There are many reasons students take Politics at A Level besides aspiring towards a career in politics. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to have grand political ideas or even a strong idea of which political party you support to do an A Level in Political Studies. Here is a list of some of the reasons why A Level Politics is useful.

The advantages of taking A Level Politics

  • The personal is political. You may think that talking about politics is boring and that you don’t care that much about it. But everyone should be interested and informed about politics because it affects everyone. You may be surprised about the extent to which your personal views, experiences and everyday live can be related to topics within Politics.
  • Politics teaches you analytical and critical thinking skills that are useful for a variety of subjects such as English Literature, Economics, Sociology, History and more. Politics is particularly interesting to study alongside Economics A Level as a lot of the theories overlap and the two subjects help to contextualise each other. The ability to think critically is also rewarding for personal reasons as you may find that Political Studies enhances the way you think in your everyday life.
  • This course is useful for those considering careers in media or journalism. The course covers contemporary issues and forces you to form your own opinions concerning them. You will also need to articulate these thoughts in both written and spoken format, which are important skills to develop for many roles in these industries.
  • Politics allows you to become more aware of social justice issues and the inequality that exists in the world. This sort of knowledge is extremely eye opening and will definitely enhance your world view. You will cover topics such as sexism, racism, immigration, ecology and environmentalism and political correctness, to name a few.
  • There is a serious lack of young voters which is really concerning, considering policies will affect future generations the most. This is due to a lack of education concerning politics and the importance of voting. If you choose to learn about politics, you will not only learn the importance of being politically active but be able to pass this on to your friends and peers. Of course, it’s not one A Level student’s responsibility to solve the lack of young people’s participation in politics, but talking about political issues and igniting discussions is really valuable.
  • In A Level Politics you will be asked to express your own opinions on a regular basis, in both written and oral formats. This will allow you to develop your ability to communicate clearly and concisely, using appropriate political vocabulary. Communication skills are invaluable for any academic or career path you choose to pursue and studying politics is an excellent opportunity to improve yours.

So, as you can see there is a lot more to Political Studies than training to become the country’s next prime minister. It’s a really interesting and relevant subject that many students find value.



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