"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted." -David Bly

The road that one must embark to secure a relatively triumphant life is at times long, tiring, and strenuous. A person would be lying to you if they said that success comes about by chance and not through hard work. Just ask any UK-based victorious athlete, businessman, entrepreneur, actor, or doctor and they will tell you that they are enjoying their best life now because they previously persisted through countless trials to flirt with success.

And, you could say that the assurance of success means an individual must prepare from an early age to get ahead of the curb and shatter the competition. But how can that be accomplished? Through a good education at a brilliant school or university.

A guided education during the last two years of secondary school is indispensable since students are allowed to explore what a student likes and dislikes through the selection of GCSE and A-Level courses. Once the mandatory courses at secondary school, have been chosen, completed, and aced, young adults are advised by educators to continue their academic career at a qualified further education centre.

Although university seems like a good idea for most adolescents, it isn't always easy to choose the right school.

Therefore, without further delay, to prepare students with the information they need to succeed, in today's article we shall examine the top ten best universities across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Also, before starting, it is important to state that our information about the highest rated schools comes from an official and trustworthy report from QS World University Rankings.

University of Oxford

Synonymous with the words greatness, success, and victory, the University of Oxford reigns as an exemplary beacon of what further education centres should strive to become. However, as a result of being ranked number one in the UK and fifth globally, the University of Oxford is notoriously difficult to get into.

Only the cream of the crop has a chance to study at the UK's best campus. However, should that discourage secondary schools from striving to get great test results and be involved in impressive extracurricular activities? Not at all! Everyone deserves at least a chance to try to get into the University of Oxford.

Also, it is worth stating that the University of Oxford is known for its courses in philosophy and theology, modern languages, English language and literature, human sciences, and fine arts.

University of Cambridge

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Universities are necessary for specialising in topics that can earn you a profitable career. (Source: Unsplash)

While the University of Oxford was ranked first on QS World Rankings for 2021, there are firm believers across the UK that believe that the University of Cambridge, that was ranked second, is England's supreme further education centre. Why's that? Because the University of Cambridge also boasts a reputation for excellence.

Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English speaking world and fourth overall.

According to recent statistics, the University of Cambridge has had 121 Nobel Prize laureates attend their school, 14 prime ministers that either attended or taught, seven Turing Award winners, and 194 Olympic medalists. You could say that individuals who attend the University of Cambridge are destined for success.

Also, before concluding this section, it worth stating that the University of Cambridge has been ranked as the eighth-best Uni in the world.

Imperial College London

One of the four top-ten universities in the UK that is situated in London, the Imperial College London is the highest-ranking at third place. The Imperial College London was founded in 1907 from the vision of Prince Albert's vision for an area for the finer things in life such as arts and culture.

The Imperial College London is mainly known for its focus on science, technology, medicine, and business. 

Students from the UK who attend the Imperial College acquire a more positive worldview and tolerance for other nations since according to recent estimates 59% of all students who attend are from outside the UK. An international student body means a more united world family!

University College London

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Many UK-based universities have gorgeous campus buildings full of history and knowledgeable people. (Source: Unsplash)

Officially known as UCL since 2005, the University College London is a public research university that has widespread acclaim domestically and internationally for its variety of courses available and reputation among student. Based on the QS World University Rankings, the UCL is the fourth-best uni in the UK for 2021 and tenth globally.

The UCL is the largest uni in the United Kingdom-based on enrollment, apart from the Open University that isn't in the top ten, with a total of more than 41,000 students attending during the 2018/2019 year of study. 

The main campus is in the Bloomsbury area of London with additional campuses in Stratford and Doha, Qatar. We highly recommend the UCL for its ability to prepare students for future success through the variety of course options available.

University of Edinburgh

The sole Scottish entry in QS's Top Ten University Rankings, the University of Edinburgh is a fantastic further education centre for Scots and other residents of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in the UK and played a major part in the Scottish Enlightenment period that contributed to Edinburgh being named the "Athens of the North."

The University of Edinburgh has a lot of courses and programmes for both undergraduate and graduate students who want to amplify their knowledge in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, education, and the arts. 

Since it is the highest-ranked uni in Scotland, competition is fierce to get in and study. Secondary school students need to study hard now to ensure a place in the future.

The University of Manchester

Ranked sixth on the list of best unis in the United Kingdom, the University of Manchester is the only top-ten entry that is geographically convenient for Mancunians. With more than 40,000 students attending per year, the University of Manchester is the most significant further learning centre in Manchester and its surroundings.

With many campuses, extracurricular clubs, sports, study halls, and courses offered, the University of Manchester keeps students quality of life very high. Also, it is worth mentioning that a lot of past students have gone on to do marvellous things in the UK and abroad.

King's College London

As one of the oldest universities in England, the King's College London was established in 1829 by King George V and Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington. King College in London ranks high on all lists where it is judged by media outlets such as The Guardian and The Independent, on QS' University Rankings for 2021 it is classified as the sixth-best in the UK.

With an acceptance rate of approximately 13%, King's College London is not easy to get into but it is well-worth all the efforts students do to get a place and learn more about topics such as medicine, science & technology, and dramatic arts.

You could say it's a university only fit for royalty since Queen Elizabeth II is the current patron. 

London School of Economics and Political Science

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London is the city in the UK with the most top-ten further education centres. (Source: Unsplash)

Another London-based further education centre that made the top-ten of QS' University Rankings is the London School of Economics and Political Science. Ranked eighth in the United Kingdom and 49th worldwide, the London School of Economics and Political Science is a fantastic place for individuals who want to learn more about finance, maths, sociology, law, and all things politics.

Located in the London borough of Westminster, the London School of Economics is acclaimed for its curriculum, employment rate after graduation, and well-qualified professors. 

Some other interesting facts about the LSE is that 155 nationalities are represented by the student body making it one of the most ethnically diverse learning centres in the world. Also, according to a 2014 report, out of all European universities, LSE has been credited for educating the most amount of billionaires.

University of Bristol

Located in the Southern city of Bristol, UK, the University of Bristol is a force to be reckoned with in the field of education domestically and internationally. As reported by QS University Rankings, the University of Bristol is the ninth-best further education centre in the UK and 58th globally.

With undergraduate and graduate research programmes that range from medicine to education and science to computer programming, the University of Bristol has a lot to offer. There are approximately a little over 25,000 students that attend the University of Bristol every year.

Known as "red brick" university, uni of Bristol received its royal charter in 1909 and was established in 1876. 

The University of Warwick

Rounding out the top ten best unis in the UK is the University of Warwick at number ten domestically and 62th globally according to the results of QS' University Rankings. The University of Warwick is a fantastic research further education centre that is located on the outskirts of Coventry.

The University of Warwick is not quite as old as the other universities on our list but that doesn't mean it isn't a wonderful place to learn more about various academic disciplines. Such as? For instance, the three faculties are divided: arts, science engineering and medicine, and social sciences. There are 32 departments encompassed in those three faculties.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that to have a chance of getting into the top ten universities mentioned in today's article, secondary school students need to fully exert themselves. Is it worth the effort? Of course! Having the opportunity to attend a top-ranked school sets a person off on a path to success that is unlike any other.

Are there some disadvantages to attending university? Check out our article to find out more!

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