"Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; we should not distort it." -A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 

Learning more about scientific concepts can be an enriching experience.

Biology, chemistry, and physics can be studied during primary and secondary school or as part of further education at a qualified university.

Superprof will focus on the scientific discipline of physic and where it can be studied in the cities of London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Scientifically inclined citizens of the UK can rejoice in the number of courses available to study physics in a city near them. Are you ready to discover your options?

Check out where you can take physics courses.

Physics Courses in London

London is one of the significant educational hubs in Europe with various qualified universities offering courses and programmes to fit the academic needs of everyone. 

With an estimated population of over 8.7 million inhabitants, the Greater London area is filled with professional individuals holding prestigious degrees looking for work. Recent university graduates face fierce competition looking for work in London; only the most qualified get the best jobs.

It is important to state that some university degrees stand out more than others. For example, a physics degree is much welcomed in various fields of expertise since pupils who studied physics have honed their problem-solving skills; which is extremely useful in all workforces.

Therefore, without further ado, the following are the most highly recommended academic institutions in London to study physics at a university-level:

  • The School of Physics at the Queen Mary University of London: located in the GO Jones Building of the campus, the School of Physics and Astronomy has a fantastic reputation for excellence in research and teaching. Degree programmes are available at undergraduate, MSc and PhD levels for students looking to make a career as a physicist. Students reviewing physics at this university are regularly occupied with research seminars, meetings, workshops, social events, a peer mentoring scheme, and an active physics society. One of the best places in the UK to learn the fundamentals of physics while having fun!
  • King's College London: the physics department at King's College is situated on the Strand Campus in central London and is highly recommended for all pupils reviewing physics since the professors are experts in their field of scientific field of study. Students are also content with the variety of programmes offered such as undergraduate classes, postgraduate courses, and summer workshops. An interesting fact about the physics department at King's College is that 95% of research conducted has been classified as international quality.

While the two previously mentioned university programmes are brilliant options for those fresh out of secondary school, there are many professional tutors available to teach students of any age the fundamentals of physics. The following site is the best online resource to find private tutors offering physics lessons in London and its surroundings:

  • The Profs: an expert tutoring service that offers face-to-face physics tutoring classes in the London area and online academic support worldwide. The Profs is a highly recommended tutoring service that is currently recognised by The Telegraph and The Guardian. The expert tutors help all students with any questions or concerns they may have about the physical world. Acing a physics lab or examination has never been so possible with The Profs guiding you through every step!

Studying physics in London is hugely accessible for students of all ages and budgets.

Physics Courses in Leeds

happy day is graduation day
Happiness is graduating university with a physics degree in hand. (Source: pixabay)

Leeds is one of the UK's most important cities with over 2.6 million inhabitants living in the urban area.

Leeds has a significant economy with many diverse job opportunities. Therefore, the city of Leeds is a strategic location for immigrants looking for work and students seeking to further their education at a renowned university to be eligible for the best jobs.

Undergraduate students can choose to further their studies of various academic disciplines such as mathematics, languages, business, finance, commerce, chemistry and physics at a university level. 

Some of the most well-known universities in Leeds include the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds College of Music, and the University of Law.

Get some help if you need, hire a math and physics tutor.

If young Loiners are interested in a career as a physicist, the following academic institutes feature the best physics programmes in Leeds:

  • School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds: located in the Sir William Bragg Building on the University of Leeds campus, the School of Physics and Astronomy boasts a world-class physics department. According to the school's website, they have over 140 years experience teaching and researching concepts of the physical world. The staff features 60 teachers, and there are over 500 students from 30 countries around the globe that make up the current alumni. Educational programmes in the field of physics are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students,
  • Leeds City College: pupils who did not study the fundamentals of physics at a secondary school level and who now wish to acquire the basics can attend A-Level courses in physics at Leeds City College. The course is conducted on the Park Lane Campus near the city centre to equip students with a knowledge of physics topics such as atomic structure, radioactivity, vectors, forces, thermal physics, and gravity. Mathematical skills are worked on to create a firm foundation for future physical concepts.

It is important to note that higher education programmes are not the only way physics can be acquired in Leeds. Private tuition in physics from accredited tutors is a brilliant manner to learn concepts about the physical world. The following site is the best online resource to find physics tutors near you in Leeds:

  • First Tutors United Kingdom: the site claims to be the best place to find approved tutors in the West Yorkshire region. There are two pages of highly qualified private tutors specialising in the scientific discipline of physics. Prices for private classes range from about £15-40 hourly and all tutors boast glowing reviews from past alumni.

Loiners do not need to leave their quaint city to acquire the basics of physics at a higher education level.

Physics Courses in Birmingham

Birmingham is often known as the UK's second city for its large population of 3.7 million inhabitants living in the metropolitan area, a massive economy that was worth an approximate $122.1 billion in 2014, and the six major universities that make it a vital educational centre in the UK.

While Birmingham may never reach the high status of London, Brummies are very content knowing they are living in one of the most financially and educationally prosperous cities in England. 

