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Learn Arabic Online Free

By Ava, published on 14/05/2018 Blog > Languages > Arabic > Top 5 Learn Arabic Apps

When I was in my teens I became actively obsessed with travel, by 15, I had already visited 4 countries. Spain, France, Germany and Egypt. Before I started to travel I don’t think I truly understood how important it was to speak different languages.

I was already having French and Arabic lessons at school but my determination to engage in the actual language learning. Was sparked when I started to travel and got to see how useful language could be. I didn’t have a mobile phone nor any of the fancy learn Arabic apps that exist today. It was all pure classroom learning.

My favourite trip of the 4, was the summer spent travelling around Egypt, not because it was better than the others but because it was so completely different from anywhere I had ever been. Mosques rose up from the ground into the sky and historic architecture like the pyramids dominated city skylines.

Whenever I was out with my parents, I would listen to the common Arabic being spoken by the locals and repeat after them, in a hope to use memorization as a learning tool. As my parents haggled for souvenirs, I would ask the shopkeeper, how to say different Arabic phases. I would chat with Arabic children and watch TV in the evening to learn how to speak using the official language.

This unconventional language training worked and after 2 weeks of travel through the region, I had built up on my knowledge learnt in the classroom and found it possible to communicate confidently as a beginner. I became my parents human Google translator, and although reading and writing was still a huge challenge for me. I could understand more or less what someone was saying when they spoke to me.

I didn’t focus on getting the correct pronunciation, on reading or writing, but on actively speaking common Arabic phases. I immersed myself in this foreign language never losing an opportunity to work on my proficiency. Being in Egypt taught me how to fully engage, It was a free lesson, but one of the first powerful lessons I had learnt in life. That the language learning experience is amplified by immersion, interaction and lots of practice. In 2 weeks I had learnt more than I had in 2 years of classroom study.

The value of the traditional classroom definitely works for some people but I wasn’t one of them, so I set out on a mission to find new, fun and interactive ways to learn languages.

Online language learning with free Arabic learning Apps It is the time of technology, now you can learn Arabic online. Source: Unsplash

Mobile Arabic Learning Apps

Arabic is an amazing language, but if you have no knowledge of it, it may appear to be challenging and intimidating to learn. Although travel is a very powerful way to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn languages. To actually learn to speak the Arabic language quickly, effectively and actively you don’t need to jet off to the Arab world.

We are now surrounded and integrated into to a world full technology, Wi-Fi, Fibre broadband, mobile phones, tablets and netbooks. They are our digital tools, which can make living our day to day lives easier and more convenient. Apps allow you to perform a specific task via your mobile and support your desire to do almost anything as long as you have Wi-Fi.

Apps give you the ability to manage your banking, read a book, communicate with people anywhere in the world or learn a new language. There are no restrictions on what is possible as long as the app is compatible with your phone and you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Learn Arabic online Language Apps are portable, so you can study anywhere. Source: Unsplash

Benefits Of Using Mobile Apps To Learn Arabic Online

Today we have access to hundreds of high-quality apps that can open us up to interesting, engaging and interactive ways of learning the Arabic language. Many of these apps can be downloaded online for free and are full of multimedia content that makes mastering a second language easy.

Mobile apps are excellent learning tools; we no longer need to exclusively use textbooks, memorization or time and location dependent classrooms. And gone are the days where you have to separate your experience of having fun and studying. Mobile apps are portable, ready to for you to use whenever you want to study and they are so much fun. They balance the power of supercharged interactive learning, and gaming.

The success of language learning apps is that they focus on making learning fun, accessible and convenient. We can integrate them into our lives as we choose to, using them as much or little as our schedule allows. Mobile apps also are full of intelligent technology which keeps track of your progress. Supporting you where you are struggling and challenging you enough to learn new vocabulary and grammar, when you are ready for it.

Portable and powerful language Apps Arabic lessons on the go. Source: Unsplash

Microlearning With Language Apps

If you want to learn to speak a language like Arabic you have to find the time to actually study. If your day is full of school or work, it can seem difficult to find the time to integrate your language learning into your routine.

But the power of Language learning apps is that you don’t have to commit to a standard or fixed study time, and they are perfectly suited to the concept of microlearning. Microlearning is effectively using your free time to study. Microlearning fits in between your commute to school or work, it fit in when you are waiting for a bus or train and it fits into the adverts that show in between your favourite show.

