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How to learn Spanish during your holidays?

From Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > Improve Your Spanish While Enjoying Your Summer

Summer is coming and you want sun, beach and chilling out?

You are not the only one.

For many of us, summer is the time we look forward to all year long.

Whether we are still studying or already working, we all dream of going to paradise destinations while drinking a cocktail, lying on a deckchair.

Don’t think about anything: a real happiness.

And what if summer was also the best time to progress in Spanish? Why not improving your Spanish while traveling? We tell you everything.

Progress in Spanish by traveling abroad

Are you still in university?

Whatever your level is, it’s the best time to go abroad.

Don’t worry: if you work, it is still possible to find interesting offers that will fit your schedule. And if you want to progress in Spanish, you are really lucky.

Indeed, many Hispanic countries are dream destinations.

Discover the language and the Spanish culture Perfect your Spanish on the coasts of the Costa Brava.

How to go to a Hispanic country?

To go to an Hispanic country, several choices are available to you:

  • Language holidays (for young people from 10 to 18 years old);
  • Language courses abroad (for students and adults);
  • Humanitarian work.

As you understand, depending on your age and whether you are a student or a professional, the formula differs.

The different linguistic stays to progress in Spanish

Regarding the linguistic holiday, first of all, it is possible for your children to go alone or with friends in a chosen country. Spain is obviously a popular destination. The important thing is to be able to immerse yourself in the language and the Hispanic culture.

In order to choose for the ideal holiday, start by choosing the best student cities in Spain that appeals to your children and the length of the stay.

You can easily find stays of one or more weeks depending on your budget and the desires of your children.

What is interesting about language holidays is the possibility to discover a culture by living directly with the family.

This kind of stay will not only allow you to make huge progress in your conversational abilities in the language, but also to get and understand the culture within the Spanish language. Knowing the culture is part of becoming bilingual. You really speak fluently a language when you understand its culture, and this doesn’t come with institutional Spanish lessons but with exchanges and discoverying a place and its cultural environment.

Improve your Spanish by talking with native speakers Speak Spanish with locals around an unusual meal.

Thus, your child is fully immersed in a Spanish environment. Of course, many fun, cultural and sports activities are put in place.

For language classes, you have even more options. Often in small groups to allow the teacher to follow all the students easily, you improve quickly.

What is good with language courses in summer is the fun side of these lessons that really contrasts with usual courses provided by the National Education throughout the year. Here, everything is done to allow you to learn while having fun.

Whether communicating between participants or discovering the culture of your country or host city: you have all the tools to immerse yourself totally in Spanish.

Many organizations offer you this opportunity at great rates.

Finally, know that it is also possible to engage in humanitarian and non profit organizations to feel useful during the time of your stay. Obviously, your trip will be a lot less relaxing than the other choices.

Yet, what a pleasure to feel useful and help people in need!

It’s also a great way to find yourself in direct contact with people from Spanish-speaking countries.

Which country to choose to learn Spanish?

If you want to go to a Spanish-speaking country, here are some ideas:

Get to know the culture and the Hispanic way of life Discover Catalan specialties on the Barcelona market.

  • Costa Rica;
  • Mexico;
  • Argentina;
  • Ecuador;
  • Chili.

The most difficult: chosing the destination to learn Spanish.

But nothing prevents you from reiterating this experience several years in a row.

Review your Spanish with summer courses

For many, the mere mention of the word “course” would scare them enough to just make them run away without even trying. It is true that we don’t want to study and read tons of books, once the holidays start.

Yet, think again: summer school is a long way from resembling the courses taught in your school with the classic Spanish programs. In a summer language school you do a lot more than learnig about conjugation and tenses.

Visit Spain to take Spanish summer classes

To start, you have the opportunity to take summer courses directly in Spain. We began to mention it in the previous paragraph, but without going into details.

Meet people and improve your conversational skills Combine your holidays and learning the Spanish language.

While exploring a little different websites, you can find very nice offers. Thus, you find intensive courses, private lessons or specific courses (for example, Spanish courses + dance or Spanish + cooking). Basic Spanish is easy to learn in dedicated language lessons. You learn in these courses to understand the language, its grammar and conjugation with a teacher who can really make you understand how the language works. It is essential to get the fundamental basis of a foreign language to be able to move forward in conversational skills and to be able to then understand its culture.

Many choices are available at very affordable rates. Take the time to discover the program.

Looking for a bit, we have, for example, found Spanish summer courses in Malaga with cultural and sports activities in the morning and lessons from 4pm to 7pm.

