Finding revision materials to help with GCSE Health and Social Care can be difficult, but there are some useful websites that you can use to explore the topics you have covered in class or to find out more about health and social care.

1. The Channel 4 Learning website has a great resource for GCSE Health and Social Care as part of its gcsEASE website. You can select the exam board that you are studying with and access an overview of all of the content that you need to know for your course. The site also has some useful case studies and other resources to help you to learn, as well as a quiz that allows you to test yourself on your understanding of the material. There is also a handy glossary where you can look up definitions for any of the important terms that you have come across while studying.

2. The Education Forum is another good resource for Health and Social Care GCSE revision. There are sections for many of the topics that you will cover in your course. There are plenty of activities on the site that you can use to practice for the exam and check how much you have learned. The site also has a selection of useful tips on how to revise and cope with exams, which can help you to make the most of what you have learned.

3. You can also find some useful blogs and other materials uploaded by helpful teachers and students for the Health and Social Sciences course. The Vivienne Clark blog has some good posts that can help you with your studies, but you can also try Helen Hudspith’s website, which has a selection of resources from different contributors. You may also find other similar resources online.

4. The websites for the Department of Health and Northern Ireland’s Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety can both be useful resources, particularly if you want to learn more about the health system works. Resources such as the Department of Health’s guide to the health and care system can be useful revision tools, and you can also find news stories here relating to health issues and policy changes.

5. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is useful if you want to find out more about the different medications and treatments that are used in healthcare. You can read guidelines for treating different kinds of conditions, and find out about the scientific evidence behind their use.

6. The NHS has several useful resources. The NHS choices website is a good source of information if you want to find out about particular conditions or treatments. You can also find health news and advice on healthy living on this website, as well as a guide to social care. The NHS Careers website is also very useful if you want to learn more about the different roles and opportunities that are available to you in health and social care.

7. The Public Health England, Public Health Wales, Scottish Public Health Network and the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency can also be useful if you are studying public health measures or looking for examples of efforts to improve public health.

8. The World Health Organization has some excellent resources on public health and healthcare around the world. It will be particularly useful if you want to find data and statistics on health issues or if you are interested in learning about health and social care in other countries, or if you are considering pursuing a career in travel health or development work. You can also find resources dealing with important health issues and guidelines for how particular conditions should be treated.

9. You can also find a wide range of websites dedicated to different medical conditions or care issues, often run by charitable organizations, which may be helpful when you are revising particular topics in your Health and Social Care GCSE. Among those that might be of use are the British Heart Foundation, Asthma UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, NSPCC and Refuge. If you are interested in learning more about a specific condition, looking for case studies about people who have experienced it, or searching for information about treatment options, these types of charity sites can be a very good starting point.




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