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could you explain these types of jobs please

office work, self employed, homw working, remote working or teleworking, and using technology 🙂

I could tell you what these are, although I'm guessing you could probably work out 'office work' and 'using technology'. If you like, we could maybe have more of a chat about the various types of employment with which you need to be familiar for Business Studies GCSE. Let me know if you'd like to chat further, or if you would like to have a go at working out a couple out of your list, and then checking if you are right .....
04 December 2012
You can either work for someone or yourself, in which case you would be 'self employed'. Use could work in an office (office work), home (home working), a factory, a farm or a variety of other places (e.g. on a boat or plane). If you normally work at an office, but work from home from time to time that's called remote working or teleworking (as you would be available on the phone and internet). Most people work with technology - computers etc, these days many machines (e.g. tractors) are complex technological devices.
04 December 2012
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