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How much does a Spanish lesson cost?

From Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > Private Lessons: Cost of a Spanish Teacher

Como es su nivel de espanol? Que sabes de la lengua espanola?

Felicitación! If you can respond to these two questions in Spanish, you already possess basic Spanish knowledge. But, you may be interested in learning how to speak Spanish fluently?

With proper training and practice, you can even become bilingual in English and Spanish!

But how much does a Spanish class cost? It is expensive or financially accessible? How can you take a Spanish class? Are there ways to learn Spanish free of cost?

We at Superprof, a leading global reference for language learning (and all other subjects), are happy to offer you some pieces of advice to lower the cost of your Spanish course!

Private language lessons are among the cheapest!

The USA has a time-honored and close relationship with its Latin American neighbors to the south. Although separated by the sea, we still share a common heritage and history.

There are currently 41 million native Spanish speakers living in the USA today, and another 11.6 million people who are bilingual. So it will be very easy to find someone with which to have a Spanish conversation! And remember that the language of Cervantes is the second most widely spoken in the world today, with close to 400 million native speakers and 1,175 billion speakers across the planet, from Europe to South America.

Dancer Finding out that Spanish lessons can be inexpensive makes me want to dance! source: visualhunt.com

So if you want to become a part of this huge group, one fail-proof option is to take a Spanish class or home Spanish lesson. Through the help of Spanish tutors or private instructors of the Spanish language, you have the chance to improve rapidly to learn how to speak Spanish.

Remember, all of you aspiring Spanish speakers – whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate level student or a more advanced learner – can find courses throughout the year on Superprof to take you to your goal of Spanish fluency! Learning a second language has never been easier.

But because many of you are students and young, we realize that it’s important to discuss price. How much does a Spanish class cost? Is it worth looking into free Spanish lessons? What is the cost of a home lesson? Is this budget affordable?

The response to the last question is “yes.” It’s important to note that, in terms of private instruction, the “foreign language” category benefits from the lowest prices (contrary to sports training or SAT prep, for example).

Spanish class: financially accessible lessons for students

Are you a student? Interested in learning new language? Do you have South American or Spanish roots, but you’ve never mastered the language of your ancestors or relatives? Well it’s time to take matters into your own hands and start those Spanish lessons: online Spanish, language school, university or private lessons are some options waiting at your disposal…

Finding the right Spanish teacher is an intensive and efficient training method. This will allow you to access the Hispanic world, such as the culture of the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America or the history of Spain for example, while getting acquainted with conversational or spoken Spanish, reading comprehension, Spanish vocabulary, adjectives, grammar, tenses, daily phrases, conjugation, and writing.

To sum up, you’ll acquire linguistic abilities and so much more through Spanish classes!

business-smile Speaking Spanish: an accessible dream.

But as you might have guessed, all this does come at a price. And more so if your goal is scholarly or professional, or if you wish to learn Spanish to:

  • Take part in a study abroad trip to Europe or South America for total immersion
  • Earn a foreign language certificate, such as DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language)
  • Pass a standardized exam or a Spanish test and quizzes in your Spanish class
  • Improve your grades in your high school or university Spanish class
  • Travel to a Spanish speaking country for vacation
  • Move to Spain or South America to work, volunteer or for personal reasons
  • Understand Spanish literature and other cultural aspects

Each of these objectives takes us back to one major question: how can you study Spanish (from Spanish verbs and vocabulary to conjugation and comprehension) without bankrupting yourself? With a Spanish teacher for beginners, for adults or in evening classes?

Let’s start with Superprof and its prices for classes to learn Spanish.

Great news for you beginner Spanish students out there, because classes are as low $20 per hour on Superprof (and much lower for webcam based lessons)! So a pretty reasonable price for most budgets. This will allow you more options when choosing your Spanish teacher!

So set aside all those advertisements that offer “free Spanish classes,” “learn Spanish online,” and other express, “free lessons” methods to language learning that are often nothing more than mere gimmicks. With a home Spanish instructor, the results will be much better, for a price you can work with.