Many Spanish institutes open their doors in the summer.

So, no matter how old you are and how well you speak the language, you will find the appropriate courses.

Take Spanish Summer School in the USA

Obviously, if for one reason or another, you prefer to stay in the USA, it is also possible to find summer courses organized by cities or training centers.

For example, if you live in the Big Apple or nearby, you can easily find Spanish classes in New York City. You can choose between intensive courses, limited courses, intensive theater courses or courses to prepare an exam. These classes will give you the basics of Spanish grammar, conjugation and vocabulary that will allow you to adapt yourself easily in a more immersive Spanish experience.

No matter what is your level, here you will also find adapted courses. If you live in the countryside, it can be an opportunity to discover NYC or another big city where you’ll find language courses.

Obviously, for people who don’t live in NYC and don’t want to go there, it is possible to find Spanish summer courses all over the USA. Check with your town hall or training organizations near you.

Improve your Spanish by meeting people

To conclude, let’s put the classes aside. Summer and its pleasant temperatures, day and night, can, indeed, be the opportunity to meet surprising and friendly people. There is no most efficient way to become fluent than speaking every day and actively learn the language as it comes to you.

Whether it’s at a bar, a nightclub, an event or a party: in summer, we are more likely to meet new people. It’s a fact: the barbecue brings us closer to eachother.

To meet people, you have several options, depending on your ability to reach out to others.

Meet native speakers to improve your Spanish Talk to Spanish speakers at random!

Make random meetings to improve your Spanish.

If you are sociable and if you enjoy chatting with strangers, you will have no trouble meeting with Spanish speaking people to perfect you.

Whether you are staying in the USA or going on holiday to a Hispanic country, listen for a conversation in Spanish (obviously, it will be easier in an Hispanic country like Spain or Mexico than in the USA).

Then, you simply introduce yourself in by cleverly saying that you would like to improve your Spanish.

For those who are single: it’s also a good opportunity to test your new approach techniques.

Go on dating websites to meet Hispanophone people

You are the introvert type of person and have a little more trouble to address strangers, why not use special websites to meet people? It’s the perfect way to speak Spanish before the holidays!

There are all kinds of meeting websites, for all kind of reationships and people. These websites are not only made for romantic relationships, like they used to be.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you can still find a lot so no worries about that. But do you know that there are also sites for social meetings?

So, it’s out of the question to try to get more than friendship and go further with the person you’re meeting with. No! Here, you get in touch with people who want the same thing as you (an evenning at the theater or visiting a monument, for example).

All gathered around the same activity, it is easier to meet new people. It will give you the opportunity to discover and learn about both the people and the language without having the feeling of studying you actually learn to speak in a foreign language.

Moreover, many Hispanophones live in the USA. Try to find suitable activities for international social meetings. The more you communicate with people, the more you learn about Spanish grammar, culture and people.

Spanish pronunciation will also come easier and more naturally this way. In a way you get free Spanish lessons with actual Spanish teachers who will not put you in the position of a student. Learning a new language such as Spanish is easier when you get the chance to practice and imrpove your conversational skills.

Find a Spanish speaking correspondent

Finally, last option: find a Spanish speaking correspondent.

It’s a great way to practice Spanish. The person you will communicate with desires the same thing as you, you can establish a relationship of trust, even complicity, by exchanging e-mails. You can even enjoy a summer vacation to meet in person.

Why not invite him/her to your home or go see him/her in their city?

Thus, finding a correspondent is a great way to work your Spanish and improve your grammatical knowledge, your vocabulary and your abilities to express yourself in Spanish. Ask them to correct you if necessary.

Your correspondent will soon become more than a free teacher who can help you to learn the language. You can build a relationship through this very peculiar tutoring that will give you more than grammatical tools, but also a way to learn about the culture of your correspondent, espacially if Spanish is his/her a native language.

The more you communicate the more you extend the range of your discussion and your vocabulary in Spanish.

Practicing by communicating with a native speaker allows you to learn with proeficiency about the Spanish language and the culture of your correspondent.

Of course, this method is suitable for people who already have enough basic knowledge of the language to be understood. If you already have an intermediate Spanish level, this option is perfect to improve your language skills, especially your grammatical knowledge and your vocabulary.

In addition, it is always useful to know people all around the world.

Summer is definitely the perfect time to improve your Spanish. The sun and the heat are other natural msource of motivation to go out and meet new people.

Whether you’re staying in the USA or you’re going abroad for the holidays: all reasons are good to work on your Spanish.


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