Microlearning takes just 5 – 15 minutes per session, and because it fits into the time when you would not be doing anything anyway, by the end of the day can find that you have studied your chosen language for at least 30minutes. 30 minutes a day of language learning is a perfect investment to get you on the path to learn to speak your new language.

If you can allow yourself to get into the habit of using micro learning there is never any pressure to try to find the time. The time is always available and ready for you, just open the app and complete a 5-minute exercise.

Which Are The Top 5 Apps For Learning Arabic Online?

There are some many apps to choose from that it can be overwhelming. When looking for the best app to learn Arabic we have you covered. We suggest you pick one or two apps from our list and get started on your Arabic language journey.

We have chosen the best apps based on their features and accessibility. They should also offer at least 3 of the below points to support your studying of the Arabic language.

  • Vocabulary practice and exercises
  • Grammar practice and exercises
  • Writing practice and exercises
  • Pronunciation practice and exercises
  • Multimedia content like Audio and Video
  • Deliver the content in a fun and engaging way

Our Top Picks For Arabic Language Apps

AppCompatible With
Cool Features
50 LanguagesAndroid and IOSWorks Offline has Audios and large lesson topicsFree
MemoriseAndroid and IOSUses memorisation techniquesFree
BravoLolAndroid and IOSTeaches the most common Arabic phrases & vocabulariesFree
HelloTalkAndroid and IOSInteract with native speakers anywhere in the world.Free
Rosetta StoneAndroid and IOSMulti-device access and TruAccent technologyFirst lesson free

*Free means that you have access to large bodies of content to get you started. Apps may add, in-app purchases or upgrades to access more advanced content.

The Top 5 Apps For Learning Arabic Online

  • 50 Languages

Android and IOS; Free

50 languages will help you, to learn to speak by using a wide range of topics. You can learn about music, sports, emotions, greetings and so on.  The app works offline and lets you take audios with you to listen to as you go about your day. It provides at least 100 lessons to give you beginner level knowledge of Arabic and lets you play fun games practice what you have learnt.

  • Memorise

Android and IOS; Free

Memorise is a friendly and simple app that uses the power of your ability to memorise things to teach you have to speak the language it is very thorough. Its interface begins slowly guiding you with simple introductions such as the alphabet, greetings and survival vocabulary. It uses a kind of fun and interactive flashcard based system. If you are interested in games then you can upgrade from the free version and enjoy this additional interaction.

  • BravoLol

Android and IOS; Free

BravoLol is a fun flashcard-based system that allows you to focus your learning on words that you want to discover. You can create your own flashcards, or use the ones already created in the app. It uses commonly used phrases to help you hit the ground running in your Arabic language learning. BravoLol has an interface that resembles Google Translate and it works offline, so you can access your phases anywhere and anytime.

  • HelloTalk

Android and IOS; Free

HelloTalk is a chat app that connects you with people who speak Arabic anywhere in the world. HelloTalk makes you into both the student and teacher, as it is purely a language exchange where you learn your chosen language and share your native language with your partner. The interface is similar to many of the most popular chat apps that we use with our friends and family every day. But it provides the extra tools which focus on correction and translation. HelloTalk makes direct learning fun, breaking down the barriers between languages and countries.

  • Rosetta Stone

Android and IOS; Free first lesson

Rosetta Stone is an award-winning software that has been running for over 25 years, they are very experienced at teaching Arabic. They give you access to your first lesson free, You can access your learning on multiple devices, They have audios which have the voices of native speakers, perfect your accent with their TruAccent technology, they additionally give you access to a huge library of multimedia content.

The Rosetta stone app is not free but they give you a very complete, unlimited and immersive Arabic learning experience.

You could certainly use these apps to supplement your learning in your Arabic classes London or anywhere else in the country!

Bonus Arabic Learning App (Coming Soon)

  • Duolingo

Android and IOS; Free first lesson

Duolingo does not yet give you access to learn Arabic but they are currently creating the content.  Duolingo teaches you with a game like content base, which is completely free, personalised to you and they offer rewards to keep you motivated.  Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps and I have no doubt that their online arabic course will be exceptional once completed.

While Arabic language learning apps are a great resource they are just one part of the language learning puzzle. Learning a language requires time, a variety of techniques and dedication on your part to be committed to your learning.

So what are you waiting for? Head over the app store right now and download your Arabic language app.

Watch Arab movies to improve in the language.

Listen to Arabic music too enhance language acquisition.


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