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How to Find Clients for Personal Training

By Crystal, published on 23/05/2018 Blog > Tutoring > Advice for Tutors > How to Get Clients as a Personal Trainer

After months of studies and specializations, you have achieved your goal and become a personal trainer, congratulations! But the adventure is now just beginning: it’s time to find new clients.

What are the solutions to jump-start your personal trainer business? Where to begin?

Traditional Solutions for Finding Students

Classified Ads

When you decide to start looking for a job as a personal trainer, you’re first thought might be to look at the classified ads.

Make an appointment in the town hall of your city, consult offers and job applications with government organizations, check out bulletin boards in gyms and health stores.

Then there is the Internet, of course, which, nowadays, is the ideal place for a fitness instructor and clients to find each other.

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Use the internet and social media to advertise your skills Use all the options available to advertise your personal training courses! (Source: Pixabay)

Learn how to fine-tune what you are offering, especially by finding a niche and specifying what are the specialities you can offer: is it fitness? Muscle building? Losing weight? Weightlifting?

Also consider, what age group do you want to teach?

There are specialists for seniors, youth, teenagers, pregnant women, toddlers and more. Is there an audience more likely to attend your classes?

Outline your fitness trainer rates: if it is an individual course (maximum 3 people), you can offer the same rate for everyone, but if you offer classes in a group (3 or more students), it is possible to offer decreasing rates if more people join.

You can also contact a journalist in your area (print or radio, or even local TV) to come and interview you about your coaching practice and what you are offering.

The more precise and consistent you are in your prices, as well as in your description, your future students will feel reassured because they will see that you are a professional and work in total transparency.

Whatever happens, always be available and accessible, and if possible, offer a first trial class for free so your clients can test out your work style, method and personality.

When choosing a fitness professional, it will often be a question of how well the client feels with you, and if the energy is not good, it is a safe bet that they will not come back (or even worse, they could give you bad publicity).

On the other hand, if the client feels satisfied with this first meeting, and what you offer fits what you advertised, they will often talk highly about you to their friends and co-workers. This is the benefit of word of mouth publicity, which positive information can be spread very quickly and generate the arrival of new students.

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College or university network

If you have completed your college training to obtain your diploma in personal training, you can get in touch with your former classmates as well as contact your former teachers.

In fact, parents who are looking for someone to help their idle children will often turn to teachers to see if they know anyone who could meet their expectations.

In terms of sports coaching, physical activities, fitness and muscle building, you can very well meet different specific requests.

Can you think of something unique to offer as a coach? Offer an original idea in sports coaching! (Source: Hawaiianpaddlesports)

New Opportunities to Find Students


At a time when everyone is connected 24/7 on their smartphone or tablet, how can we ignore the internet when we want to communicate a message?

So yes, an entrepreneurial personal trainer must learn how to market themselves and optimize their relationship and loyal customers by marketing online.

Your own website

An essential tool in this day and age, a website will showcase what you have to offer.

By creating your own website you can present:

  • An introduction of yourself, stating what your degrees are and what your experience is.
  • The type of coaching you offer, your specialities: muscle building, fitness and nutrition, well-being, to lose weight or get in shape, sports training, preparation for sports competitions, etc.
  • Services and prices: why not add a video presentation?
  • Your tips and tricks (which can be included in a blog which sets up regular encounters with Internet users): movements and basic positions, movements to avoid, nutritional advice.
  • Your potential partners (if you have any)
  • A contact page for all information.

Video channels like Youtube

Youtube channels have become an excellent tool for fitness professionals to communicate their passion and knowledge with internet users and get themselves out there and noticed.

Why not illustrate your expertise through one or more short clips in which you highlight different aspects of sports coaching in the form of online courses.

You can, for example, show exercises to build muscles, arms, thighs, back, glutes, while giving tips on how to avoid injury.

Each workout is like a regular meeting you have with those online and the more people who see you, the more potential clients there are.

Social networks

If you can build a positive reputation with those browsing the Internet, it is likely that they will talk about you, and will share your information on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Even for you, nothing prevents you from also creating a page specifically dedicated to your business, to share information and articles related to personal fitness training, and make it even easier for others to click and share when they see something they like.

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Create an online personal training website Create an online presence to meet new clients! (Source: Pixabay)

Of course, don’t forget to specify that you offer your knowledge and experience with in-home sports coaching or private group lessons.

The more you talk about what you do, the more you will illustrate your professionalism as a trainer, and the more likely it is that the information will be passed along and you will gain new students.

Don’t forget to get informed about personal training insurance before working with clients.

Organizations offering private lessons

At the start of your career, it is always difficult to find students, so why not go to professionals who will take care of the link between you and future students?

Offering group and private lessons within an association is a great way for clients to get to know you and they might seek you out on their own afterwards.

By registering on one of the sites offering to help others connect to personal trainers, you will first, show that you are a professional and secondly, multiply your chances of finding students without making a lot of effort.

Nutrition and exercise plan Help others by creating a personalized training program!

The purpose of registering with an association for trainers and tutors is to help you meet new students.

In general, these sites are very serious and scrupulous about the registration of their members, so you will need to discuss with them your ambitions, your expectations, and especially the prices that you intend to offer for your personal training courses.

After you’ve been accepted, the organization will put you in contact with students who are in your geographical area.

Then it will be up to you to offer the same high quality of service that you advertise on your profile and to create a positive link with your clients!

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Optimize Your Personal Trainer Image

Here are some tips to optimize your profile in order to attract new students to your coaching classes:

  • Highlight your strengths: skills, experiences, sports coaching specialities. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a student and ask yourself what could make the difference between you and a competitor.
  • Tell a story: being a personal trainer is not just about doing exercises, it’s also about building trust and openness between the teacher and the student. Show that you are attentive to the expectations of your students and the associations you work with, share your successes and favourite tips. This can allow you to maximize the price you ask for your training sessions…
  • Talk about the commitment you offer to your students: don’t speak in technical terms, just say what your sports coaching course can bring, what are the goals you can achieve together: weight loss, fitness tips, getting in shape, toning, muscle building, weightlifting, well-being, nutritional advice.
  • Add one or more photos of you in action: “a picture is worth a thousand words” says the saying, and it’s true that by illustrating your coaching activity, you will multiply by 10 the number of contacts who reach out, and, therefore, potential students.
  • Be careful when writing your ad: no errors in spelling or syntax will be allowed if you want to be taken seriously.

Several sites offer this type of services such as Superprof, FreeIndex, Indeed, TopLocalTrainer or the NPRT.

Participating in sports requires energy and passion. Sports activities and exercise requires motivation! (Source: Pixabay)

Finding students is not always easy, it is necessary to know precisely what you want to offer and can offer as a personal trainer, highlight your qualities, be dedicated and persevere, and surround yourself with professionals who can give good advice.

Then, if the work you offer is of a high standard, word of mouth will do the rest and those who appreciate you will talk about it to friends, which will bring in more students. You can build a successful personal training business, step by step.

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