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The average price of Cooking  lessons is £10.

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The culinary arts

Gastronomy can become an intrinsic part of a country’s cultural heritage. First and foremost, because eating is a basic need, just like drinking water or sleeping. This is why, when we travel, typically the first contact we have with the country we have just arrived in is through its cuisine.

Naturally, when we think of travel, we immediately think of the train, the plane or even the car as being the main modes of transportation to get us to where we want to go.

In reality, though, you can also go on a culinary voyage thanks to your taste buds, without even leaving the comfort of your home!

This way, by tasting proper al dente paste or a traditional mozzarella pizza, you can discover Italian culinary art without ever having to set foot in Rome! Just like having some sushi can unveil the wonders of Japanese cuisine.

While the United Kingdom tends to get a bad rap when it comes to culinary tradition, British food prides itself in its diversity, and London hosts two of the world’s top ten restaurants. So, whether you’re a food lover (foodie) or not, one fact cannot be denied: British cuisine should not be overlooked.

Raymond Blanc, Michelin-starred French chef and restaurateur, and owner of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, admitted a couple of years ago that “Britain is leading the way in terms of food culture and sustainability.” World-renowned chefs like Tom Hunt, who works with local produce and food waste, Jamie Oliver, whose charming TV personality and dedication to providing a food education for children has captured the hearts of fans all over the world, and Heston Blumenthal, who has been awarded 6 Michelin stars thanks to his culinary innovation, convey the richness of British culinary tradition to the entire world.

The Brits’ love of food can be witnessed in the wide variety of names used to describe different meal times: breakfast, brekkie, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper…

Television shows, such as The Naked Chef, Masterchef, and The Great British Bake-Off have also helped propel British cuisine into the limelight.

Up until recently, traditional recipes were passed down from generation to generation and rarely went beyond the four walls that made up the main room of British households.

Today, the kitchen walls have fallen down.

Firstly, in the literal sense of the word, as the open style of American kitchens has influenced designers around the world, allowing hosts to share the joy of cooking along with their guests. But also in the figurative sense, with the development of blogs and social media that have made it easier to share recipes with people from all over. And that’s because cooking has the power to bring people together, despite the current complex economic and social context.

In this environment, cooking lessons have become increasingly popular, allowing more and more people to discover or rediscover this art that knows just how to put sharing at the heart of what we do.

Taking cooking classes

More and more people are putting on their aprons and choosing to take cooking classes with a personal chef.

In this period of economic and social uncertainty, going out to eat at a gourmet restaurant can actually turn out to be quite a luxury. Learning how to cook can thus become a perfect alternative to enjoy a delicious meal for a fraction of the cost!

A personal chef, or a true food enthusiast, that offers to give cooking lessons via Superprof can teach you how to combine different flavours to elevate your meals.

Personal cooking instructors can also show you how to cook different dishes, as well as how to master different chopping techniques.

With a cooking workshop, you can discover how to organise a top-notch dinner party, how to make your own pasta (from scratch!) or how to harvest your own ingredients. A personal chef can also provide students with simple tips for how to make a dish visually pleasing (on top of being perfectly delicious!).

A true foodie will also appreciate simply discovering new flavours and learning how to put them together.

Anyone who loves food will quickly recognise basil, rosemary, and coriander as flavourful additions to a wide variety of dishes. A lesser-known herb, though, the stinging nettle can actually be a great substitute for spinach, since the stinging elements in the plant are removed when cooked. And very few people know that.

The mung bean (also known as the green gram) is a plant that belongs to the legume family, and which isn’t necessarily well known by the general public either.

These original ingredients, as well as many others, can be discovered thanks to private cooking lessons.

During your classes, your instructor can also choose to revisit more traditional recipes, in order to make them a bit more surprising and fun.

For example, you may learn that adding apples to your sausage rolls can actually elevate this simple recipe into a sweet and savoury culinary wonder! Or maybe you’ll discover how you can eat cranachan year-round by learning how to make a cranachan raspberry cake.

