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Which Test Will Prove Your Spanish Level When it Comes to Your Employer?

From Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > How to Validate Your Spanish Knowledge in Order to Work in a Spanish Speaking Company
Do you want to validate your knowledge or skills in Spanish? Do you work or plan to work for a company working with Spanish-speaking countries or Spanish third parties? Are you finishing a continuing education in humanities in university and looking to boost your resume by highlighting your linguistic skills and professional command of the Spanish language?

Getting certified for your Spanish level is a tangible and measurable element for your company or future employer. The CELU test is brings you great recognition when it comes to all of the concerns listed above. For this reason and more, it is a good option if these are your goals.

After reading this article, you will know more about the CELU test and will be able to pass it in order to succeed in your field!

What is the CELU Test?

Argentina offers a certificate which is internationally acknowledged: CELU, Certificate of SpanishLanguage and Use. CELU is a proficiency test of Spanish as a foreign language. It can be taken by any foreigner whose mother tongue is not Spanish and who wants to prove his or her ability to use Spanish as a second language in working and academic contexts.

The CELU examination is officially acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina. The CELU tests your knowledge of Spanish in a professional context.

Any person whose mother language is not Spanish can take this exam. They must be at least 16 years of age and certify a minimum three years of high school education (EGB III according to the current educational system in Argentina, roughly someone who has just passed to the 12th grade in the American system).

job-interview There’s no two ways about it–a Spanish diploma in your pocket for a job interview is always a good thing!

Passing the exam fulfills the language requirements for studying or working in Argentina where knowledge of Spanish is a requirement.

Here is a chart from Wikipedia to explain how the test is divided up:

SectionSkillsTime AllowedActivity
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
3 hours
  • Listening to texts
  • Producing an essay aimed at an informal or a formal reader.
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
15 to 20 minutes
  • Reading short texts and discussing them
In the CELU exam candidates read and write texts belonging to different genres, listen to radio recordings and have a 15-minute interview with two teachers who assess their oral performance in Spanish. The whole exam is done in one day. Candidates will be able to understand the rubrics and texts in the examination regardless of the Spanish variety they may speak. It is a single examination, the level achieved will be granted and  certified according to each candidate’s performance.
The CELU certificate carries the candidate’s name, identity card number and nationality details, the date of the exam, the level achieved (Intermediate or Advanced) and a distinction among three assessment degrees in each level (Good, Very Good, Excellent). Certificates are signed by the President (Chancellor) of one the universities participating in the ELSE Consortium. Certificates are then sent to the Ministry of Education of Argentina where they be sealed and signed.
The exams are held regularly twice a year, in June and November, in all the universities which are part of the ELSE Consortium, in several venues in Brazil, in Paris, in Berlin and in Milan.
There are also special examination dates in the Argentine venues that apply for this.

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Why Should One Pass the CELU Exam?

The CELU test allows you to better understand your level, confirm your progress in Spanish, and point out the areas on which you will have to redouble your efforts to communicate and express yourself more fluidly.

The CELU test represents a strong and marked distinction on your resume. Indeed, the CELU test is one of the most distinguished tests because one takes it in Argentina, which is a Spanish-speaking country. This puts an employer at ease with your Spanish skills immediately.

resume-on-table Adding the CELU exam certification to your resume is a real plus for your resume!

The test is all the more important on a CV because it is completely reliable and given by a Spanish-speaking country.

In a company working with a Hispanic entity, this certification will look serious and could seriously up your chances on getting the job!

On the other hand, having a good score on the CELU test will give you professional credibility since you are adding new skills to your bow.

What Competences Are Tested?

The ELYTE test measures your abilities on two essential components of the Spanish language: oral and written. Or the basics of every Spanish course.

You will be teste on the following:

  • Your oral comprehension will be tested thanks to sound recordings that will present situations with a somewhat simle vocabulary. You will be judged on your ability to follow and understand a conversation or dialogue between people. On this part of the test, it will be important to pay attention to variables such as the Spanish words used and the pronunciation. Indeed, the Argentine accent is one to get used to.
  • Written comprehension is also evaluated. The degree of difficulty is often higher and the vocabulary even more technical, because you are allowed a document to help you. Contrary to what one might think, this part requires as much concentration as the oral part. Time management is also a major concern here. It will also be a question of challenging your Spanish language vocabulary and syntax skills. Knowing synonyms, antonyms, proverbs, and adjectives will allow you to bet on a high score.

Once you have obtained your score, the tested components will allow you to evaluate in which field you are most comfortable and in which field you will have to train and progress by taking tutoring lessons or online courses.

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Where Can One Take the CELU, and at What Cost?

blue-white-flag Venturing to Argentina could be the trip of a lifetime!

Going to Argentina means getting a plane ticket and hotel room, so you will have to calculate some extra costs when it comes to taking the CELU test. However, once there, the country is pretty inexpensive. The test itself costs 1000 USD and can be done in many cities including San Luis and Buenos Aires.

Exams are taken in June and November. Application is opened three months prior to the examination dates and remains open for about one month.

However–did you know you could also take the test in Asia, Europe, and Brazil?

To Practice

There are many tests online in order to evaluate your Spanish language level. It is possible to train for the CELU test by using some of these tests. The internet is wide with free resources, so don’t hesitate to type into Google what you are looking for!

To train for the CELU test, it is possible to take Spanish preparation classes with different agencies all over the USA. Linguistic schools are available in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and are open from Monday to Saturday.

If you go this route, you will have the opportunity to receive Spanish classes from a native or bilingual teacher.

This is a great asset because you will benefit from a real pedagogical approach. You will also have access to a large number of CELU test records to familiarize yourself with the test. Mock exams are also available online.

The real positive point of this approach is that it is guaranteed to raise your chances. Indeed, when you register with a linguistic school, you should set out to up your skills in the Spanish language.


argentine-news Feel like you’re more of an autodidact? Pick up a newspaper and read in Spanish! It can’t hurt.

If you are most adept with self-training, reading newspapers can be very effective, and so can literature (in the topics that you choose)

Let’s sum things up:

  • In addition to making you progress and improve your Spanish language skills, taking the CELU test is a great asset on your resume, especially if you work or want to work in a Hispanic environment or if you want work in South America.
  • Before starting the process, we advise you to test your skills to see if the test will bring you something you really need. Indeed, if you are a complete beginner, it may not be so useful.
  • The CELU test is, as we have seen, extremely comprehensive, sweeping the full spectrum of skills required to master a foreign language.

Whether you want to continue or improve your language skills or benefit from a higher employability rate, we highly recommend you to take the CELU test!


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