Millions of tourists each year visit Portugal, it has a special place as one of the favourite holiday destinations in Europe. Lisbon (Lisboa), Porto, Sintra, faro, the Azores island Archipelago or small cobblestoned villages along the Atlantic ocean coastline.  A trip to Portugal promises to be a destination that you can explore and discover again and again. Especially during the summer months, the sandy beaches filled with tourists and resorts all over the country spend time organising days trip and tours to heritage sites nearby. Portugal is full of opportunities to uncover new landscapes and Portuguese culture.

From the Atlantic coast to the borders with Spain, from north to the south of the country, Portugal is full of beautiful beaches, typical monuments and picturesque towns. Let’s take a look at the must-see cities for a trip to Portugal so that you know the best places to visit on your trip to the country.

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Portuguese Cities To Visit On A Trip To Portugal

The Capital City Of Lisbon

Lisbon or Lisboa is the capital of Portugal and the largest city in the country. It offers everything from bustling streets to stunning scenery. Depending on how you come to Portugal you may fly into Lisbon, and it is a great place to start any trip. The city is a must-visit city on the Iberian Peninsula, and it is an increasingly popular destination for a relaxing weekend or long holiday in the sun. Close to countless beaches which make great day trips. It is a city that invites nature so you can swim during the day and go dancing listening to fado at night in one of the charming little restaurants in the streets of the capital.

Lisbon can be Very lively and has unlimited sightseeing opportunities and attractions for tourists to learn about Portuguese culture.

There are so many great attractions that you can tour, such as:

  1. Belém tower
  2. National Museum of the Azulejo
  3. Castle of St. George
  4. Taste the famous pastries of Belém
  5. Walk along the Tagus River
  6. or board the famous yellow tram.

Lisbon will certainly convince you to come back!

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The Colourful Charm Of Porto Portugal

Porto is called the capital of the north, and it should be high on your list of places to visit during your stay in Portugal. The Ribeira neighbourhood, port wine cellars, the Douro dock and much more.

No matter what you have in mind, Porto will not leave you disappointed. The city of Porto is particularly famous for all its small colourful houses that sit along the banks of the Douro River. The Bright colours enliven the whole city, from small shops to high buildings.

Porto is best known for its great wine production, making it one of the most important industrial cities in the country. Porto wine production is recognized worldwide so be sure to try some if you enjoy a glass or two. While in Porto allow yourself to be guided by the atmosphere of the city and enjoy the tastings offered to visitors. Perhaps you will leave with a few bottles?

Sintra Is The City Of Kings

Sintra has long been a royal city from where rulers could enjoy the unobstructed views into nature.  Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Pena National Palace whose colours radiate down onto the city from the hilltop, sure to impress any visitor upon arrival in the city. The bright yellow and red walls call the Portuguese and foreign tourists to discover the history of Portugal through its architecture.

Surrounded by a park of several hectares, the palace offers a haven of peace in the heart of town.

But the city of Sintra does not stop at the palace of Pena. You can also enjoy other impressive monuments such as the Palace of Regaleira. Sintra offers us a true trip into the past, which makes you feel as though you have arrived into your very own fairytale. Wake up it is all real, and you must come to enjoy it.

White Sand Beaches And Romance In Faro

Faro offers nature lovers quiet beaches in the winter and bustling beaches in the summer. It is full of quiet corners and quaint little towns which will delight anyone who likes the idea of a natural paradise. For the tourist to discover a city like Faro, you just need to take a bus from Lisbon.

Itineraries that include Faro are always thankful for the change of pace that the Algarve brings. Even in the height of summer, you can find attractions and secrets from the major tourist crowds. Faro allows visitors to enjoy the Ria Formosa National Park and countless beaches accessible by ferry from the port.

Located in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve region, this little corner of paradise is excellent to relax while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. It is possible to discover the cathedral dating from the 13th century, the municipal museum, or the marina, all surrounded by historic walls. After passing the neoclassical arch of the city, you can stroll through all the narrow streets. A getaway that can be done in a few days although you will want to stay longer, so be warned.

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Coimbra, The Student City

Coimbra is located near to the Rio Mondego and is famous for hosting the oldest university in Portugal. The university was built in the 12th century, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Coimbra is full of tourist opportunities to explore with gothic Churches, picturesque buildings, Joanna's library, the Pátio das Escolas, and the chapel of São Miguel. All which make it possible to enjoy a full itinerary here. The historic centre of the city of Coimbra will also satisfy your hunger with excellent restaurants and bars for a successful evening out. If you get bored of the city you can take a day trip to one of the many beaches nearby.

Evora, The Museum City

Evora is located in central Portugal and is an open-air museum, with roots back to Roman times. Evidenced by the Roman ruins found around the city, Evora should be visited by people with interest in history and architecture. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is full of buildings dating from the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as a large Roman temple, witness to a rich and consistent history. The excursion to Evora requires some exploration in the enchanting streets and alleys. Where peeks of history or ruins from the past lay waiting to be discovered.

Aveiro, The Venice Of Portugal

The city of Aveiro is found on the west coast by ria del Aveiro and is full of canals and small waterways. It has a similar charm to the more famous city of Venice, and it is only about fifty km from the city of Coimbra. The city offers excursions of just under an hour to discover the river and the surrounding area by boat. Aveiro stands out for its architecture and monuments such as the ancient Monastery of Jesus, now called the Museum of Aveiro. You will find colourful architecture made from " azulejos ", small tiles of coloured ceramics, typical of the Portugal and Spain areas.

Viana Do Castelo, Near The Sea

Viana Do Castelo is the dream city for all sea and castle lovers. Located in the north of Portugal at the mouth of the river Lima. The city is mainly well known for its manufacture of boats, It’s proximity to the sea gives it a special maritime atmosphere that will delight many tourists.

Viana Do Castelo also stands out for its spectacular monuments like the Saint Lucia basilica, Castelo de Melgaço (Melgaço Castle), the Citânia de Santa Luzia (Santa Luzia citadel) and much more. Plus hills in the area give some of the most beautiful landscape views in the country, Viana Do Castelo is not to be missed.

Óbidos, The Ancient City

Óbidos is a beautiful fortified city in which cars are not allowed, buildings are painted white, and the streets are made from cobblestones. This is a calm and relaxing city, which takes you back to the time before cars existed. Nothing better is better than to explore this peaceful city and appreciate the surroundings.

At the end of a long day sit back and watch the world go by in one of the city's cafés or bars to enjoy the famous traditional cherry drink called Ginjinha. In the summer months, a medieval festival offers its visitors shows of knights and other characters from a historical novel. Put on your costume and enjoy the party in the Portuguese way.

When you visit Portugal, it opens up to you to reveal castles, beaches, UNESCO sites, history and modernity. No matter what your itinerary, you will have a great time in Portugal. Enjoy your trip now that you know the places to go.

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