If you visit Portugal, you will find an enchanting country with a long list of attractions, from world heritage sites, White sand beaches, monuments, resorts, Stunning cobblestone towns, wine route villages, awe-inspiring waterfalls and hilltop monastery/pilgrimage sites. No matter where you go it can be the best places to visit. The country has discoveries waiting for all travelers, the foodie who wants to try eating in the café lined streets to the adventurous traveller who wants to put down the travel guide set off exploring the best places to go.

From Madeira, Faro, Lisbon (Portugals Largest city), Porto, the Algarve, the Azores islands and everything in between. Portugal is a small country that makes a big impression, the places to visit and to stay will live on in your memory as some of the best Journeys that you have had. You will soon find yourself booking yet another trip back to spectacular Portugal.

In Portugal, hotels, houses, apartments and rooms await tourists throughout the year not just in the summer months. If your Itinerary is organised to visit the Valleys, Landscape and beautiful regions of the Algarve, the Azores, Coimbra, Belem, or the bustling capital city of Lisbon. Then after you book your arrival transport, you will need to book somewhere to sleep. We will look at some of the types of accommodation that you can choose to enjoy your holidays. Here are our accommodation Travel tips.

Many millions of tourists visit Portugal every year
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Choosing A Hotel In Portugal

Once the train tickets have been booked or the airfare paid for, it will be time to find the ideal hotel for your stay, but how can you find the most beautiful, comfortable room among all of the offers. It can be complicated to choose the right accommodation that suits you. To make your choice, you must know that several types of hotels exist.

Hotel Chains

As in most European countries and countries around the world, you will find major hotel chains such as the Hilton, Ibis or Best Western. These travel class hotels offer single, double or triple rooms for prices starting as low as 40 € per night if you book in advance.

In Portugal, another large chain of hotels has become popular in several large cities. These are called TURIM hotels. TURIM hotels can be found in Lisbon (Lisboa), Porto, and other cities, these hotels are well known and offer real value for money for the price. They charge around 50 € per night.

The Baixa hotel is four-stars located in the very heart of Lisbon 350 meters from Baixa / Chiado metro station and only 200 meters from Rossio square. The hotel inspires Portuguese luxury and even has a Breakfast which includes vegetarian and gluten-free options in an all-you-can-eat buffet. However, this comfort comes at a cost since you will have to pay 200 € on average to get a double room in this hotel.

It is also very easy to find hotel apartments or aparthotels at reasonable rates. This option allows you to enjoy the comfort of a hotel while having the independence and size that an apartment offers.

From Squats for your glutes to dumbbells
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Cheaper Accommodation Alternatives

  1. Hostels

For travellers on a tighter budget, hostels are excellent in Portugal, and you can get a bed from as low as 8 € in a dormitory, these hostels welcome young and old. The benefit of a Hostel is that you can meet and socialise with other travellers in the hostel lounge. Of course, the price is also a big bonus and will leave you with plenty of spare cash to go sightseeing.

  1. Homestay In Portugal

Hotels are not the only way to stay during a holiday in Portugal. It is quite common for homeowners to open the doors of their homes to welcome visitors to rooms which can be used for a fee. The prices vary but will save you a lot when compared to traditional hotels.

  1. The Guest Houses

Choosing to stay in a guest house is like staying in between a homestay and a hotel. Certainly you have the chance to build a relationship with the people who welcome you. As this is also their home and not just their business, so their heart is engaged in you enjoying the experience.

This is how many tourists get to know the culture and history of Portugal. Not to mention homemade Portuguese specialities that can be prepared by the Portuguese to awaken your taste buds. All these little touches that are not found in a classic hotel make it feel like home.

  1. Try An Airbnb

The Airbnb option is special since it can be as much an apartment rental as a room rental homestay.

By renting an apartment, you can see how it feels to live in the country like a local, and if you rent only one room, it gives you the opportunity to meet your host and talk to about life in Portugal. Airbnb is also an asset for the wallet, as they do cost much less than Hotels in almost all areas.

  1. Try Camping

In a tent, camper, mobile home, camping accommodations are reserved for holidays in all parts of Portugal. It would be a mistake not to consider camping as a holiday accommodation option abroad. Not only can you save money but you also get to have a little adventure. Portugal is full of campsites, they can enjoy facilities such as a swimming pool, playgrounds, wifi or washing machines.

To book a pitch, you only have to pay from around €3, but prices can be seasonal especially in tourist areas. Which mean prices go up in summer and go down in winter. But prices are so low that even summer prices may leave you with plenty of money to spare.

Unusual Accommodation In Portugal

Tepee, Yurt, boat, huts on the beach, Palace, Castle, cabins in the woods, unusual accommodations are becoming more and more popular among holidaymakers. Portugal has plenty of options for you to choose from should you like to try a unique accommodation.

Unique Accommodation

If you are happy to sign up for an Airbnb account, you will be able to search and find a long list of unique accommodations. However, you can also search on google for solutions or ask around when you get to your destination.

Other unusual accommodations are also available in Portugal such as a windmill redeveloped on the south bank of the Tejo for 80 €, or a tipi by the sea for 71 € per night.

Free Accommodation In Portugal

It may seem hard to believe, but you can find free accommodations in Portugal.


Once registered on the Couchsurfing site, you will search through the profiles of interesting
Portuguese people and get in touch with them depending on the place you want to visit. If the person is available on the dates you want, you can sleep on his sofa or in a bed, depending on what space they have available.

While this does not always guarantee the best comfort, the benefit is that you get to meet new people who live in the country who are keen to spend time with you in exchange for a bed. This is great for people travelling alone or for people who would like a free guide from the local point of view. Normally in exchange, you may spend some time with your host as friends do, you may also cook for your host or bring them a thank you gift.

Work Exchange Programs

Woofing, Helpx, Workaway are work exchange programs which allow you to stay for free in exchange for helping your host with a project. In exchange for free housing and sometimes even food, you work for a few hours a day to work on a farm, in a house or project of the hosts choice. It is good to agree on everything before arrival and be honest about your experience and interests. These options also can allow you to work in hostels or with travellers, which may come with other freebies like tours, day trips and free entry to attractions.

Free Parking

If you own a campervan or truck, there are many places to park without having to pay. To find the best places for yourself try the app Park4night or other similar apps which share local information for tourists who are driving.

The traveller will have the chance to meet local Portuguese people
If you arrive in Lisbon you can have a tour in the capital city. Photo Source: Unsplash

Compare Before You Book If You Want The Best Price

Online comparison sites are often used by vacationers to find the best prices for accommodation. While many people may use accommodation booking sites to book their accommodation, many people still do not compare booking sites. If you are looking for the best price, you should compare the price offered for your hotel on a few sites. Websites like trivago will search the entire web and provide you with the cheap price offered across website online.

This is because the same hotel can offer different prices for the same room even on the same dates. To get the best price, it's worth doing a bit of extra research to find out if you are paying the best price offered for that room. Additionally, sometimes it can be cheaper to book directly with the hotel/hostel. And if you are able to book in advance, you may receive an early booking discount which could make the price really affordable.

While some travellers need to prepare an entire program in advance, others prefer to improvise during their stay. Both can be risky, so reading reviews can help you avoid disappointment. Remember also that if you travel during a special season such as a festival or holiday, you may struggle to find free rooms available. But if you are flexible, there will always be something for you even at the last minute. Enjoy Tourism!

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