Finding quality educational resources for children can be time consuming. The purpose of this blog post is to share our recommendations of great websites there to support children learning Primary School Numeracy.

Why not take a look at:

  • KS1 Bitesize Mathematics: Parents and teachers can show children how much fun numeracy can be, by playing a host of games (choose from the Easy, Medium or Hard levels) alongside them. Areas covered included addition and subtraction, times tables, division, number ordering, sequence, shapes, telling the time and much more. The games make an ideal homework activity, since each takes less than five minutes to complete.
  • Number Time: Join Bill the parrot and Bernie the cat and play games while you learn. Some games are simple (for instance, the characters state numbers and children have to identify them on a dartboard); others are more complex, requiring children to have a basic knowledge of addition, for instance. Parents and teachers will find a myriad of printable worksheets on everything from writing numbers to number ladders, sequences, and addition and subtraction.
  • Wmnet: This site has so many numeracy activities, it will take quite a while to get through. Parents and teachers will find everything from this super multiplication game (choose the number of columns and rows and the particular number tables you wish to revise) to interactive whiteboard resources and links to sites like Tutpup, featuring games that test basic skills.
  • Maths Games: One of the best features of this site is the clear classification of its content. Choose from counting, addition, times tables, fraction and percentage games and more. There are many games for each core skill, making it a ripe source of material for children who always want a new game to play.
  • Resources Oswego: This site offers one of the best time-telling games online: a ‘Stop the Clock’ game in which advanced learners can learn how to tell the time after stopping a ticking clock.
  • Class Clips – Numeracy: Stream useful videos to do with numeracy at home or in class. Topics include angles, 2D and 3D shapes, money, calculations and more.
  • School Radio – Maths: This resource is aimed at one of the key skills identified within the Numeracy Strategy: ‘mental maths’, which teaches children to think quickly. Programmes are presented in a dynamic quiz format, with timed pauses for pupils to jot down their answers.
  • Starship: Join animated characters Star, Sky and Hutch and choose from a plethora of games which tests skills like adding, subtracting, counting money and differentiating between odd and even.
  • Dynamo Numeracy: Designed for home use, Dynamo Numeracy is jam-packed with games, quizzes and handy information, which will keep kids riveted to the screen for hours. The Parents link leads curious mums and dads to further resources, game ideas and handy advice provided by other parents. The Q&A section, meanwhile, answers typical questions like how much homework a child should be doing at a given age, and how to become more involved at school. Advice is also provided for parents of children with special needs.
  • Arcademic Builders: Even the most reticent of little mathematicians will find plenty to keep them entertained here, with games that take place in outer space, at a motorbike race or in the middle of a lush jungle!

We hope that you find these resources useful. If you have any resources that you would like to recommend, then please feel free to share these with us via comments below.




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