Business Studies is important as it supports students who want to understand the way in which businesses operate in a dynamic, changing and competitive environment. It helps them develop a critical approach to distinguish between fact and opinion, build arguments and make informed judgements. It also helps them develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in local, national and global contexts.

With so many websites on the internet offering students Business Studies resources, the purpose of this blog post is to provide them with what we regard as the best resources available for those taking GSCE Business Studies.

  • GCSE Bitesize: This excellent site by the BBC offers a plethora of information and handy resources, including video tips from business experts, basic (and more advanced) information on the aims and organisation of all successful businesses, marketing, finance, production methods and more. Mock GCSE Business Studies exams and information on marking schemes are also available, as well as links to interesting competitions and opportunities.
  • Class Clips – Business Studies: This site provides an excellent set of videos that can be viewed via streaming in class, or via mobile when students or teachers are on the go. Lasting an average of five minutes, each video contains advice on everything from business start-ups to how to adapt to the changing needs of markets. There are nine different categories to choose from, including Business Enterprise, Finance and Marketing and most videos are short, informative, and presented in a ‘news-like’ format.
  • Tutor2u: This vibrant website truly keeps students and teachers up-to-date on the very latest events (conferences and workshops), focussing on correct exam and revision techniques for GCSE Business Studies exams. The site also contains handy resources, including online revision quizzes, study notes and activity suggestions for teachers, aimed at making classes more vibrant and engaging. It really is worth spending a couple of hours to make the most of this resource, since it contains very specific answers to a host of important problems. One article, for instance, features advice on how to best tackle 9-mark questions, highlighting the typical traps students fall into and the importance of using exam time to truly answer the question being asked, instead of merely ‘dumping’ all the information one has learned onto the page.
  • This site provides interesting material for GCSE Business Studies, including information, activities and a well-documented financial database offering financial data from a range of UK and international companies. Teachers seeking to encourage group work (or students studying in groups) will find activities such as this one on Business Success and Failure, useful. The activity provides a question sheet which students are asked to fill out individually, then discuss with other students. Questions include, ‘Name three business that you believe are successful’ and ‘List four things that you think make the business you have identified successful’. The category of subjects covered is extensive and includes Accounting and Finance, Business Objectives and Strategy, Marketing and Production and Operations Management.
  • Revision World: This site provides material for revision for exams given by the different boards (AQA, Edexcel, etc.). Important areas covered include Introduction to Small Business, Building a Business, Investigating Small Business, Business Communications, etc. Each category specifies the list of target concepts which need to be grasped by students, and upon registration (which is free), site users can print out revision pages, chapters and entire modules in a print-friendly format. They can also enter competitions, take part in student-centred discussions and download handy Powerpoint presentations, files and images. Much of this material will be useful in the creation of mind maps and other learning tools.

We hope that you have found these resources useful. If you would like to share the details of other websites with us, then please feel free to add them to the comments section below.



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