A few of the six major universities in Birmingham include the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Aston University, and Newman University Birmingham. The concepts of various academic disciplines can be acquired at these universities in Birmingham.

Without further ado, since the purpose of this article is to mention the best places to attend physics courses in the UK, the following are the best institutes to study physics in Birmingham at a higher level:

  • School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham: boasting one of the best physics departments in the country, the School of Physics and Astronomy covers a wide variety of concepts from the physical world that are challenging yet rewarding for physics students. The 2018 National Student Survey came to the recent conclusion that over 91% of students were satisfied with what they were learning at this school that also boasts the #1 spot for graduate employability in all the UK; these reasons make attending the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham a brilliant choice that should not be delayed,
  • Newman University Birmingham: a subject enhancement course is offered at this school to have future physics teachers review the basic concepts before they start instructing others. The 12-week Sustain course and 8-week Refresh course improves the chances of employment for those who undergo these courses.

For individuals who need remedial help in physics or for those who want to acquire the fundamentals of physics at a later time in life, private tuition from a professional tutor is highly recommended. The following is the best website to find physics tutors working in Birmingham and its surroundings:

  • Tutor Hunt: a tremendous online resource that helps students connect with tutors near their place of residence. Tutor Hunt offers commission-free tutoring which allows for more competitive prices in comparison to other private tuition sites. According to the website, many qualified tutors are working in the Birmingham area with excellent reviews from past students. Hourly rates range from £20-60 greatly depending on the experience of the tutor.

Physics Courses in Manchester

learning more about physics
From the most basic to the most complex concepts, physics can be studied at university programmes all across the UK. (Source: pixabay)

Manchester is famed for its architecture, culture, football clubs, and world-class music exports. With a total population of over 3.2 million, Manchester is an important economic and educational centre in the UK that has a lot to offer to its citizens.

The leading universities in the city of Manchester are the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, RNCM, and The Manchester College. 

Students from any background, culture and country can study any academic discipline at a higher education level at one of the qualified educational institutes in Manchester.

Without further ado, the following are the most highly recommended physics programmes available at a university-level in Manchester:

  • The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester: an internationally renowned school that boasts amazing learning facilities. According to a 2018 report of Academic Ranking of World Universities, the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester is one of the highest ranked physics departments in the entire world. They are ranked 1st in Europe, and 9th worldwide in the academic study of physics. Students who decide to study at the physics department at the University of Manchester are in good company because of the 13 Nobel Prize laureates that have been directly associated with the school setting a precedent for excellence,
  • A-Levels Physics Qualification at the Manchester College: located at the Shena Simon Campus at Manchester College, this A-Level qualification is an excellent idea for students fresh out of secondary school looking to continue their journey of further education at a university level. This two-year part-time programme warmly welcomes 16-18 year-olds with the correct qualifications.

Since Manchester is a major city, there are alternative options to acquire a thorough knowledge of physics that do not include university programmes.

What are these learning alternatives? 

Private tuition with a qualified tutor in the comfort of your own home. The following is the best online resource to find physics tutors in the city of Manchester and its surroundings:

  • Superprof: a great online resource to find personal tutors. According to their website, a number of accredited physics tutors are currently working in the Manchester area with great reviews from past students. Nevertheless, if the tutors offering face-to-face classes in Manchester do not interest you, there are 328 online tutors to choose from working in other parts of the UK.

Physics Courses in Glasgow

becoming a better student of physics
Scotland is not just known for its Highlands; there are many renowned universities where any academic subject can be reviewed. (Source: pixabay)

Glasgow is a city worthy of visiting when travelling through the UK; it has a lot to offer tourists and residents.

In terms of education, Glasgow has been a Scottish educational hub for centuries. The University of Glasgow, which is the city's most recognisable educational centre, was established in 1451 and played a significant part in the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century.

Pupils can study many academic disciplines at various educational institutes. The following are the best places to study physics at a university or educational institute in Glasgow:

  • School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow: one of the highest rated physics programmes in the UK, the School of Physics and Astronomy offers many appealing programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates. Students at this academic institute learn more about how to use technology to research and discover new concepts about the physical world,
  • BSc Physics Degree at the University of Strathclyde: the University of Strathclyde is Glasgow's second oldest university in Glasgow and third largest university in Scotland in terms of the number of students. The four-year BSc Physics Degree covers a wide range of concepts and ideas from the physical world and helps students develop a firm foundation in mathematics.

The university programmes offered at Glasgow universities to study physics come highly recommended. Nevertheless, private tuition has become an increasingly popular solution for Glaswegians who want to review physics on their own time. The following is the best online resource to find physics tutors in Glasgow:

  • Tutorful: a fantastic online resource find accredited physics tutors working in the Glasgow area. According to the website, there are currently 35 physics tutors working in Glasgow and boasting spectacular reviews from past students. Book a class to start learning more about physics today!

Physics courses and programmes are available at prestigious academic institutes or through private tuition all across the United Kingdom. Becoming the next Einstein takes time, but discoveries from the physical world are worth the effort. Science lovers should take the plunge into the world of physics; its a choice you won't later regret!

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