GCSE Construction is a fairly new vocational subject. It was introduced to cater for those students who prefer a hands-on approach: this industry-based subject will provide you with a taste of working life, outside school. So if you’re tired of learning from textbooks and are eager to pursue a practical subject, GCSE Construction may be a great option for you to consider.

What is construction all about?

Quite simply, a qualification in construction provides you with a grounding in everything you need to know about working in construction. But of course there is a lot more to it than that. GCSE Construction teaches you about the cycle of construction, health and safety, interactions between the built and natural environment, the structure of the construction industry and much more.

What can I expect from GCSE Construction?

  • A valuable insight in to the working world. Through this GCSE you will have the opportunity to visit industries and businesses which will provide you with practical experience, relevant to getting a job. Lots of students who do this qualification go forward to take higher level courses in construction or something similar.
  • Relevance to ‘real life’. If you are tired of sitting in lessons wondering when you are ever going to use the information you’re being taught, GCSE Construction might be right up your street. Not only will all the subject matter you cover be crucial to your understanding of what it means to work in the construction industry but you will also have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in the context of work-related situations.
  • A great deal of variety. In this non-traditional subject you will not only discover how much variety there is within the construction industry but you will also get the chance to conduct independent research, participate in group work, role play, visit workplaces, use real business resources and benefit from the guidance of people who are actually working in construction.
  • Some exams and controlled assessments. Although this is a largely practical GCSE you will also have to sit an exam and complete coursework to ensure you have understood all the content. So be prepared to develop effective revision techniques and to use the allocated controlled assessment time to perform to the best of your abilities.
  • You will pick up transferrable skills. GCSE Construction will allow you to develop widely useful skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, awareness of health and safety and much more. So even if, during this GCSE, you decide a job in construction is not for you, you will still be able to develop key skills useful in any career you pursue.

To summarise, if you love a practical approach to learning and feel ready to delve in to the world of work, this GCSE may just be perfect for you. GCSE Construction is an exciting, motivating and focused qualification that many practically minded students enjoy and benefit from.



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