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A statistical report on music indicates that 82% of people who have zero experience in any music instrument wished they had some. Interesting, isn’t it? Even people from other professions are thrilled when a piano player strikes a sweet-sounding chord and hope that they could play the instrument with such skill. Prowess and skillful playing never come without proper training and hours of daily practice, you know. Nothing comes easy.

The thing is, when an instrument is played with skill and prowess, there is an irresistible desire to want to learn to play too.

If you have a burning desire to learn to play the piano, and you are wondering which approach to take, you are home and dry. Taking online piano lessons is the newest way to learn piano. Well, the traditional method of learning from a physical could sound more appealing than the online mode. However, you are about to discover that learning piano online comes with more benefits than hiring a physical trainer.

Why do you need to learn the piano?

An interesting neuroscientific study shows that people who take piano lessons develop sharper brain skills than those who have no music experience. According to the study, children who have taken piano lessons consistently perform better in certain subjects than other kids. Also, adults who consistently take piano lessons stand a better chance to re-sharpen their skills than those who do not have any piano classes.

With such valuable information with you, taking a piano lesson should be next on your things-to-do list. What I’m saying is, you have every reason to want to learn the piano. You could pursue it as a hobby or to make a talent out of it. To others, it could be for professional reasons that you want to practice so that you can perform at an event – may be a wedding or some party – and get paid for it. Whatever the motivation you have, it is possible to start learning the piano.

Perhaps you are an adult, and you are among those that think, "I am already too old to take piano lessons, I cannot afford to hurt my painful joints” or “I tried piano while in grade school, and I failed terribly.”

 Whatever excuse you could have for not trying out piano lessons, the following three reasons could change your mind.

  1. Learning the piano could improve your joints' health.

Piano playing may not seem to be a rigorous exercise, but the movements involved do help to flex your joints and muscles. Your hands and fingers will be flexible and achieve high dexterity. While you engage your legs on the pedals, the movements will ease any discomfort on your legs, and arthritis will be a gone case.

  1. Minimize stress by playing piano

Scientifically, playing music is a proven way to prompt chemical tension reducers and deflect brainwaves to reduce stress. With minimized stress, you have lower chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

  1. Enhance your memory

Researchers have shown that when you actively engage your brain in mastering musical sounds and patterns on musical instruments like the piano, you improve your brain’s memory. Also, neuroplasticity – the way the brain adapts due to the mastered patterns when you practice an art consistently – is improved.

Why you should consider Online piano lessons

As we said, there are two major approaches to learning how to play the piano; the conventional one on one method and online tutoring. Physical tutoring is majorly on a personal basis, but it could involve a group of learners and one trainer.

On the other hand, online piano coaching is a personalized and often self-paced course. The only requirement is a laptop or desktop computer, and a stable internet connection, and of course, your piano. This method is gaining popularity among many piano enthusiasts because it is more user-focused than the traditional one. That said, let us dive directly into knowing the reasons that make learning online piano lessons worth considering.

  • Flexible schedule. Most online lessons are available 24/7, and this makes it is easy to create a plan that works for you. You can decide to take a lesson and postpone it to a later time whenever something comes up. Or you can make your lessons during lunch or coffee breaks in the middle of your squeezed time.
  • It is cheaper to learn online. With the online method, you do not spend time or fuel traveling around to and from the studio or class. Also, online courses usually require you to pay a one-time payment, and you're signed up to access unlimited learning sessions. A physical trainer could under-deliver and expect you to pay for it.
  • It saves time: Online piano lessons are often compressed to take a much shorter time than how long it would take with a physical trainer. With a physical trainer, time could be overstretched and could end up taking longer than expected. Online lessons take a self-paced approach, which is a preference for many people who do not have much time to spare.
  • Learn a different approach to playing: The best thing with online lessons is that you get to tap from the best teachers rather than learning from one person. At the end of it all, you get varied skills drawn from a pool of online teachers.
  • It is more fun and entertaining: learning piano used to take months or years for you to be a pro. Not so with online lessons; it takes some weeks to master your way to skillful play, and the whole process is done in a fun-filled and easy to grasp lessons.

Sign up for online piano lessons

Of all the musical instruments, the piano is the most sought after skill. Now you know the reason for that because we have seen the benefits that come along with the art.

There is no better time to sign up for an online class than now. If playing the piano has been your ambition, do not hesitate to get into our site and get started. We have a pool of famous piano teachers in the UK who are ready and willing to share their knowledge and skill with you as long as you are prepared and available. All you need is to spare time and sign up for our lessons and learn to play like a pro.

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