“The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind.” - Maria Cristina Mena

A lot of people in the United Kingdom are interested in learning to play the piano or keyboard but are struggling to find the right way to do it.

After all, playing piano is a lot of fun. If you feel like learning to play piano, here’s some advice on getting private tutorials, finding a piano teacher, and becoming a great pianist!

Cost of Piano Lessons: What You Need to Take into Account

A lot of Brits enjoy playing the piano. With electronic pianos, grand pianos, and upright pianos, pianos are far more accessible than they were in the past.

Which are the best ways to learn to play the piano?
There are different ways to learn to play the piano. (Source: Sebastiano_Rizzardo)

There are electronic pianos for all budgets allowing any budding pianist to get started with beginner piano lessons.

In addition to buying the instrument itself, you also need to consider how much you’ll pay for learning how to play the piano.Piano lessons and music theory go hand-in-hand. Of course, you can find piano tutors who’d be happy to use piano tablature to teach you, but it’s far more common to learn how to read sheet music.

While some people get music lessons in school or at a dedicated music school, others prefer to learn about music from the comfort of their own home.

Private piano lessons allow you to go at your own pace without having to travel anywhere. This can be particularly useful if you have kids to look after at the same time. However, it’s much better to fully focus on playing the piano if you really want to progress.

The price of a piano lesson will vary according to a number of criteria.

In particular, the type of the lesson will change how much you pay for it. Private tutors often offer a variety of different types of lessons:

  • Weekly lessons
  • Intensive lessons
  • Occasional lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Etc.

Some tutors may charge a fee based on how far they need to travel in order to reach you.

To help you better understand how the price of private piano lessons can vary, here are a few of the criteria.

Piano Lessons: Price According to Location

You’ve probably seen a variety of rates depending on the town.

How much are piano lessons in London?
As with almost everything else, the cost of piano tutorials tend to be higher in London. (Source: Free-Photos)

For example, it tends to be more expensive in London than elsewhere in the UK. However, there are often far more tutors in the capital than in the countryside.

In London, the average cost of piano tutorials is £35 per hour. Of course, this will vary according to exactly where in London you live.

Other towns and cities around the UK tend to be cheaper than the capital. However, there are some that cost more.


Piano lessons tend to cost more (in London) than other musical instruments, too:

InstrumentAverage Cost
Acoustic Guitar£25
Electric Guitar£27

Of course, these are average rates and if you shop around, you’ll be able to find cheaper rates. You can also look around for piano lessons online, which you can get from tutors anywhere in the world!

The Private Piano Tutor’s Experience

However you look for your ideal tutor, you’ll surely come across several potential candidates.

What's the average price of a piano tutorial?
A piano tutor with years of experience will probably charge more than one who's just started. (Source: ArtsyBee)

Not every tutor has the same knowledge. Some have many more years of experience as music tutors than others who might be new to tutoring.

It doesn’t matter which instrument you’re learning to play (banjo, electric guitar, saxophone, cello, flute, etc.), there are various tutors available to teach you a variety of skills. Their experience and their qualifications if drastically affect the price.

A student who taught themselves to play probably won’t charge as much as a music tutor who formerly was educated at and taught in a prestigious music school.

Even just a few years of experience can change the rates of a private tutor by over £10 per hour.

So which type of piano tutor should you choose?

It completely depends on your expectations. If you want to become a professional piano player and start teaching others to play, you’ll probably want to opt for an experienced tutor.

On the other hand, if you just want to get into playing the piano for fun, an experienced piano tutor isn’t necessarily essential. You could benefit from a tutor who’s just starting out who charges less per hour.

The Price of Piano Tutorials by Level

The way the piano is taught will vary from student to student. It’s far more complicated teaching advanced techniques to experienced pianists than teaching a new student the basics. This means that lessons for beginners tend to be cheaper than those for advanced students.

Where can you find budget piano lessons?
You can find piano tutorials for almost any budget. (Source: kstuttard)

The higher a student’s level, the more time the tutor will also have to spend planning and preparing their tutorials. Prep and planning can affect the cost of a tutorial.

Starting to play the piano and learning about reading music also takes some time, but often less time than teaching a student how to play Beethoven’s Fifth in its entirety.

The style of music (be it chamber music, jazz piano, or classical, etc.) will also affect how much you’ll have to pay for the hour. There are certain styles that can be much harder to find tutors for.

Work out what your objectives are with the help of your potential tutor and explain your level so that you can be sure that you’ve picked the right tutor. If you’re a beginner, don’t forget to enjoy playing the piano! This is as important as putting the effort in.

Advice for Saving Money on Piano Tutorials

There are a lot of advantages to learning how to play the piano with a private tutor, including ways of saving money.

You could always get a group lesson to save money. Some piano tutors offer this option. The tutor goes to one student’s house where they’ll teach several students how to play the piano.

This might be the perfect solution for someone who doesn’t want to learn to play the piano on their own and could benefit from the motivation you can get from your friends. Group classes are also a good choice for families and friends who are looking to do something together. Of course, each student won't get as much time with their instructor as they would in a classical piano lesson as the instructor teaches all the students at once.

Getting a class as a group means that you’ll not pay as much each per hour whereas the tutor can earn more money for the hour. It’s a solution that works for everyone. The tutor benefits from teaching several students while only filling up one hour of his timetable.

Even if this means that the total is higher per hour, there are a lot of benefits for the students. You can also save money by learning the piano with online private tutorials. Your tutor can teach you how to play via webcam. You just need an internet connection.

This method allows you to save on travel costs for the tutorials without losing the benefits that you get when you learn piano with a private tutor.

If you hire a private tutor or music teacher on Superprof, there’s another way to save some money. Some of our tutors offer free piano lessons for the first hour of tuition so that students who want to learn to play the piano can see if learning piano is for them. This means you get to see if the tutor’s right for you before you hire them.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced piano player, you can work with a private tutor to create your own piano course. Whether you just want to focus on your piano playing, learn to read music or master sight reading, improve your rhythm, practise improvisation, or just do a bit of ear training, private tutors can help you learn the piano however you want. This is great for those with specific goals or awkward schedules.

Whether piano for beginners, lessons on the history of piano music, children’s piano lessons, or online piano lessons, the piano instruction is becoming increasingly accessible. By knowing what you're looking for and how much you'll be expected to pay for it, you'll find getting the right way to learn this magnificent instrument without wasting your time or breaking the bank!

Now you’re ready to become the next Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach!

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