"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you'll be doomed if you don't try." -Beverly Sills

Failure is crippling to dedicated students who have always tried their hardest to succeed. After unfavourable exam results, some students feel like their future goals are no longer feasible. But is that true? Does failing once make you always a failure? Absolutely, not!

While failing important exams is devastating, it is not the end of the world. Thankfully, we live in a world where almost nothing is impossible and second chances are readily available. So, that means that resits and retakes are possible to give secondary school students an opportunity at redemption.

Therefore, without further delay, in today's article, we shall examine what the primary reasons high schoolers in the UK decide to retake the GCSEs and where they can do it depending on where they live are. Are you ready to learn more about your second chance?

Reasons to Resit the GCSEs

Even the most diligent students have tough days and struggle with exams, and that is entirely understandable in today's age with so many extrinsic influences that make concentrating on academic information difficult. And, while the excuses of why you didn't do as well as you hoped on your GCSEs are lengthy, it's best to focus on the positive such as when you can retake your exams.

If you feel dense for having to retake certain GCSE subjects, remember that there are thousands of students across the UK that take part in GCSE resits every year; you're never alone!

a secure job
Many retake their GCSEs to get near-perfect marks to attend a prestigious university and land a high paying job. (Source: Unsplash)

The following are some of the most common reasons as to why secondary school students retake their GCSEs:

  • The U Grade: the greatest fear for most overachievers is to get a U grade result on their GCSEs. Whether you're in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, there is nothing worst than getting a U marks since it means that didn't pass. Therefore, the U grade is a primary reason as to why teens redo their GCSEs.
  • Higher Education: to be accepted, or even be considered, for higher education courses students need to boast exceptional GCSE grade results. For example, many of the top universities such as Oxford or Cambridge only accept applicants who have received A or 8-9 marks on all of their GCSE subjects, core and extra. So, if you got a four or C grade on a core subject such as maths and you want to have a shot at attending the Uni of your dreams, there is no other option but to retake the GCSEs.
  • Additional Career Opportunities: while many may think that the only grades that matter to launch a career are those received at Uni, that couldn't be farther from the truth. A sturdy academic foundation that makes you a force to be reckoned with starts in the last years of secondary school at Key Stage 4. So, even though many students may have gotten decent marks, they might want to resit the GCSEs to get near perfect scores to secure a prosperous career in the future.

It's important to mention that the reasons above are only a few of the many motives for retaking the GCSEs. To get the best advice about your situation and whether you should retake GCSE subjects, talk with a trusted academic instructor or hire a private tutor on Superprof that specialises in A-Levels and GCSEs.

Now that we've analysed the reasons to resist the GCSEs, many students pose the question, 'where can I resit the GCSEs near me?' Have no fear, Superprof is here to save the day and provide individuals with the necessary details of finding a place to retake the GCSEs. Keep on reading to find out more!

Finding a Place to Resit the GCSEs in the UK

We salute you on deciding to take the GCSEs for a second time to get better grades since it shows that you care about your future and value the importance of education; congrats!

However, it is essential to state that an effort by the student is required to consult with their educators and examination boards to determine when and where they can resit GCSE or A-Level subjects. Depending on where you live, urban or rural area, and the examination board that oversees your school, there are different time frames for redoing both core and additional GCSE subjects.

Also, it's worth stating that there are always more possibilities to retake the GCSEs at local schools or independent colleges in larger cities since it estimated that over 80% of citizens in the UK live in urban areas such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, etc.

And, while it comes as no surprise that in bigger cities there are many public schools and colleges in local neighbourhoods offering GCSE retakes, it sometimes takes a long time to wait for resits to be scheduled. And, even worse this year because of COVID-19 related delays. So, at Superprof, we've looked far and wide to find the best private education centres/exam schools in some of the most sprawling metropolises in the United Kingdom to take the GCSEs.

In London

GCSE options in London
There are various independent colleges in London to retake the GCSEs. (Source: Unsplash)

With the largest concentration of primary, secondary, and Uni students in the country, The Smoke has a lot of private education centres that offer eligible pupils the opportunity to retake GCSEs or A-Levels. Such as? Well, for example, a place that merits special attention is the ECL (Exam Centre London).

Approved by the JCQ and praised for its ability to offer all types of students affordable and recognised assessment retakes, the Exam Centre London is an excellent option for struggling students who need to get better GCSE grades. Located in East London, the ECL not only has subject retake exams for the GCSEs but also for A-Levels, the ACCA CBE, and AAT Exams, to name a few.

Additionally, The Exam Centre London works hard through private tuition and careful guidance to ensure that secondary school students are ready for their November resit.

In Birmingham

After London, comes Birmingham as the second-most populous city in the UK. And, since Birmingham is a bustling town with lots of promising opportunities, various education centres lookout for the needs of students.

Of all the options, the Birmingham Tuition Centre & Sixth Form located on Stratford Street is a brilliant option for high schoolers needing help to retake the GCSEs. The BTC helps hundreds of students each year to prepare for and sit their retakes through caring support and helpful suggestions.

Also, the BTC offers GCSE exam retakes in November and January for subjects such as maths, science, and English. Timeframes for resits much depend on the topic in question.

In Manchester

Famous for football clubs and world-renowned music groups, Manchester is a central education hub in the United Kingdom. Of all the private education centres offering GCSE help to pupils, Abbey College Manchester, which is celebrating 30 years of success, is worthy of a shoutout.

The small group classes that specialise in GCSE subjects consistently help high schoolers boast fantastic academic results. 

Also, the highly successful One Year GCSE Programme is brilliant for students who have recently taken the GCSEs and wish to retake subjects to get better results or have recently relocated to the Manchester area. Check out the Abbey College Manchester's GCSE retake programme to see if it's the right fit for you!

In Cardiff

For students living in Wales, Cardiff is the place to go to when searching for education centres to retake the GCSEs. Of the independent colleges and universities, Cardiff and Vale College offers the best possibilities to resit GCSE topics at a time most convenient for students.

GCSE topics from maths to Mandarin are provided to high schoolers, Uni students, or adults in the evenings to accommodate the work commitments and busy schedules of learners. We recommend taking a look at the Cardiff and Vale College's website to learn more about the start dates available.

Taking GCSE Subject Retakes Online

GCSE prep
A lot of GCSE prep before the retakes can be done online with a private tutor. (Source: Unsplash)

While taking the GCSE subject resits in-person is a brilliant option for those who live in or near major cities, what about the rural folk who don't have as many independent colleges near them? Online GCSE resits are the answer.

Taking GCSE topics online with a tutor to prepare for resits has dramatically grown in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020 and it seems to be working brilliantly for those who live in country areas with useful internet. It also appears that even people living in cities now prefer to take GCSE subject refresher classes online for public safety concerns.

Preparing online for retakes is suggested for those who have to balance their family life, career, and other responsibilities and need a flexible timeframe.

However, it's essential to state remedial support to prepare for GCSE retakes is widely available online, to do the retake, all interested individuals must wait for in-person resits in November or other months. You'll have to schedule your resit at one of the independent colleges mentioned previously in the article or at a nearby public school.

In conclusion, retaking the GCSEs doesn't have to be a soul-crushing experience when you know your motives, get helpful advice from education professionals and recognise where you can take your GCSE resits. Remember to prepare effectively and not stress out too much, and you'll do fine!

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