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Psychology Graduate offering Psychology and Sociology tutoring up to University Level - based in Leicester


My teaching methodology is tailored to my students, I believe a 'one fits all' method limits a students potential. I prefer to assess how each student best learns and retains information, and then build my materials and lessons to cater to that. I personally believe students succeed and flourish more when they are encouraged and inspired rather than pushed or belittled. I always aim for my students to leave the lesson feeling good and never discouraged.


I am a Psychology graduate from the University of Leicester (2:1 With Honours) and I am currently completing a Research Masters in Psychology. I have been studying Psychology for four years, and enjoyed and excelled in my subject. I have taught both primary and secondary age children as part of my volunteering, separate from my course. I have finished my undergraduate degree and am preparing for my Masters in Psychology, so I decided to start tutoring.


Rate for online lessons : £16/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £70
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £140


Travel charges will only occur if travel cannot be done via foot or for under £5.
Cancellation charges of £10 will occur if I am not notified 24 hours before the allotted time (this will not occur in extreme circumstances)

Lessons offered by Rebekah
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Ethics
  • Social communication
  • All Levels

Rebekah's CV

2014 – 2018 University of Leicester
Undergraduate Degree Psychology Student

Relevant Modules
Abnormal and Individual Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioural Neuroscience, Biological Psychology, Statistical Analysis, Ethics, Applied Psychology

2007 – 2014 South Hunsley School and Sixth form, East Yorkshire
A level: General Studies (A), Geography (A), English Literature (B)
GCSE: 13 GCSE’s (A*-B) including Maths (A) and English (A*)


03/2013-08/2013 Data Input Worker, Yorkshire, Simon Foster Sourcing Limited
• Whilst working as data input assistant, I had to source data from hundreds of companies and input the data into a spreadsheet.
• I was under time constraints, thus I had to learn to work quickly and efficiently, whilst insuring all of my data was properly inputted and correct.
• As this was a computer based job, I worked from home rather than in an office; this enabled me to gain skills in self-discipline and organisation.

07/2013-01/2014 The Boars Nest Restaurant, East Yorkshire, Waitress
• Whilst working within the restaurant I was responsible for looking after customers, taking orders, delivering food to tables and dealing with payments.
• As a very established and popular restaurant, demand was often high and an ability to work quickly and effectively was essential within the fast paced environment.
• A high level of customer care was absolutely necessary as we often had high profile customers, thus it was of the upmost importance that they left completely satisfied and happy with the care they received.
• At peak times the restaurant was very busy, and I often worked alone or with only one other waitress. I gained a vast amount of confidence in my ability to look after customers in a pressurised environment.
• As with most jobs working with customers, I had to manage customer complaints, rude or insulting customers and difficult situations. In doing this I gained reliance and an ability to remain calm and diplomatic in all situations.

10/2014-06/2015 Mayflower Primary School, Evington Leicester, Teaching Assistant/Reading helper
• During my first year of university I volunteered at Mayflower Primary school as a teaching assistant, I worked with a small group of children who were finding year 5 harder than the rest of the class.
• I was responsible for my group of children of whom I would teach separately to aid them in their studies and help build their confidence. During my time at Mayflower I was able to help these children progress and often excel in their work.
• Whilst working within the school I also had to communicate with parents and other teachers; in doing I gained many communication skills, as I became much more able to communicate to others professionally whilst also coming across friendly and approachable.
• As I was working within a school, it was essential that I was punctual as lateness would result in the children missing work and falling behind. This aided me in becoming incredibly organised and punctual.

10/2014-07/2015 Manor High School, Leicester, Oadby Leicester, Drama Teaching Assistant
• During my first year of university I also began working for Manor high school as a teaching assistant for Drama.
• I worked within a team to help organise and produce productions for the school; I had to manage and assist the children within my group to help them improve their performance. During my time at Manor high school we were able to produce 2 incredibly successful productions.
• Whilst working at Manor High school I was also volunteering for 2 other establishments whilst doing my degree, which meant I had to have impeccable time keeping and organisation skills. I learnt how to work effectively and efficiently with a positive attitude towards all of my tasks.

