Business Studies is an important course subject as it provides academic support to students who want to understand the way in which businesses operate in a dynamic, changing and competitive environment. It helps them develop a critical approach to their assessment topics by encouraging them to distinguish between fact and opinion, build arguments and make informed judgements before they head into their A Level qualification.

It also helps them develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in local, national and global contexts.

The world of Business doesn't just run from 9 to 5.
Qualifying in Business Studies doesn't mean you'll wind up doing a 0 to 5 job in the city. Photo on Visualhunt

So, in a world where innovation and knowledge of good business practices can take you far, then wouldn't you want to invest as much time and effort as possible in learning the foundations and acing your summer exam paper?

GCSE Business Studies is offered by a range of exam boards such as AQA and Edexcel, with each unit being very similar, and thus making them the same level of qualification.

In this text, we consider the best online class and student resources for GCSE Business Studies students in their first or final year on the AQA board or taking other UK papers like Edexcel. This will set them up for the type of assessment questions they can expect at the end of this unit and prepare them for their A Level year.

Opportunities with GCSE Business Studies

It's all very well choosing Business Studies because it seems a sensible choice for the future or because your teacher said to do so, and to get your head down at school to learn and get a good Business Studies GCSE pass result, but do you know what it is exactly that this study experience can offer you in the future? It's not all written in black and white, you know...

Revise anytime, anywhere with these great online resources.
Brush up on your Business Studies revision online. Photo on Visualhunt

Taking Business Studies at GCSE or iGCSE does not necessarily hand you a career in business, however, what it does is enables you to go on to study Business at A Level or even at university as a degree or masters with a basic qualification you can build on. It can also provide you with vital knowledge for heading into a profession - and understanding how businesses work is essential for any person working in any position whether a Director, support staff, a sole trader... everyone has to have an understanding of the working of the business they work for and how it operates.

The Business Studies course, specifically, relates the written learning content to real-life business examples to offer the most clarity. It also considers current management issues in the world of business (ie cybercrime, fraud, the economic state, etc...) and helps students to see how they operate amongst this, how they succeed, how they make their mark and also how they have to adapt to changing times.

Teachers of Business Studies will encourage their pupils to look at business issues from a range of perspectives, to reflect the multi-faceted set up of the organisation and all who make up the business.

They will raise awareness of the communication technology, functional processes and the importance of decision making on running a business.

All of these key pointers will not only help you to understand the ins and outs of businesses, but it could also offer you exclusive knowledge on how to start up your own business one day.

6 Great Online Resources for GCSE Business Studies Students

With so many websites on the internet offering students Business Studies resources, like accessing revision tools, past papers to download, added tips on how to get a top mark etc... the purpose of this blog post is to provide them with what we regard as the best resources available for those taking GSCE level Business Studies at school.

  1. Class Clips - Business Studies

    Class Clips – Business Studies is a site that provides an excellent set of videos that can be viewed via streaming in class, or via mobile when students or teachers are on the go, whichever year or unit they are studying currently (even when nearing the summer exam - it's never too late!). Therefore, this is a resource that applies to teachers, tutors and pupils themselves. Lasting an average of five minutes, each video contains advice on everything from business start-ups to how to adapt to the changing needs of markets. There are nine different categories to choose from, including Business Enterprise, Finance and Marketing and most videos are short, informative, and presented in a ‘news-like’ format. This makes this resource a fantastic one for revision as you can dip in and out and watch the videos gradually over time.

    Class Clips for Business Studies GCSE can now be found alongside the content at BBC Bitesize.

  2. Tutor2U

    Tutor2u is a vibrant teacher download website which truly keeps students and teachers up-to-date on the very latest events (conferences and workshops), focussing on correct exam and revision techniques for GCSE Business Studies exams. It is focused primarily on teachers, offering them a set of teaching resources to use within their classroom and to set as homework for a given topic. The site also contains handy resources, including online revision quizzes, study notes and activity suggestions for teachers, aimed at making classes more vibrant and engaging. That does not mean, however, that students alike can't take something away from the site. It really is worth spending a couple of hours to make the most of this resource, since it contains very specific answers to a host of important problems. One article, for instance, features advice on how to best tackle 9-mark questions, highlighting the typical traps students fall into and the importance of using exam time to truly answer the question being asked, instead of merely ‘dumping’ all the information one has learned onto the page.

    Tutors2U for GCSE Business Studies can be accessed here.

  3. is a site that provides interesting material and learning support for GCSE Business Studies, including information, activities and a well-documented financial database offering financial data from a range of UK and international companies. Teachers seeking to encourage group work (or students studying in groups) will find activities such as this one on Business Success and Failure, useful. The activity provides a question sheet which students are asked to fill out individually, then discuss with other students. Questions include, ‘Name three business that you believe are successful’ and ‘List four things that you think make the business you have identified successful’. The category of subjects covered is extensive and includes Accounting and Finance, Business Objectives and Strategy, Marketing and Production and Operations Management. This is a great resource for practising for the school assessment as it brings to life the reality of the business world, with relevant references and real-life stories.

  4. Revision World

    Revision World is a site which provides learning material for revision for assessments and exams to download given by the different boards (AQA GCSE Business Studies, Edexcel GCSE Business Studies, etc.). Important areas covered include Introduction to Small Business, Building a Business, Investigating Small Business, Business Communications, etc. The revision site is aimed directly at pupils, meaning that while teachers can use some of the content in their teaching of the curriculum, pupils can equally visit the site and find loads of resources that they can instantly get started on. Each category specifies the list of target concepts which need to be grasped by students, and upon registration (which is free), site users can print out revision pages, chapters and entire modules in a print-friendly format. They can also enter competitions, take part in student-centred discussions and download handy Powerpoint presentations, files and images. Much of this material will be useful in the creation of mind maps and other learning tools.

    Revision World for GCSE Business Studies can be accessed here.

  5. GCSE Bitesize

    GCSE Bitesize an excellent online site by the BBC that offers a plethora of information and handy resources to download, including video tips from business experts, basic (and more advanced) information on the aims and organisation of all successful businesses, marketing, finance, production methods and more. Mock GCSE Business Studies exams (based on both AQA and Edexcel boards) and information on marking schemes are also available to download, as well as added links to interesting competitions and opportunities. This online website is, once again, a student-friendly site with lots of great image use and user-friendly resources to use at home, as well as at school or before the exam. It also now includes Class Clips as mentioned before.

    GCSE Bitesize for Business Studies can be found here.

Business Studies gives you an insight into running businesses.
If you work hard at your Business qualification then you could wind up very successful. Photo on Visual Hunt

6. Crispins

St Crispin's School has made available a very handy Revision booklet for GCSE Business Studies pupils,  split into the two units and featuring a glossary of terms at the end. With the help of this guide, you can find a range of relevant information already collected and grouped together for you in a resourceful format, meaning you can use this to support your home studies and before taking an assessment.

You can find this resource here.

We hope that you have found these resources useful. If you would like to share the details of other websites with us, then please feel free to add them to the comments section below.

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