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What is the difference in between watch and watch?

How will I identify which watch it will be?

To tell if they mean watch in terms of a wrist watch on your arm the sentence will be like ' I look at my watch', 'she looks at her watch', 'he looks at his watch', 'the watch was grey'. You look at the words around it. If the watch is being described as an object, meaning its colour or appearance is stated, it is a wrist watch. If the watch belongs to a person and they are doing something with it such as 'they took the watch'. It is a wrist watch. You have to look at how the word is being used.You can tell if it is the other watch, which is an action, when it is used in a sentence such as 'they watched', 'she was watching', 'he is watching', 'The people watch'. This time of watch is an action. It cannot belong to a person. They do it. 
25 June 2015
Watch can be used as a NOUN or a VERB. For example, I have a gold-coloured digital WATCH (noun)I love to WATCH television in the evening. (Verb). I hope this answer helped you.
Francesca M.
29 June 2015
Watch - eyes, what are you seeing/looking at?Watch - Jewellery, watch on your wrist for time
07 July 2015
The word 'watch' could either be a noun (a wrist watch, or night watch) or a verb (an action word which means to look at something or someone). It is important to identify the context in which the word 'watch' has been used; this helps us determine which usage is appropriate. 'Context' refers to the intended meaning created by the words used in writing the text or passage. For instance, the following sentence creates the meaning of the noun form of 'watch' because a word like 'glance' has been used. You can only glance at a physical watch that you can see.'Josh darted a furtive glance at his watch, not wanting to draw the thief's attention.'The next sentence uses the word 'watch' as an action or doing word (verb):'While crossing the street, watch the passing traffic carefully in order to ensure your safety.'In the second sentence, you are required to do something - watch - and in this context the word is a verb.I hope this has been helpful.
12 July 2015
Watch - to look at something carefully, usually at something which is moving. ‘Watch TV’- the TV doesn’t move, but you watch the moving images carefully.‘Watch here you are going! You almost stepped on my foot!’ and another watch means tangible item,wrist watch which we use  to wear...it depends as per sentence to sentence..... only after throughly reading you'll understand what means...which watch symbolises here.hope u'll get your required one.
20 July 2015
To identify which meaning of the word 'watch' is being used, I would recommend taking into account the part of speech it is being used as. Generally, if it is being used as a verb then it usually means to look at or observe attentively. However, if it is being used as a noun then it usually indicates a watch such as what we wear on our wrists and use to tell the time
30 July 2015
You might also like to think about what comes before the word 'watch'. If it is a watch, or some watches, these will be things i.e. a noun. A watch is most likely a wristwatch, but you can also be 'on a watch' - a look - out for something, or a work shift in some occupations. If it is ised as a verb, it will probably have an ending added, such as -ing or -ed. It can also be used as an imperative verb at the start of a command i.e. watch out! the verb form would be-to watch, I watch, you watch, they watch, we watch, we are watching, they are watching. In the past tense it would be watched, i.e. we watched the sunset yesterday. In the future, it would be are going to watch, or will be watching.
Rose H.
04 August 2015
Watch ( Noun,) which means a timepiece worn on one's wrist.Watch (Verb) which means looking at.. To differentiate it just see the which is Noun and which one is verb
07 August 2015
There are two kinds of watch. One is a verb and refers to 'watching' something e.g. He wanted to watch the football on TV. The other kind of watch is a noun and refers to a small clock worn on the wrist. e.g. He checked his watch to see what time it was. To identify which watch is being referred to, you need to look at the context clues. By looking at the whole sentences in the examples given above, you can infer which watch is correct. 
Nicolle H.
13 August 2015
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