If you aren't confident trying to make homemade sushi rolls or you have attempted to make sushi at home and just want to better your technique, then you can sign up for sushi making classes near you.

You may be surprised to hear that the art of sushi making is a popular class all over the world, let alone the country, so you will be sure to find a sushi class or chef teacher near you if you are keen to start making sushi.

What are the Benefits of a Sushi Making Class?

Like with most culinary courses, a class can help you in numerous ways and teach you far more than you'd first expected.

For instance, being taught by a professional (whose office is the kitchen) means that you can get better acquainted with the space, the equipment and tools, the different ingredients , types of sushi roll and so on, gaining the confidence you need to be a good cook. You can be a part of a tutorial and ask questions at any point instead of trying to follow a recipe on paper or try to watch what a chef is doing in a cooking video.

We all think we know our own kitchens well, as they are an integral part of our houses, but sometimes we have things or food in our kitchens that we don't know how to use properly or that we have always used in the incorrect way... even if we don't like to admit it.

For example, do you know what each of the settings on your oven are for exactly? And do you really know what all of the different extension for your kitchen mixer do? We thought so... These are just a few examples of how you could possibly learn to use your kitchen in more productive, or even inventive, ways.

Aside from learning about the things around us, we can also learn a lot about the true nature of the cooking in question and where the recipes all started.

With sushi rolls, for example, you can benefit from learning about Japanese culture whilst being taught how to make one of their iconic dishes. Someone from a cooking school background or someone from Asia may be able to explain the traditions surrounding sushi rice, the history of it and much, much more to do with the Japanese way of life like how each piece should conventionally be eaten.

Sushi classes will help you to improve your skills in the kitchen.
You can benefit from a chef teaching you the basics of making sushi rolls. Photo credit: Sam Howzit on VisualHunt / CC BY

Where Can I Learn to Make Sushi?

Learn to make Sushi at home or with a cookery class / culinary school. Sushi making lessons can be bought as gift experiences at a range of London cookery schools (ie through Virgin Experience Days or on LastMinute).

However, if you really want to learn about the art of Sushi making from experts, you should pay to attend a class with a professional. High Street chain Yo Sushi! offers its own in-house classes at some restaurants, but here's a few independent establishments offering unique courses in your area.

Sushi Making classes London

Atsuko's Kitchen, Shoreditch

Sign up to the popular sessions at Atsuko's Kitchen in Shoreditch, London - believe us, even if you're on the outskirts of London then it's worth the journey into the centre! The class, which focuses on making Sushi making fun and simple, lasts 3 hours and costs just shy of £80.

London Cookery School, Islington

Why not give London Cookery School a try? During a 3-hour culinary school session you can learn how to make a variety of sushi.

Suitable for beginners, you can learn about the different types of sushi roll, including Hosomaki, Nigiri, con shaped Temaki and colourful ball shaped Temari Sushi!

But, above all, you will learn sushi rice cooking techniques, which are the best sushi grade fish, what equipment you will need and which ingredients. All of these basics you will be able to take away with you after the experience, along with the beautiful food you have made during class!


Head to London Islington for Sushi Classes.
The London Cookery School is located in Islington and offers Sushi Making Classes. Photo credit: Alastair Rae on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Sushi Making classes Birmingham

Harborne Food School

At Harborne Food School you can join a class which "provides you with the skills for making sushi at home."

During the session, Sachiko will explain to you to the key Japanese ingredients when making sushi rolls and will also describe her preferred choice of suppliers for the freshest and authentic ingredients. You will learn how to cook sushi rice and how to add the perfect amount of vinegar seasoning.

Focusing also on technique, the teacher will cover very important knife skills and will also discuss possible vegetarian options in terms of toppings to use. She will then, of course, show you how to roll your sushi rolls.

To end the session, you'll join the rest of the class in eating your freshly produced sushi and also take home another week's worth of Japanese food too!

Sushi Making classes Leeds


The establishment Issho,in Leeds, offers practical classes in the evenings around their open sushi counter. Here, the experienced chefs will share their knowledge of this Japanese delicacy, allowing you to make delicious snacks under their supervision.

Sessions run from 5 to 7 pm and cost £35 per person.

Sushi Making classes Manchester

Koi Kitchen

For some Manchester students, Koi Kitchen offers bespoke, private sushi making classes allowing pupils to learn how to make healthy sushi. The course attracts dozens of different internationals coming together to learn to make homemade sushi, no matter their cultural background or culinary experience.

The classes are usually held in the kitchens of meeting/lecture rooms at educational establishments, almost like a pop-up kitchen.

The sushi workshop is welcomed by the student community in Manchester and we bet you'd love to attend too so if you are a student then encourage your place of study to get involved!

Sushi Making classes Edinburgh


Restaurant Hakataya in Edinburgh's busy streets, runs a course on Sundays and every other Saturday for either one to one tuition or for group sessions. The classes are usually held at 11am, 11.30am or 12pm, but here's some more information for you from their website:

  • Private 1 to 1 lesson (£65 per person)
  • Private group lesson of more than 4people ( please email us for price)
  • Custom-made cooking class
  • Take your sushi home to treat family and friends
  • Lunch and Wine, Beer or Soft Drink
  • Class runs by our head chef

You can call the restaurant to arrange a large group booking.

Sushi Making classes Dublin

Banyi Japanese Dining

Here at Banyi Japanese Dining you can enjoy an evening of sushi making with the restaurant's expert sushi chef, whilst enjoying a 3-course Japanese menu.

Join a class at Banyi Japanese Dining in Dublin, Ireland.
Banyi Japanese Dining is located in Dublin and offers masterclasses in sushi making. Photo credit: infomatique on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

The culinary class will teach you how to make a sushi roll and will offer tips and tricks to take away with you back to your home kitchen.

The class is great for people wanting to master the art of sushi making, but what's better is the chance to also eat a wonderfully exotic meal at the same time. Heaven!

You can book your space online.

Make Sushi Rice at Home with a Sushi Making Kit

Not everybody has the time or the money to go to a cooking class to learn about making homemade sushi, but there other options available to you if that is the case. As we've mentioned already, you can find tonnes of YouTube clips or other culinary videos with sushi tutorials which can give you the basics you need to get started.

As well as watching videos order to self-teach yourself the art of sushi making, why not purchase a home sushi making kit which will equip you with pretty much all you need to start your culinary adventure? Even better, why not mix the two and use a sushi making kit along with an online tutorial and the instructions provided to get a well-rounded lesson in sushi making?

Contrary to belief, it doesn't take a dozen off years of experience to perfect making sushi rolls. If you have the patience and the eagerness to learn the proper methods then you will be a sushi chef in no time at all!

And if, later down the line, you find yourself in a position where you are still passionate about Japanese food and have the money to invest in learning more, then don't be afraid of signing up to a more advanced course which could teach you all sorts of fantastic dishes like miso soup or other Japanese based delicacies as well as the most challenging sushi rice snacks!

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