It’s easy to lose creativity in the kitchen, and often we tend to buy the same ingredients over and over again and end up turning to the same tried and tested recipes.

This is why a cooking workshop can help change the way you cook and have a lasting effect on your culinary innovations!

A cooking workshop in your own home

On Superprof, you can easily find cooking lessons that can be entirely personalised in the comfort of your own home.

And lessons can also be offered to friends and family in the form of a gift voucher. For Christmas or a birthday, for example, gifting a cooking lesson can prove to be quite an original idea.

There are many different ways to learn how to cook via cooking lessons.

You can also organise a cooking workshop for a stag or hen party, for example, which can be a fun and creative way to share lasting memories with your loved ones.

Certain companies have started offering cooking lessons to their employees, as a unique bonding moment to engage and bring together different teams. This can be a great team-building exercise, allowing employees to express their creativity and develop a constructive rapport.

In the same way, taking cooking lessons with friends or family members can also prove to be a great opportunity to build memories while discovering new flavours together. All in all, a cooking workshop can be a great sensory experience, allowing everyone, young and old, to open up their taste buds and discover the world of food.

Nevertheless, personal cooking lessons can also be of use to those wishing to dedicate their professional lives to cooking.

Students who have integrated a cooking school or a hotel management school may be in need of extra classes to perfect their skills in the long run.

Cooking lessons can also further consolidate their learnings and help them build on what they’ve learned during their training.

For those of you looking to pursue a career in pastry, for example, you can look into taking baking lessons to perfect your tart-making and filo dough-making skills.

If your project is to open your own restaurant or become a head chef, getting hands-on and taking any opportunity you can to practice your technique can be an excellent way to add some experience to your CV.

Learning new skills by taking an oenology lesson and learning how to pair wines with different dishes, for example, understanding how to cook veal differently from beef, or being able to expertly add spices to different dishes, will also help you evolve as a chef.

The possibilities are endless!

In any event, cooking lessons are an excellent way to indulge and to develop your taste buds. Especially because they typically end with a quick tasting session to enjoy the class’s creations, a moment our true foodies will particularly enjoy.

A private instructor to discover the art of gastronomy

If you’re looking to take cooking lessons at home in order to take a stab at the culinary arts, you don’t necessarily have to buy a chef’s hat! All you really need is a desire to blow away your friends and family members, whether they’re true foodies or not.

What’s also important is that you choose a cooking instructor that’s best adapted to your needs and culinary preferences.

We have a vast database of personal cooking instructors at Superprof, whose profiles you can discover on our website.

You can, for example, find a tutor who’s specialised in Indian cooking, or a private chef whose experience is predominantly in haute cuisine, having carved a path for themselves in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Take your culinary skills a step further!

Do you dream of organising a lavish dinner at your place, but are afraid of not being a very good cook? Do your children prefer to eat at the cafeteria rather than at home? Do you know how to cook an egg without blowing up your kitchen?

You’re probably in desperate need of some private cooking lessons, then. We have a wide number of general cooking instructors, as well as chefs specialised in a country’s traditional cuisine: Greek cooking lessons, Spanish cooking lessons, French cooking lessons or Japanese cooking lessons.

You can also complement your cooking lessons with specialised courses, such as healthy eating lessons with a nutritionist or baking lessons with a true pastry chef.

You’ll also probably want to pair your homemade dishes with some good wine, and our private oenology tutors would be more than happy to explain how to identify different grape varieties and wine regions.

And, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, our specialised instructors can also teach you delicious recipes that comply with your dietary restrictions.

Start your culinary journey now and become the next top chef in no time!

Whether it’s casual dining, original recipes, pastry workshops, tapas lessons or traditional cooking classes, you’re sure to find the introductory course and chef that best fit your needs.

What do you want to learn?