and they are a sheer joy to listen to when played well.
  • Harmonica: utilised in many distinct music genres such as jazz, country, the blues, rock, or folk, the harmonica is a wonderful little instrument that is quite simple to learn for adult beginners. Before playing the harmonica, there is practically no music theory to study, and from the beginning, you don't need to sound "in key." It's pretty hard to make a tune sound terrible on the harmonica! An added advantage of the harmonica is that they are extremely portable and only take up little space in your pocket.
  • Bongos: consisting of two conjoined drums, the bongos are a very ancient instrument with many reports claiming they originated in Cuba. The bongos feature a smaller drum with a higher tone and a larger drum with a lower tone. Bongos are easy to find in tourist shops when travelling the world and they can be made of various types of material. Playing the bongos paves the way for learners who want to learn about percussion instruments in the future.
  • Piano: the only instrument featured on both our lists of the most popular and easiest instrument to learn is the piano/keyboard. Although it is important to say that the piano is more complex than the four previously mentioned options, the only difficult part is that you must learn to coordinate both hands simultaneously. Other than that, the piano is simple because the notes are laid out in front of you, which is a luxury in comparison to other instruments, and it's almost impossible to make a piano key sound out of tune. Additionally, since the piano is so popular, you won't struggle to find learning materials making the entire experience a piece of cake!
the simplest and most popular
Not only is the piano one of the most popular instruments in the world, but it has also been proven by experts to be one of the most straightforward. (Source: Unsplash)

All of the previously mentioned instruments are affordable and widely available in online and in music shops in the UK. We strongly consider learning one of these instruments as part of the GCSE music curriculum.

In conclusion, it may seem that in today's article, we did not answer the question as to which is the easiest musical instrument to master. Why is that? When considering all of the factors such as availability and simplicity across all age groups, it becomes almost impossible to select one mere instrument. However, if there was no other option but only to select one instrument to claim the title of "World's Most Simple Musical Instrument to Learn" it would probably be the recorder.

We sincerely hope that reading about all of the instruments mentioned has inspired you to start the learning process of at least one of them; you won't regret the experience of learning a new instrument!

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