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why are we taught by most of our teachers to lower our expectations?

I have a question about education, why are we taught by 99.9% of our teachers to lower our expectations; for example we can't become an astronaut because it's just not possible.... no rather become an I.T help desk consultant.

One thing I don't want to do with this post is to undermine your teachers. The key though is not so much how high your expectations are, but what you do about them. So you want to be an astronaut? That's a very tough thing to achieve - are you prepared a) to put in the work for it, and b) to have something else in mind should you not become an astronaut? Never aim too low - because where's the motivation to push yourself if you are already there? - but aim too high too early and you set yourself up for disappointment, and perhaps even a dead end in life. It's a good idea to have something in mind. But always keep your options open. Thankfully the path to being an astronaut can lead lots of other places as well. You'll need, for example, to be good at maths and science, and those subjects apply to a lot. Anyway, the key is to aim high, but to take things one step at a time. Good luck in achieving what you want to.
11 September 2012
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