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What is the definition of this word ? Please.

Please can be both a verb and an adverbVerb: cause to be feel happy or satisfied; take one's wishes into consideration when deciding how to act ex: I don't know how to please her.Adverb: used in polite requestsex: Will you please help me carry my books
18 September 2015
Hi Rory,Erika has given you a great answer in order to expandvyour pertaining question, Subvention is also defined an amount of money that is given to a person or group by a government or organization.  This specific term can also be used in business or financial terminology. I hope this helps to answer your question .
Ali P.
20 September 2015
The provision of help or aid
Rachel D.
04 October 2015
A subvention is be a form of aid or assistance provided to another, such as a grant or bursary. 
Andrew B.
26 October 2015
a grant of money, especially from a government."Ottawa has begun to cut federal subventions to the provinces"
Emma M.
03 November 2015
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