01/11/2016-07/08/2017 British Telecom, Leicester, Technical support advisor

• Throughout my time at BT I was trained in many areas, which has widened my skill set greatly. I first worked in the orders and faults department. This helped me develop my IT skills as we had to be very well read in the systems and the computers.
• During my time in the orders department, I was also able to gain many skill and techniques in customer service. Unfortunately, orders would often fail or be delayed and I would have to have difficult conversation with the customers, who were often very angry or upset. It would my responsibly to deescalate the situation, calm the customer down, and try and turn their journey around.
• Later, in my time at BT I moved down into the Bereavement department, this was a testing but deeply gratifying job, as I would make it my main goal to make this hard time for the customer, as easy and quick as possible. Often, I would be talking to very distraught customers who have just lost a loved one. I learnt how to be incredibly sensitive and empathetic, without being patronising and maintaining a professional persona.
• As I was working as part of an international, well known company, it was of the upmost importance that I was always professional and calm, regardless of how the customer was acting. Also, my shifts were monitored by a computer, so being punctual and efficient was a priority.


10/2011 – 04/2012 South Hunsley School, East Yorkshire, Peer Mentor
• Whilst studying my A-levels, I worked within the school as a peer mentor for younger students. The students I worked with often had a number of difficulties; these difficulties varied from behavioural or mental health issues to home problems or physical disabilities.
• I met with students weekly and provided a safe place for them to offload what is on their minds. Sometimes students would be facing serious problems

04/2009 – 07/2011 Riding for the Disabled, Yorkshire, Groom/Assistant
• Whilst volunteering at the Riding for the Disabled I worked primarily with horses and was responsible for their upkeep. This would involve me arriving at the stables at 7:30/8:00am regardless of weather conditions and mucking out, feeding and turning out the horses. In the depths of winter it would be extremely cold and difficult however this aided me to become a very determined and resilient worker.
• I also worked with the disabled adults and children and their care givers; this gave me an incredible insight into the nature of various illnesses and disabilities. I was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge in dealing with many different people and found this perfected and enhanced my communication and customer service skills.

10/2015-07/2016 Nightline, Leicester, Telephone support worker
• Within my first two years of my degree, I volunteered at my universities Nightline organisation, whereby I helped support and comfort other students. I worked 12 hour night shifts from 8pm to 8am; I manned the phones and service users would ring throughout the night sometimes very distressed or angry.
• Whilst doing this job I had to deal with very volatile and confrontational people, this enabled me to gain patience and a reflective manner.
• In talking to a variety of individuals of all cultures and ethnicities, I was able to develop my understanding and become a much more empathetic person. This has enabled me to vastly improve my communication and customer service skills which I believe are absolutely crucial when working in any environment.
• Due to working 12 hour night shifts I gained a lot of experience in working long hours and throughout the night, this has enabled me to become very versatile and flexible.

• 06/2016 Leicester Award: The Leicester Award is a 6-month long personal skills development programme which provides a framework for students to record and reflect upon the skills they develop through a range of extra-curricular activities and part time work. In order to receive the Leicester award, you have to have demonstrated a commitment to self-improvement above and beyond their degree subject and have developed skills including communication, teamwork, planning, organising, research, self-management, and digital skills.
• 07/2012 Sports leadership Award: Within this award, I had to lead various sports classes and develop my leadership skills. I found this incredibly beneficial in developing my confidence and my ability to direct and delegate others in a friendly and respectful manner. I learnt that key qualities of leadership is working with your team and helping to direct and support them in all areas.

• 06/2016 Silver Nightline Award: This award is given by the Nightline organisation for completing over two hundred hours of volunteering.

• English Mother tongue
• French-Conversational/Beginner

• Statistical Analysis
• Data Input
• Computer Literate in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook and SPSS

Available on request

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10 hours £140 £140 £160
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