Spanish class: the price depends on the location

In addition to the already lower prices of language and Spanish classes, we’d like to point out to readers that it’s possible to further lower the cost of a Spanish lesson.


Note for instance that if you decide to learn Spanish with a Superprof instructor, you’ll benefit from two almost immediate cost reduction promotions.

learning Hire a private instructor! source: visual hunt

For starters, the first hour is almost always free! Indeed, a major percentage of Superprof teachers offer the first hour of their Spanish course for free to their students. Also, for a package of 10 hours of private instruction, most teachers also give a second cost reduction to students (about 15% on average).

When you begin to add all that up, you’ll finally have the inexpensive Spanish language class that you’ve dreamed of. But that’s not all.

Your place of residence will also be a deciding factor when it comes to the price of a Spanish language class.

If you live in a major city such as New York or Chicago, the cost is usually higher. But if you live outside of a city, you can often learn a new language for a lower cost.

An hourly price is higher according to the teacher’s experience

“Online Spanish”, “Free Spanish”: of course these methods allow you to learn to speak Spanish at lower costs. But these offers to teach Spanish free aren’t always efficient. You will learn Spanish fast if you work with an experienced Spanish teacher.

To lower the cost of your Spanish classes, here is something to take into account: the more experience and longer the reference list of your Spanish teacher, the higher his or her fees will be. It’s completely logical.

But how much teacher experience is necessary to Spanish learning?

What can a student or younger, less experienced teacher bring that a more established teacher in the national education system cannot?

Another approach and viewpoint to Spanish learning! Often young, these teaching apprentices can offer dynamic classes, which make learning Spanish words, grammar, conjugation and adjectives easier. Also, they are more like peers and colleagues than authority figures. So communication is likely to be easier!

Similarly, you might try joining a Spanish speaking club, for a true immersion experience (without having to live in Spain). Learn to speak with the help of your peers! This gives new meaning to free Spanish lessons.

Of course, it is up to you to choose your teacher to help you learn the Spanish basics. Do you prefer a Spanish teacher whose CV has a lot of qualifications and recommendations? Or do you prefer a student, a native speaker or a self-taught teacher? The cost and experience doesn’t always equal the innate quality of a teacher, whether he or she is a certified instructor or a native Spanish speaker who wants to earn money to study in the USA.

Spanish class: online or at-home?

How can you take Spanish lessons cheaply?

how to get students spanish tutoring Learn Spanish via Skype: a great low-cost method!

Here is our next and final piece of advice for lowering the costs of your future Spanish classes. We’re sure you’ve seen by now, on Superprof or elsewhere, that private instructors come in a range of profiles and approaches. Some teach Spanish online, others prefer particular learning supports such as textbooks or flashcards to help you with your Spanish words and phrases.

Some instructors will teach you in a public space, such as a library. Others will come all the way to your home to give you a Spanish lesson.

You can also learn Spanish online. This might be due to the fact that you don’t live in the same neighborhood, or even the same country! Or perhaps it is a result of both of your busy schedules.

And it is precisely in these cases that you will find inexpensive language courses to teach you the basics of Spanish grammar, the complexities of the Spanish verb and much more!

Distance learning, via webcam mainly, and on Skype, allows you to complete your Spanish exercises as you would in “in person” Spanish courses. You can start with the basics of the alphabet (Spanish i and Spanish a) and move on to conversing using intermediate Spanish phrases. We’d be lying if we said that it was the same thing as in person, but it’s pretty close!

Think of it as a personal Spanish audio component, perfect for working on your Spanish pronunciation!

You have to choose the right Spanish instructor to help you learn a second language. To do so, we recommend figuring out your expectations and communicate this clearly to your teacher candidates. Questions to discuss are your aims, his or her methodology, where you will be working, etc.

We applaud your aspiration to learn the Spanish language to become fluent. Once you have found the right teacher, he or she will prepare individualized classes to help you learn to speak Spanish. That might mean more focus on Spanish verbs or conversational Spanish, depending on the learner. You’ll go from being an absolute beginner to advanced Spanish in no time at all!


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