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We get asked from time to time to recommend resources for students at school. This blog post lists our favourite early year's resources for the subject that we all remember most fondly from our school days – Primary School Art

We hope that you find these websites useful:

  • Primary Art: Target at children aged 9-11, this site invites children to create three different themed murals by completing a defined set of activities. Each aim is easy to achieve because there are video clips for every step of the process. Stills of children at work on murals and the site’s dedicated gallery provide all the inspiration children will need to embark on such significant projects. This site is part of the Northern Ireland section of
  • Your Paintings – Art: Even from the earliest of stages, children can be inspired by great works of art. This resource aims to display the entire UK national collection of oil paintings, providing interesting stories about the works, as well as useful information on artists. Encourage children to take an active role in their studies; help them sign up for a ‘Paintings Tagger’ password, which will allow them to tag paintings with the information they have gleaned from lessons and their own research. Children can choose to be credited for their contributions and to receive newsletters informing them of additional information attached to the work they have chosen to tag. Parents and teachers who are art experts/specialists in art history can also take part in the fun, by joining in the ‘advanced tagging’ activity.
  • Class Clips – Art: Teachers and parents can stream a wide range of videos to inform and entertain children. The collection of clips is eclectic indeed, featuring everything from lessons on the technique of drawing to interviews with established artists. Genres covered include 3D Design, Animation, Printmaking, Textiles and Video.
  • Pinterest: This social network is absolutely essential for anything to do with current art and design. It includes an array of drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations – ideas for anything and everything we recognise as art. In addition to simple images of works, Pinterest is also a rich source of lesson ideas, contributed by teachers and parents. This board is a patent expression of the immense talent even the tiniest hands can possess. Parents will find this site useful for budget-friendly ideas, like how to make your own face paint or how to paint colourful tiles that can be given away as presents. There are also ideas on how to make costumes. Creative souls will even find ideas for affordable home décor.
  • Teaching ideas: This useful site contains information on art schools, arts and crafts lesson ideas, worksheets for homeschooling, and more. The array of activity ideas is wide indeed, containing tips on everything from drawing emotions to graffiti lettering, drawing through a magnifying glass and making masks.
  • Instructables: This wonderfully bright site, set up by an art teacher in the US, contains unique ideas for creative teachers and parents. Learn how to teach about colours using frosting, incorporate texturing into paintings and make adorable paper crafts of storybook characters. The site bears a similar look to that of Pinterest, making it particularly appealing to those with an eye for design.

We hope that you have found our recommendations useful. Please feel free to add your own recommendations via the comments section.

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