Tutoring usually takes place in the learner’s house but you can suggest new places for their tutorials, homework help, or academic support.

Why not have maths, algebra, and calculus tutorials, English tutorials, or guitar tutorials elsewhere?

You’ll see throughout this article that changing the learning environment can be beneficial for the students being tutored, tutors, and the tutorials themselves.

After reading this article, you’ll have new ideas for where to have your one on one tutorials away from schools and parents and I bet you’ll be itching to put them into practice.

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The Advantage of Doing Lessons Away from Home

As a private tutor, you are at your student’s service and you have to consider first how your tutoring services benefit your student and how they can best develop. This will feature heavily in the teaching approach that you’ll have to adopt. In-home & online tutoring jobs is, above all, tailored academic support and mentoring for the student.

For example, your student doesn’t work well in a traditional school system, they don’t seem interested in learning, they don’t like school, and they’re falling behind with their homework and in their classes. Have your academic support tutorials in an unusual place and come up with new study strategies to help the student reconnect with a desire to learn and progress in a given subject.

Now all you have to do is find students for your one to one tutorials and find tutoring jobs London and in the UK!

Of course, this isn’t a magic solution and you’ll still have a lot of hard work ahead of you. However, it’ll give your student a boost and show them that learning new things can be interesting!

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Where should I tutor?
Teach your student to let go and trust their own abilities!

So we’ve started with a rather extreme case, but it’s the same for “regular” students, too!
Taking your tutorials out of their usual place, whether you’re teaching primary, secondary, or even adults, can have many benefits:

  • Fun: at any age, learning is much easier when it’s “fun”. Whether you’re providing supplemental instruction, catch-up tutorials or guarantee academic success, you’ll change your methodology depending on the place you’ve chosen. This doesn’t mean teaching somewhere unusual just for the sake of it, you’ll have to teach somewhere the student will enjoy your tutorials and you can teach English online effectively!
  • Novelty: getting out of the usual routine of studying. This helps keep things new and refreshing. People tend to get bored quickly and taking the tutorials off the beaten track helps to renew a student’s interest and give them a new perspective.
  • Improved attention: this benefit comes from the previous advantage! If you bring something new to your tutorial, you also pique your student’s interest and they’ll pay more attention to everything you’re teaching them.
  • Use the unique features of the place: we’ll see which places can be used for private tutoring, but the main point is to always use the environment to benefit your student’s learning. This has to add something to your pedagogy. A new place can show your student that learning can take place anywhere and there are other ways to learn and they’re not necessarily boring.
  • Getting the Student’s Confidence Back: sometimes with their family, students tend to struggle with confidence and nerves. If the parents are always there or expect too much from their child, it can have a negative effect and completely hinder their progress. Getting out of this stressful environment can help them to get their confidence back. They’ll feel calmer and they’ll improve much more. You could also offer tailored private tutorials.

Hosting Private Lessons at Home

The usual place for private tutorials is usually the student’s home. However, you can also provide online tutoring.

This is a comforting place for most students. They know the environment, their things, and they have their routines.

We shouldn’t underestimate the home, it’s a place of retreat, where the heart is.

It’s also convenient for parents: you go directly to their house, you don’t need to organise where to take their child. You can just drop in when they’re not there, they don’t need military precision for their child to benefit from working with a maths tutor, algebra tutor, physics tutor, chemistry tutor, English tutor, or Spanish tutor.

On the other hand, sometimes private home tuition doesn't work well because of the environment: it’s too noisy, the parents are always there, you have to travel too far to get there, etc. Even the best tutors can't always work miracles!

In this case, you need to get creative and suggest new places that’ll help your tutee learn! Adaptability is a key for an educator, a teacher, or a tutor.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

Can You Give Private Lessons in your Loal Library?

Organise a real treasure hunt using all the materials available!

How do I organise games for one on one classes?
Organise a real treasure hunt using all the materials available!

Is there a better place to learn than a library?

It’s also exactly where you should be putting your well-written adverts for private tutorials so that students can find a tutor.

Long nights spent studying for university exams, doing test prep, completing an assignment, and all those special books you found hidden away on the bookshelves... Are you done reminiscing about your life as an undergrad?

You might also remember that  this isn’t a perfect place for lively discussions or heated debates. However, some libraries now feature places dedicated to that sort of exchange and are great places to hone your academic skills!

History tutors or geography tutors will find plenty of useful books and can set up their tutorials as a treasure hunt to find certain things in the books.

If your student needs to be calm to revise for an exam or do test preparation (GCSE, A Level, or college level entrance exams), it’s also a great idea.

The intellectual emulation emanating from a library can’t be found anywhere else and is ideal for serious and intense work!

Giving One on One Tutoring Outdoors

The outdoors is not just ideal for subjects like art and design. It also has proven benefits for students alertness and happiness as well as the teachers enthusiasm

When the good weather arrives, why not suggest having your normal hourly tutorials outdoors?

Can I tutor maths outdoors?
Could this be your new revision spot?

French tutors, biology tutors, or even philosophy tutors can make the most of sitting on the grass in a park in the sun! Both humanities tutors and science tutors can benefit from teaching their students in an engaging environment.

Finally, all you have to do is bring the materials: books, worksheets, pens, etc.

Make the most of the sun, vitamin D, and the benefits: a sunny disposition and reduced stress! It’s the perfect way to unwind before an exam!

If the key to success is relaxation before important deadlines, breathing in the fresh air could help!

When we say outdoor private tutorials, we don’t necessarily mean just outside, but rather in any unusual place!

Does your student need to study a particular period of history?
Why not suggest going to a particular museum exhibition on that particular time period?

Are you a maths tutor whose students need help with geometry, trigonometry, inscribed circles, and symmetry? Identify architecture that makes use of these themes (churches are a good example) and suggest a trip to the city with your student!

Another way of looking at maths that'll help your student to succeed!

This is what makes a tutor: knowing how to adapt to your environment!

Hosting Private Lessons in a Bar or Café

Some places are more suited to discussion and can be ideal for language tutorials (German tutorials, Arabic tutorials, Italian tutorials, French tutorials, etc.).

Can I teach Spanish in a café?
“What did you do last week?” is a great way to start an informal discussion in any language and teach a certain grammar point.

We’re speaking, of course, about cafés and their terraces when it's sunny.

Chatting in a foreign language and having a drink can help foster a relaxed environment, is ideal for relaxed discussions, and can aid comprehension. Are you paying attention, language tutors? This will help your student to progress more quickly and gain confidence in their abilities. This “relaxed” side is one of a private tutor’s best qualities, especially if you're an English tutor, French tutor, or Spanish tutor.

Are you doing a beginner’s language tutorial? The vocabulary could be all around the terrace of the café! Is there a real French café in the city centre? Take your student there and make them order their own drink in the language! Your students will be more motivated to improve and become bilingual in a more casual and fun environment where they can see the language they're learning being applied to real life situations!

In short:

  • Pique your student’s interest by suggesting interesting places. Novelty encourages learning!
  • The student’s house could serve as a “base” and still be used for more formal tutorials. Work with your student's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Libraries encourage study and improve study skills thanks to their studious environment.
  • Let your imagination run wild: parks, museums, cafés, etc. The tutor can suggest completely different and stimulating places to your student!

Don’t forget that unusual places need to stay unusual, and don’t overuse them or they’ll lose their charm and become no different to any other place. By keeping places unusual, you can pique your student’s interest and avoid the routine and boredom of their formal tutorials. Choose places that match your student's learning style.

Try it yourself! Tell us some of the unusual places you’ve held tutorials!

Do you know what qualities make a good in-home tutor?

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